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How to Safely Unload a Pistol | Episode #10

There’s a very good reason that we gotta
get the magazine out of the gun first. You don’t get the magazine out, it’s going to do what it’s supposed to do…. Illinois Carry Trainer dot com Gun is loaded. How do you unload it? Something Sang, I, and other instructors see constantly is extremely unsafe gun
handling. At a gun store. On the range. Wherever… You heard me say it a hundred times,
gotta be safe but we also want to create very good ingrained mechanical skills. We
saw Sang, in another video, load the pistol. We are going to breakdown how we unload pistol. You see basically the same movements done in reverse. Go ahead load up. So right now we’re
simulating if you’re on the range. out shooting, or god forbid were involved
in a self defense scenario. How do you get the gun a loaded them back into a safe
manner. Gun’s loaded. We’ve got a dummy round in the chamber. The first thing he’s going to do is remove the source of ammunition. He’s going to get the magazine out of the gun. We often times will see students, they get a little jittery and on the range, and they start cycling slide without removing the ammo. All they’re doing is dumping rounds to the deck. Mag comes out, we’ll stow it somewhere on our body. He’s now going to cycle the action. Get that round out of there.
He’s probably going to do it a few times we say “Cycle, cycle, cycle.” He’s gonna wanna look inside that gun, lock it back. Go ahead and look in there Sang. Use
your finger. Will say, turn away… which Sang did. You see that he’s programmed his brain to do it without me even telling him. He’s going to look in there one more time. He’s decided the gun safe. He’s now gonna get the gun back in battery and holster it up.
Again you’re seeing things that are done very methodically the movements are
almost mechanical… and I hear people say “I don’t wanna be mechanical you gotta be fluid and dynamic” that word is kind of way over used. Again we need to ingrain these things so that it can be done without thinking. Sangs gonna do
that one more time without me talking so you can just see this process. You guys can can slow-mo it if you want to. Watch it at will. One thing that I’m gonna add that you’re
going to notice Sangs doing the entire time… the muzzle of the gun is in
whatever direction he’s wanting it. It’s not flailing about. He’s not moving about. Very controlled. This is very important… guys are very willingly with guns. Gales as well.
You need to think about these things as instruments of death. That’s what they
are, and if it’s in your hand, you’re the … gimme a word. Dealer. Dealer of Death, there we go… so mind the muzzle constantly. These are not toys…. I think that went well.

5 thoughts on “How to Safely Unload a Pistol | Episode #10

  1. This video was re-uploaded to youtube after Master Sang caught a typo in the subtitles.

    In the comments on the original video bill r put in a request for revolver videos using a speed loader.

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