How To Safely Safety Check A Firearm Unload & Tips – Pistol Shotgun Rifle First Person View

Well hey there are friends and foes callsign Houdini here and By the title you guessed it. This is about firearms safety checking Why am I making this video well? There’s beginners that are subscribed to me also Get the question. You know hey a lot of your videos. I see you do this little safety check thing. What’s that all about and? Well one. I kind of am a a safety Sally so to speak It is kind of my job, so you got to lead by example It’s like my cat’s going to make me join us here you say hi well You know if you see me do it. Hopefully you’ll do it. Hopefully it will prevent you from having an accident or negligent discharge and I’m going to show you through whoa don’t be good. I’m going to show you a couple different platforms of firearms how to safety check And just a couple of things that you might pick up That you might not have thought to do or you didn’t know you probably should do now Going viral all over the old Internet is the video of the ATF agent that? shoots himself in the leg Now you can watch those type of accident All right you can watch this type of accidental work in that case negligent discharge and You can hurt a guy who just shares your girder Or you can look at it go wow You know what did he do wrong? What can I do to make sure I don’t do that You don’t want to be that guy you don’t want to be the guy that has a negligent discharge and You know you sit there wondering for an hour to if anybody called the police because of the gunshot No Here’s what’s going on? In that video the agent has his Glock Okay, mittens get out of here Detective mittens everybody go Now All right waiting Okay Detective mittens everybody now in that video the agent Has his Glock? he pulls the slide foot back locks it and of course one Cartridge came out and then he shows the guy on the side Now if I recall correctly after reading up a little bit about it the guy on the side I think was with the school He was not a firearms person so when he walked over and said hey This is empty right the guy’s like yeah sure you know whatever he doesn’t know and Then the agent walks back to the front of the classroom, and he’s talking and He was the slide go puts the pistol down and Has negligent discharge shoots himself in the leg Two things went wrong right there one he had his finger on the trigger To When he cleared he still had the source in the firearm so here Is quick and dirty how to safely? Clear your firearm First of all drop the magazine Pull the slide back Visually check That the chamber is empty there is no magazine then physically using your pinky Check to make sure there’s no magazine and then check in the chamber area feel around Now why do we do this one? How many times do you look for a set of keys or something you look everywhere everywhere everywhere and then? The coffee table that you looked at for like five minutes for your keys boom. There’s your keys there the whole time Always physically check Alright cuz it’s gonna be that one time where you look down in there, and there is a cartridge in there But since you didn’t feel That could be it all right now another reason that you Definitely want to safety check every time you handle a firearm Here’s the story Story time everybody my friend picked up an Uzi of course everybody came over we had a little gun cleaning party after a day of shooting and One of our other friends checked out the Uzi and Racked around and then put the key back down later on my friend that night went to take it apart or handle it or do something and Accidentally Put around through his bedroom. Wall which went through the breezeway into his garage wall and then Lodged on the other side of the garage in the wall right next to his air compressor by the way anyways What happened there he didn’t safety check Now if you’ve got Family friends anybody comes into your house Definitely always check the status of the firearm before you start manipulating it handling it Practicing doing whatever you’re gonna do posing in the mirror looking like a tough guy. I don’t know what you people doing but Hey, don’t be that guy alright so anyways again I’ll just drop the magazine Back Check visually first physically second so right there’s two times you just checked And then proceeded about your business now if you’re gonna clean of course after you’ve cleared it point in a safe direction if it’s a block for example Point a safe direction know what’s beyond that wall On the other side of that wall if is there a propane tank or something know what’s beyond neighbors kids. Whatever is going on I’ll just recommend a clearing bucket You could buy like police departments to use they have like a clearing funnel you can pick up So in case you do have an accidental or negligent discharge at least it’s in a safe area It’s gonna catch the round and not go through a bunch of wall all right now Here’s just another Semi-automatic all right this one actually has a safety on it so the first thing you’re going to want to do Is put the safety on? All right drop your magazine Rack back lock it visually check No magazine nothing in the chamber Physically check the magazine inspect the chamber There you go all right Move on shall we oh All righty up next a shotgun All right first thing of course make sure the safety engaged Bring it back Check to make sure you can see the end of the feed tube there will buffer yeah, make sure you can see that Visually look in the chamber and then again And check the chamber and there you go now If it’s crack stock Shotgun well that one’s pretty damn obvious open the damn thing up look down in there all right moving on to rifles All right same principles Open up the magazine Bolt back Up in there nothing there, and then of course Use your fare check down in that chamber All right All right 8k 47 booyah now this one a little bit different Going to of course remove the magazine the source Pull it back now force this one. You have to have it on fire Move all the way back so kind of visually physically Check for the magazine and of course check the chamber There you go Another little tip if you’re right-handed this is just usual practice You kind of Want to try and get in the habit of when you lay a pistol down now for these videos I’m will just laying them down like this. It’s usually the nicer prettier side of whatever firearm. I’m showing but Off-camera though whenever I lay down a pistol since I am right-handed Usually I’ll just lay it down like that all right a couple reasons one It’s easier to pick up without say Going like this and kind of grabbing for it when you pick something up like this It’s common for you to want to go in this motion So you want to keep your booger hook off that trigger? So a good way to do that is just every time you lay down your pistol lay it down like that Left-handed do the opposite all right? So then your Rose is picking it up Your finger off the trigger so I easier to hook one thumb Under it than to try and hook Your entire hand And possibly do see all right well I hope some of you guys got a wrinkle on your brain. Thanks for sitting through this and safe shooting

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