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How to Replace a Karcher Hose and Handgun on a Karcher Pressure Washer

Hi, I’m Matt from eSpares. Now replacing a gun and hose on your Karcher
pressure washer is really simple. But, there are different types of gun and hose available,
so to find the right one for your machine, it is essential you have the right information.
The 2 here tells me this is a 2-series, a 3-series, this one’s a 4-series, and so
on. For full product information, this can be found on a silver data plate on your machine:
here we have the model number, and here is the full 7 digit model number. So, here we have the four most common types
of hose and hand gun types available. The first one we have here uses the C-clip system
and the hose simply fits into the base like so. The second one is similar, again using
the C-clip system, this time in front of the trigger, slotting it into place and securing
it. Third one is different as this uses a seal unit. If you need to remove the hose,
simply unscrew these screws and the hose comes away. The last one we have here is a lot simpler
as it uses the quick connect system and that simply locks in and comes out like so. Now,
the last version here uses a different hose fitting from the previous three. So, again,
make sure you have all your model details before selecting the correct model or gun. Again, as always, these spares are available
on the website. Thanks for watching.

35 thoughts on “How to Replace a Karcher Hose and Handgun on a Karcher Pressure Washer

  1. @cawoodm Hey. I would say a new gun is order. The guns themselves tend to be unserviceable (high pressure components and all that). They do a few different types of gun too.

  2. Not necessarily. Always make sure that your model number is listed against the replacement gun. If you go to our site you can enter your model number and see all the guns that match. (sorry can put links in YT comments).

  3. @tougandoche If it is the quick release system – it should be as described in the video above. Failing that try the Karcher Home and Garden helpline on 01295 752200.

  4. But what if the C-clip wont get out in the slot….How can you then replace the handgun?
    I have jut bought the K2 Handgun which has the C-clip system. and the clip is in it slot…deep and hard. Huh what a system….

  5. Hi,

    The C-Clip is meant to be very rigid as it has to withold high amounts of pressure. A flat headed screwdriver will do the trick. Good luck!


  6. The pressure washer we have has the last hand gun, and the power hose fits in, but it does not lock in. If you pull at the cord, it will come out. Is there a way to lock it in? I can't see it working without locking in.

  7. do i need a triger handle to operter presure washer ,i bought a hose and fitting and nossile works so good i use it to under wash my mini van

  8. Hi i hve the 3 rd type of gun as shown in video in wic the hose is connected internally, i hve disassembled the gun but the hose is not getting dismantled from the start point plz suggest the way to dismantle from its start point as need to fix the leakage of pipe soon.
    Thanks in advance for help

  9. My pressure washer fell forward in the wind and the connector to the outlet hose snapped. Would I be able to have this repaired and is it likely to be a big job? Thanks

  10. I'm interested in purchasing a Karcher K5 Pressure washer; however, I'm not a huge fan of the provided spray trigger. Would any spray trigger with a quick connect work with the pressure washer?

  11. Hi, Thanks for your explicit video. Do you know why the LED display on my powergrip on my K7 (purchased in France) does not light up? I can see the batter indicator with a little dot beside it. The wifi type signal is not at full. I tried the reset of holding down – and + a bit to no avail. Besides that this machine is a beast. I also do have the pulsating problem where as when I am on high pressure the water comes out in bursts. Thanks for your help./

  12. Hi guys.
    I have an orange rac budget pressure washer which is great for me. I'm sure it's made by karcher. I've just brought a brush head and soap dispenser but they are for k2 to k7 series and do not fit onto my hose head. Doh! Do you guys sell an adapter so I can use these accessories? Thank you. Paul.

  13. Hi I have a split in hose of a borrowed pressure washer looking to replace but not sure what I need for a marcher b102 could u pls advise thankyou x

  14. Hi, i have karcher k2 which i paid 60EUR for, and just when i got home i realised i got fooled as it only has a handgun and a wide jet spray, it doesn't have the pencil jet spray that i need. The multi power jet accessory costs the same 60EUR which is crazy. Any idea if i can fit cheaper brand handgun or the whole high pressure hose so i can use cheaper accessories?

  15. i recently bought a karcher k4 model and i can't remove the hose its stuck. What can i do? i press the button on the hand gun and its really hard and doesn't realesed the hose, is it possible that i installed the hose wrong? it did click both sides

  16. hi! from argentian!

    i bougth a foam cannon lance with the adpator for my karcher k2.54

    when i put the foam cannon with the adaptor the machine works in low presure mode "dertergent"
    how can i get the high pressure like (original lance) ?

    thanks and sorry for my bad inglish!

  17. Why do no videos (that I can find) show how to fit the hose to the body,but, forgive me please as fitting to the lance doesn't need explaining!

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