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How To Repair Weapons And Unjam Firearms – State of Decay 101 // MrStainless001

Hey everyone, Sam here also known as MrStainless
and we’re back with another State of Decay 101, a series dedicated to helping you learn
everything there is to know about State of Decay 2 and today we’re looking at how to
repair and upgrade weapons as well as unjam firearms but before we do if you want to join
the community of survivors here on the channel hit the subscribe button down below. Good melee weapons and firearms in State of
Decay 2 especially are invaluable in taking down the zombie hordes, especially if there’s
a juggernaut or two in among them. However with excessive use you’ll find in-game
that your weapons are going to suffer from wear and tear. For me I prefer to use blades in the game,
the medieval longsword especially, and after prolonged use it’ll go into a damaged state. If it’s not tended to it’ll break, making
it unusable until it’s repaired. The same thing can happen with your firearms,
use them often and they’ll get damaged, keep using them without repairing them and
they’ll get jammed. Now just because your weapon is jammed or
broken doesn’t mean that it’s useless and needs to be thrown out. There are a couple of ways you can repair
them and get them back in the hands of your survivors but in order to do so, there are
a few things you’ll need in your base. First of all if you want to repair weapons,
you’re going to need a workshop and parts. Parts are pretty common loot that you can
find in the game world, equally any weapon you have can be broken down into spare parts,
and if you find some weapon parts out in the world you can actually break these down in
a workshop for 50 parts too which is super useful. If you have a workshop and some parts lying
around though all you’ve got to do is put your broken melee weapon or jammed firearm
into your supply locker, hover over it and you’ll see on the bottom of your screen
that you can press the Y button, if you’re using a controller, to repair it. It’ll tell you how many parts you need to
repair and hey presto your weapon is good to go again. There is another way though to unjamming firearms
and repairing them, if you level up your survivors shooting skill you may get the option to give
them the weapon handling skill. This is super useful as it’ll actually let
you unjam your firearms for free, no parts required. All you’ve got to do is get the survivor
with the skill to equip the jammed firearm, get them to fire it and they’ll begin a
short animation to fix it. Once they do they’ll usually shout ‘fixed
it’ or something along those lines. Just know that you may need to have some ammunition
on you for this to work. But folks that is how you repair weapons and
unjam firearms in State of Decay 2, one thing I’d recommend is having one survivor in
your community who has the weapon handling perk for your firearms and equally stockpile
as many parts as you can. I know it’s really easy to just overlook
them when you’re out scavenging but they do have a use and usually you’ll find your
out of parts when you need them most. But folks hopefully you’ve found this video
helpful, if you did why not leave a like down below and let me know what your favourite
weapon to use in-game is. In the meantime though if you want to be kept
up to date with when my next video goes live hit the subscribe button down below and as
always have a great week and I’ll speak to you soon.

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