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How To Really Play The Sniper in TF2

Hey GAMERS are you looking to re-energize
your gaming experience? “Who are you supposed to be?” Well its time TO SMASH THAT SUBSCRIBE BUTTON. Because we’re about TO REVOLUTIONIZE YOUR
GAMER GAMING GAME. “what does that even mean-” The ultimate class is finally here. And he’s here, to kick some ass. “My Mom says we shouldn’t say swears like
AUSTRALIAN GUY “Mom, the game’s being weird again” Oh damn, he’s really going to go for it,
he’s building up for it. He’s lining up the perfect moment for it-
oh! Ohh! Oh my God, Daniel, oh-! Oh this is insane! Oh somebody call the ESRB, we’re going to
need to up the game’s mature rating. Oh my God Daniel, how is one man physically
capable of- “Is this class supposed to be a piece of
sh-” The Sniper is the best class in the game,
and it’s why your team always has at least seven of them. The ability to one-shot your enemies completely
surpasses every other ability in the game, including Ubercharges, Sentries, and the ability
to one-shot your enemies. Because of this, you should always choose
Sniper, regardless of how many your team has. Hang on a minute. But there’s people not playing Sniper on
my team! Don’t worry! That’s what the votekick is for. If you’re having trouble headshoting with
the Sniper Rifle, that’s okay. The Sniper has several tools you can use that
can make up for this lack of accuracy. The Huntsman for instance, will instantly
headshot any player its used against. Simply point the bow in the vague direction
of your target, accidentally drop your dinner on mouse 1 – Awww, damnit. Not again. And they’re instantly dead. Are you disappointed that TF2 lacks a default
gun guy in comparison to most other FPS games, and has the audacity to dare I say, try and
be creative with its shooting mechanics? Well don’t worry! The Sniper’s SMG brings back that standard
MP5 gameplay you’ve experienced a million times before. By using this weapon exclusively, you can
avoid the dreaded sensation of trying something new in your life. Because change is bad. The Sniper is, of course, the most respected
class in the game. Your entire team will acknowledge your presence
upon joining the ranks of your Sniper friends, and will no doubt appreciate your contributions. But to make sure that you earn the same respect
from the enemy team, make sure to taunt after every kill, pairing this with a sick keybind
you can spam relentlessly. When all else fails, there is the backup option. You all saw this coming a mile away, and I’d
have to be literally taking the piss to ignore it. That’s right: the Darwin’s Danger Shield
Battle Sniper. By equipping the shield and having your kukuri
handy, the Sniper becomes a versatile melee combat class- Comedy gold once again Daniel, setting up
a sick expectation for you to say the Jarate and concluding it with a dumb solution. Gosh golly I can’t wait to see where you
take this next- Another comedy gold once again Daniel, setting
up a sick meta joke about you commenting on the established meta of these videos. Can’t bloody wait to see where this goes
next- Oh my God, Daniel stop it, you’re killing
me. A postmeta joke? Beckett would be rolling in the mud if he
saw the level of meta on display here. Where’s he going to take it next? Okay this is too far. I’m scared now. But as I was saying- Sniper is a cool class, but in moderation. He’s a specialist that can pick off Medics
and other Snipers with ease, and the typical pub team could always use at least one of
them. Would be a bit of a waste otherwise, dude’s
pretty hardy. Lived in the land of Australia, and that’s
just a place designed to kill you. But when you up their numbers and start having
2 of them 3 of them literally bloody everyone on your team of them you lose other valuable
roles. The Sniper can’t really soak up damage or
deal consistent DPS. He is a specialist for picking off targets. Your team still needs Soldiers and Heavies
on the ground, Medics up their arses, and Engineers on the defensive. If everyone and everyone’s mother is playing
Sniper, then your team is in trouble. You’re missing a whole bunch of stuff. It’s like being on a sinking ship and bringing
nothing but floaties to help the situation. That’s cute, but where’s the bloody liferaft? The Sniper has almost become a dreaded curse
upon pubs because of this. There’s nothing more heartwrenching than
playing a losing match, checking who’s on your team, and realizing a third of them have
forgotten how to use their legs. The class is subjected to ridicule because
of these situations. Just think of the stereotypes surrounding
Sniper. The edgy Sniper main, the gibus Sniper main,
the one who rolled in from Call of Duty, the one who can’t snipe, the one who- who’s
actually a master at the game and does his job really well. Dude wins every game he takes part in. But he’s a bit of an arse about it. These stereotypes exist because people have
bad experiences with Snipers. So as a Sniper player what should you do to
better the perception of the class? Well interestingly enough- Be polite. Be efficient. Have a plan to kill everyone you meet. And if there’s already two Snipers on your
team and you feel like playing Sniper, don’t pick it, this is literally the worst thing
you can do to help your team and I made it the original premise of this entire series
because it’s awful how many actually think like this- So of course, what I’m saying, as this the
bad advice series, you should always pick Sniper. Always. In every game. Not just Team Fortress 2. Every game. So help me God you better Sniper. I don’t care what it is. TF2? Overwatch? Animal Crossing? You pick the Sniper. And you better goddamn enjoy it. “Mom I’m scared. The Irish man on the internet is telling me
to kill people again.” “Just put something else on Timmy! Who do you think I am, a parental figure that
should monitor what you watch online? Just switch it over to any old shite!” “Sorry Mom, you’re right.” Welcome back to ZANEY BATTLEBORN MOMENTS EPISODE
348, could we get a sick brofist in the chat? Give me a couple of brofists, some sick brofists. And if you like the video, be sure to SMASH
THAT LIKE BUTTON with your brofist. Ughhhh just give me some more sick brofist-

100 thoughts on “How To Really Play The Sniper in TF2

  1. HEY GAMERS hope you guys enjoy this one. For those asking what is going to happen to this series after the Spy video, I'm going to be continuing it with other games. I don't want to drag out the series to make it fit TF2 every single time – the jokes would get stale. How To Really Play Smash Bros. anyone?

  2. If you don't play sniper then you don't play sniper that's all there is to it but if you don't play Heavy then you are aπŸ’₯😑😀 f*** $!#*%🌟😾 b** I'm just joking did you hear that offended people I'm just joking no you didn't hear well then suit yourself

  3. How to Play Sniper in Two Easy Steps: Step One: Pick Sniper. Step Two: Play Call of Duty. Ok. Where's my money?

  4. I'm actually good at being a sniper. Usually if my reactions and hand eye coordination is increased by an energy drink.

  5. If the Spy video doesn't start off disguised as one for a different class I will be disappointed.

  6. How to rly play spy: Rage, rage, rage, rage, rage, rage, rage rage, rage, rage, rage, rage, rage, rage rage, rage, rage, rage, rage, rage rage, rage, rage, rage, rage, rage, rage rage, rage, rage, rage, rage, rage rage, rage, rage, rage, rage, rage, rage

    <Now u become gunspy main>

    <Jungle inferno update>

    Rage, rage, rage, rage, rage, rage rage, rage, rage, rage, rage, rage, rage rage, rage, rage, rage, rage, rage rage, rage, rage, rage, rage, rage, rage rage, rage, rage, rage, rage, rage rage, rage, rage

    <Choose another class to play> —> Scout

    Everyone: Rage, rage, rage, rage, rage, rage rage, rage, rage, rage, rage, rage, rage rage, rage, rage, rage, rage, rage rage, rage, rage, rage, rage, rage.

  7. Ive seen snipers winning comp games (about 2) and I've seen snipers ruining comp games – Every other fucking sniper main.

    Seriously, when there is 4 people at the cart and 1 point left to cap, dont try your luck. Just take a class that is more reliable cuz one thing sniper does good is DYING effortlessly.

  8. as a spy main i declare your video invalid because we need 5 Gibus snipers and 4 Gibus spies and dont forget 1 or 2 combat medics that rage in the chat for not being protected oh and a W+M1 pyro

  9. Reminds me of that game of frontier where I was dominating the game because the entire enemy team was running in straight lines…

    Then map swapped and I was back to being the worse. XD

  10. If anybody actually takes your bad advice comedy videos seriously, I’m regretting everything I’ve ever done.(Insert Scout line reference here.)

  11. Last time I played Casual, the entire server devolved into CRIKEY. Our team was one medic, one heavy, me as pyro, 9 carbine snoipahs. The enemy team had medic demoknight soldier. And 9 crikeys. One guy was using jarate and was kicked for not being crikey enough.

    That's how you play.

  12. One minute in, I hear that good, good Crypt of the Necrodancer music, and then I know. RT has really good choose in music.

  13. Can i just adress the coward snipers who back pedal with the SMG & have unbinded their 3 key and scroll wheel, any time you want to mele fight them, if you do this, you are no better than a sniper using pre jungle inferno DDS

  14. There's two types of snipers.

    1. The new players who try to snipe because they think they're good at it / they think their skills in other games with transfer to TF2.

    2. The master sniper who only scores headshots, and painted all his cosmetics (including his unusual hat). Often has an edgy name, appearance, or both.

    There is no in-between.

  15. I came up with a really good idea for a sniper melee weapon

    "The Assassins Arsen"
    +on hit: target is engulfed in flames for 6 seconds
    +all bullet damage mini-crits on burning players
    -50% damage
    -50% swing speed

    on hit: -25% fluid. if fluid runs out, target will no longer be engulfed in flames.
    refill fluid by using ammo packs.

  16. The sniper isn’t actually Australian. He was raised by his adopted parents in Australia but he is from New Zealand.

  17. πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š


  19. Hmm, didn't he say Pyro was the best class in the game? Looks like I'm one of those nerds that pay attention to every detail.

  20. Am I the only player who, when they see three or four people as the same class, wants to also pick that class and then tell everybody on my team that we need more of that class, as a sort of backwards-jab towards those players?

  21. the fact that you used dead ringer's theme on the sniper video instead of the spy one should get you banned off youtube

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