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How to Quickscope in COD WW2 | Sniper Montage Type Multiplayer Gameplay Tutorial | Call of Duty WWII

Hey, what’s up guys, this is 9lives coming at you with my call of duty, world war 2 Quick scoping tutorial now we’re gonna get pretty in-depth in this video because i want you guys to be able to get as good as You possibly can at quick scoping and in order to do that you’re probably Gonna need, to watch this video more than once so what i’d recommend you do is you do Add this video to your favorites so you can come back to it and refer to it again, after you’ve spent Some time practicing ultimately, that’s how. You’re gonna get the best at Quick scoping in this game make sure to subscribe if you, don’t, want to miss future strategy and tip videos about quick scoping throughout The, year i’ll Also, keep you guys up to date on what the best sniper rifle to use is in case anything changes due to a Nerf or a buff or a new
Sniper rifle being added to the game basically all of my content is about sniping so if that sounds good to you you can Subscribe and turn on notifications so you, don’t, miss future videos now without any further Ado let’s get into the tutorial so we’re gonna get progressively more Advanced as we go through this, but the absolute first thing that you’re gonna, want to do is really master the scope and speed of the sniper rifles so scope in and Try, and take a shot as soon as you can as soon as the scope Goes up you should be able to Consistently take a shot one to two frames after the scope is up so you can See i slowed it down here that shot was on the second frame You, want to be able to commit that to muscle memory so you, don’t even have to consciously think About taking the shot immediately when the scope comes up and you? Want to do it enough times that it just becomes natural so depending on what type of sniper rifle you Want to use it’s gonna be a little bit different so this is a springfield and the Springfield actually scopes in a little bit slower than the car 98, which i was using before this so with the springfield Because it scopes in slower you’re, gonna, want to get used to this one too if you’re gonna
Use a springfield or a different sniper rifle so just scope in a bunch of times kind of get used to that feeling and Try, to take the shot immediately when the scope comes up I’ll do a little bit of a comparison here so you can see what the difference is between the scope and speeds of these two rifles so here we’ve got the springfield and it scopes in in 0.4. Seconds so you can see in the bottom right corner there is 0.4. And then with the car 98 it scopes in in 0.33 4 seconds now even though that’s only a tiny fraction of a second you Want to be able to shoot on the frame or the frame after the scope comes up And that’s where it makes a big difference so largely because of the scope, and speed advantage of the car 98 that’s what i have on my, main custom class when i’m playing this game i also used rapid-fire fmj And extended mags for my, basic training i use primed Which allows you to have an extra attachment on your primary weapon and also it reduces flinch so if you guys? Want to try, using the exact Same custom class setup as me you can but there’s a little bit of personal preference to it so you Don’t have to use exactly, what i’m using you can, also use the m1903 if you Don’t have the car 98 or the Lee-enfield in order to get the car 98 you have to prestige your mountain division once and then you unlock it so a lot of People have been asking, me to show. My custom class so i thought i’d throw it in there for you Guys, also a lot of people have been asking Me what sensitivity i play on so as you can see here i used 6 sensitivity on both horizontal and vertical Default stick layout, by the way and also i use the tactical button layout Which puts crouch on the right thumbstick instead of on the b button so once you’ve got your custom class setup as Well as your sensitivity what i’d recommend you do next is head over to the firing range in the headquarters and you Want to get used to that sensitivity by scoping in and dragging over to a target so i’ll show You, what that looks, like, ideally, when you’re quick scoping You, want to be able to scope in as close as you possibly can To, the target but there’s gonna be a lot of cases, where you have to drag your scope a little bit to correct Your, aim and that’s why in the firing range here what i’m doing is I’m aiming just a little bit off the target and then Dragging in and tell them on top of the target so that way in those cases Where i’m not able to aim perfectly on the target, before i’m scoped up i can correct My, aim as fast as possible and take the shot if you’re having any trouble with, this you might Want to consider lowering your sensitivity a little bit 6 Is what i play on and it’s already kind of low, but if you’re playing above 6 you’ll probably Want to lower it you should also
be very Comfortable tracking a target exactly in the center of your screen so i put a little crosshair there so you can see where the center Of my screen actually is if you’re able to do both this and drag your scope over on top of the target Consistently then you’ve got the basics down really, well in call of duty, world war 2 it’s incredibly important to get good at This if you Want to effectively quickscope because there’s no aim assist on the sniper rifles in this game all the other weapons have normal aim assist and What aim assist, does is it slows down. Your aim a little bit as you’re targeting over an enemy but They, decided to take it off of sniper rifles because they thought that quick scoping Was exploiting aim assist it really doesn’t have anything to do with aim Assist but because there’s no aim assist on the sniper rifles in this game what you have to get used to doing is making small adjustments in your go really quickly so this is about six frames right here, where i Line up these two enemies to get the collateral and you have to make a pretty small movement with Your thumb in order to do this so there’s that small adjustment within About six frames and then i take the shot it’s not something that you would really notice when You’re, watching videos of people click scoping but if you’re watching somebody quickscoping they’re always
doing this and it’s something that you need to get really good at and in order to get good at it you need to be Very familiar with your sensitivity moving on to the next point here it’s actually Gonna, be a little bit more advanced and this is something that you can constantly be improving on and working at. No matter how Good, you are with the snipers, so what i’ve done here to demonstrate is i put the crosshair? Back on the screen so you can, see where i’m pre aiming and then i put a red, circle where i want to show You, guys, that i’m looking, so there’s the red, circle again Because i’m looking at the boxes but i’m pre aiming at the top of the stairs so the area Where i’m pre aiming, is where i think there’s the most threat so that door right there that Was the most threat as i was coming up the stairs as i run through this building my, crosshair Is glued to the side of this shelf i’m looking at the top of the crate And then i pre aim the top of the stairs behind the statue The idea behind this is when you’ve pre aimed a spot and then an enemy pops up you’re able to scope in and take them out immediately With the least amount of movement and the least amount of aiming because you’re already aiming there this is how You’re, gonna be able to consistently win gunfights And make it so that the enemy barely has an opportunity to kill you the better you are at pre aiming and assessing Where the next most dangerous spot to look, is the faster you’re Gonna, be able to kill your enemies and the more freely you’re gonna
be able to move around the map so this is something to always be conscious of and constantly be trying to improve at because it makes a
Huge difference on how effective you are while you’re trying to quickscope In an actual public match of course there’s nobody in this match this is a private match i’m just running around To, demonstrate here’s what it looks like in a live public match though so as you can, see i’m pre aiming Where i think the biggest threat is so it was the hole in the wall on top the tank behind the rebel back on top Of the tank now, still looking at the hole in the wall as you can, see it’s all laid out there on the screen And i’m always pre haiming Where i think the biggest threat is and keeping an eye on where i think the next biggest threat is that way i’m always? ready to snap over to where the enemy shows up and I very rarely get caught off guard now this is a skill that you’re gonna, want to be good at even if you’re Not sniping if you’re, using an assault rifle or an, smg or any other type of gun you’re Gonna, be wanting to do this all the time but the difference is when you’re? Quick, scoping the car, 98 has a 0.33 4 scope in speed and the springfield and the other guns in the game have a 0.4 so By default just by trying to aggressively snipe and quick scope You’re! putting yourself at a disadvantage and you have that Handicap of having to bring your scope all the way up before you can take an accurate shot if you’re up against opponents that are Actually pretty good with, smgs and assault rifles a lot of times they’re, gonna be already aiming down sights as they’re rounding corners Where they expect enemies to be they’re, also, gonna be hip firing you as soon as they see you if you’re, close-range as they’re Bringing their sights up to be more accurate so because most of the time the smgs and assault rifles are gonna have an advantage and Medium to close range engagements. You, want to be better at pre aiming than. Your opponent’s so that you can Close that gap and it gives you enough time to fully scope in so now If you’re, comfortable with that, whole pre aiming idea and you feel like That’s in the front of your mind and maybe you’ve even spent? Some time at the firing range getting used to that sensitivity and how much time it takes to scope in and center your target on the screen if your scoped a little bit off and You’ve got the scope In speed down so you’re able to Consistently take a shot in the first or second frame that your scope goes up and it’s time to hop into a Custom match against, some bots And put this into practice this is going to be the absolute fastest way to Improve your skills at quickscoping i like to go with the mapp flak tower because i think it plays the best when you’re up against Bots and i set the game rules to have a 30 minute time limit Because you should be doing this for at least 30 minutes at A time if you’re serious About improving and i set the score to unlimited now all you need to do is set up the bots so that you have Probably, about 10 of them of course you can, put more or less depending on your preference but, make Sure you put the difficulty of the bots to recruit because this is just target practice We don’t need, them to actually be shooting back too aggressively and once you’ve done that you can, save it as Custom mode that you can just go back to so i’m just going to call, this training and then We won’t have to set this up again, and you can go back in and make changes And save it if you need to but yeah So then you are good to go and you can start the match so this right here is probably the best place to stand on? Flak, tower basically what i want to do, is get into a position, where the bots have to run to
Me and they can’t really sneak up behind me so you can see in this spot They’re all kind of running over to me i just stay here and you really, don’t, want to be chasing down Bots there’s, no reason to be running around the map trying to find them you really Don’t want to be doing that just find a spot, where they’re. Going to be running at You, and that’s gonna be the most efficient way to do target practice basically so while you’re doing this keep in mind you Want to be trying to stay in your scope for as little amount of time as possible Because if this was a real match against real players you Don’t have time to be staying in your scope forever so try and see if you can, get some kills, where You’re just one or two frames in the scope and of course if you Want to you can aim a little bit off of them and then drag onto, them like as if you needed to correct Your aim because in a live match you’re often, going to be having to do that where you need to correct your, aim and Drag over to them and then take the shot so You can intentionally scope off of them a little bit if needed just for the sake of Practicing that so this first spot that i’m showing you ultimately you’re pretty stationary if you Want to try and be a little bit more active and get moving a little bit more and you feel
Like that would be good for your practice i would recommend going over to the middle of the map here and just kind of doing Some laps around, this circular thing so this is a little bit more you know running around and sometimes it can Be good to practice that as, well so as you can See i’m just gonna kind of do some laps around this and Shoot the enemies as they come up it’s gonna be a little bit less predictable Where the enemies are coming from which gives you, like kind of a different type of practice and of course you’re gonna Want to try doing this with different types of sniper rifles different types of attachments here i’m using the Unscoped car 98 just for something a little bit different it actually behaves very differently from the scoped car 98 like the way that it feels in the sensitivity when you scope in and everything like that or when you aim down, sights so You’re, gonna, want to try practicing with different setups While you’re, doing this i would highly recommend being very conscious of where your pre aiming, where you’re looking, how Long, you’re, staying in their scope and also something else i want to throw at You, guys is to practice making yourself a difficult target and this is what i mean so between? each shot i’m Getting behind cover and only exposing Myself when i’m ready to take the next shot so i’ll play that again in slow Motion here there’s the shot and then i back behind cover then i pop out Take a shot as quickly as i can Go, back behind cover so this is something that you’re probably Not used to doing if you’re used to using smgs and assault rifles because there’s really, no need To, get back behind a wall over and over again like That but with the sniper rifle you have to pull the bolt back and you can’t attack it all While you’re Pulling the bolt back so you need to get behind cover to stay safe here’s the clip from earlier slow down a little bit to emphasize how i’m using covers so i get behind the wall wait for the bolt to pull back then, swing back out and Take, this guy out as quick as i can this, is these are bots this is from the private match and? Again i’m going to do Some circles here and then i’ll start to use cover a little bit more once i start getting outnumbered it’s mostly When you’re getting outnumbered that you want to be really sure that you’re using cover to your advantage because otherwise You’re, probably just gonna, die so here we go, again slowed it down there’s a guy, behind me so i take the shot run Back into into the inside of the circle thing come Back out take the shot as quickly as i can i actually didn’t scope in fully so it missed But then i do it again, now if you don’t have cover what you can do is you can Strafe over to the right strafe over to the left just move as much as you can between shots and Try, and make yourself difficult target even if there’s no wall or other type of cover around You, you, want to try to move in a, way that makes you hard to hit so check this out No, cover right here but i strafe over to the right so strafe basically, means sidestep and i take the shot so The way that i like the strafe is i like to sprint strafe so sprint And then pull to the left or sprint, and then pull to the right so i do it again Here sprint and pull to the right then take the next shot and i Actually crouch there as, well so crouching is another thing you can do to give yourself a little bit more time you’ll have to be on the tactical button layout if you Want to effectively crouch between shots because on the default button layout you’d have to be pressing b and that means you’d have to take your thumb off of the thumb Stick in order to crouch with the tactical button layout you just press the right thumbstick down so your thumbs already Gonna, be on there and you won’t have to take it off of this stick now if you do Want to try crouching between shots a little bit make sure that it doesn’t become a bad habit Because there’s times when you really shouldn’t crouch between shots and if you’re doing it too much then it can slow You, down all right so i want to do a, few freeze frames here and show You, how, long i’m staying in my scope So that shot there i was in my scope for two frames this one here i was in my scope for three frames now this An interesting one because i actually scoped pretty far off of the enemy here so i have to drag over to him That was one frame two frames three frames? Four frames five frames six frames and then i take the shot on the seventh frame so essentially over time you Want to work on staying in the scope for his little amount of time as possible, because the Whole time that you’re scoped in you’re, super vulnerable to enemies who can See you from outside of where your scopes looking and obviously you
Don’t want to give the guy in your scope an opportunity to kill you either so the best way to practice this is going to Be to work on your pre aiming so looking Where you think the enemy is gonna be and i put the crosshair back on the screen here so you can See, where i’m pre aiming And also i’m lining the enemies up into the center of my screen as My, scope is coming up that’s really important and a lot of people don’t do that but, make Sure that you are centering the enemy into the middle of your screen as Your scope is coming up so as soon as the scope is up you can Take the shot and it’s gonna take a, long time to perfect That but make Sure that you have in mind this especially as you’ve been practicing this for longer and longer it’s one of the more advanced things that Over time you really, want to master so if this video has helped You, please take two seconds to leave a like on this video you can probably tell it took a lot Longer to make than a regular video so a Like, would be greatly greatly appreciated Again if you favorite this video, you’ll be able to come back to it for future reference Which will really help if you’re serious, about getting better at Quick scoping, also please consider enabling notifications so you get an alert when i upload New videos if you’re, interested there’s another one of my videos linked on the screen now if you have Some time to watch more i’ll see you guys soon with a new, video peace

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