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How to Properly Secure Firearms

Let’s talk about what you can do to make sure criminals don’t have access to your guns. It’s your responsibility to know the laws and regulations about firearm use and storage where you live. So let’s talk about storage. First, make sure your firearm is unloaded. Next, you can either make sure that it is inoperable by putting on a trigger lock, putting a cable through it or removing the bolt, or, make sure that it’s placed in a container, cabinet or room that is difficult to break into. So with your ammunition, you can lock it up with your firearm, or store it in a location where it’s not readily accessible. You may temporarily store your non-restricted firearm if you reasonably require it to control predators or other animals, however, you must first check that you are in a location that this would be permissible. When it comes to transporting your non-restricted firearm safety, again, obviously ensure your firearm is unloaded. Lock the firearm in the trunk, or similar compartment in your vehicle. If your vehicle does not have a trunk or lockable compartment, place your firearm out of sight and lock the vehicle. When my colleagues and I go to a break and enter scene and we discover that a firearm was not stored properly and was easily stolen by the thieves, we become very disheartened. This is an important public safety issue. Please, do your part. Store your firearms properly.

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