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How to Play Halo 3 : Plasma Pistol in Halo 3

JOHN SEXTON: Halo 3 is a registered trademark
of Bungie Software, I company which I have no affiliation. Now, our carbine is out of
ammo, so I’m going to switch weapons to a plasma pistol. If you hold the right trigger
on the plasma pistol, it will charge up a shot that is very destructive and takes down
enemy shields, so you can use the plasma pistol to take down the shields and then use almost
any other weapon to finish them off or use a melee attack. Oop, there’s a brute, he’s
not very happy with me, but I punched him in the face and that was good enough to take
him out. I’ve got a couple of spikers from him, so now I’m taking out these guys up on
this ridge. More jackals, they can be pretty dangerous when they’re far away, they have
very good accuracy. And we’ve got a guy with a brute shot down here at the end of the hallway.
Somewhere along the way looks like I picked up another plasma pistol. These were just
grunts, they’re not too dangerous. My plasma pistol is out of ammo, so I’m going to swap
it out for another one here. They are generally pretty plentiful when you’re fighting grunts,
they all carry plasma pistol as backup weapons.

32 thoughts on “How to Play Halo 3 : Plasma Pistol in Halo 3

  1. he s defenitly not playing on heroic or legendary…. but good idea to speak about the weapon…. halo 2 is the best !

  2. im embarrased to watch this video.. truly.. is this guy a 44 yr old rapist that rapes little kids on halo 3? if thats the case…. *cuts ethernet cord and shuts windows*

  3. I love watching his videos because he is actually really, really bad. You can't tell as much in this one, but watch some other ones and you'll see. sooo funny.

  4. dude you cant even aim. god again your just a loser at this game. your no pro so if i were you i would get rid of these videos.

  5. 1) never, not even in worst danger, use a plasma pistol

    2) 0:15 u survived 15 seconds without blaming urself great!

    3) 0:16 missing 3 Grunts with plasmapistol at a distance of 2 m? FAIL

    4) 0:33 i want u to do that again on normal!

  6. @tobiasfinger a skilled player can work wonders with the plasma pistol against sheilded enemys (eg elites, brutes)
    unfortunalty this guy is not skill whatsoever

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