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  1. Personally came the worst info every. Personally you want to be sniper. Run a boltie or a hpa system. I leave the Dm the aegs. The true sniper with camo and good rifles are the ones I fear. I also play sniper and I can tell who is scared of us when they know anywhere and anytime they can be shot and not know where the shot came from.

  2. use a bolt action airsoft it's the most accurate choice why would you use a fully automatic sniper rifle if you want to be a marksman

  3. Here's a solution instead of having a semi/full auto DMR or sniper rifle (which most fields won't let you have because the bb's already being shot at high velocities if it's a true sniper rifle/ DMR)… CARRY A SIDEARM OR PDW. Sidearms and PDW's generally don't have as high of fps as other AEG's or DMR's. That way you have a weapon (DMR) for long range and a weapon (Sidearm or PDW) for close range… NO FULL AUTO SNIPER RIFLES OR DMR's…

  4. I just baught a echo 1 asr and a leapers 3-9×40 scope im using .25 gram bb's this is my first gun thats nit a walmart gun does any ine have any tips

  5. An m21 is the new marine derivative of the army's m14 or as some people call it 'mk14' so research your shit buddy

  6. Okay one… This video is just one big advertisement for your store. Two, I don't recall in any war, snipers using automatic weapons. Three, I don't think you're teaching the right thing. Choosing a sniper should be about compatibility(What do you think about the gun), convenience (weight, mounts etc), action (bolt vs semi), and power source such as spring vs gas.

  7. the abr is not by anyy means a sniper u just pit a scope on it and if you cant use a true sniper with a long barrel then there is no piont just use an m4 or an ak with a tight bore barrel i play on a 20 akre field and an m4 is just fine i would only need a sniper if i went to a far corner of the field

  8. An M21 is an accurized M14. An MK14 is the Navy's version of the M14 EBR. If you used a real MK14 you would know that…

  9. Probably a l96 model. They have a very affordable price range and with time you can upgrade the internals to make a beastly sniper. Look at Evike or AirsoftGI for good retailers.

  10. not always, sure it is a factor but at the same time you want to make sure the product of the maker is either respectable or has a good record. see my mistake for my first rifle was i really didnt look into it and pretty well just bought it off the hop because i liked it and it represented the era of weaponry i prefer but all in all its useless on a field, is not reliable at all and only has 5 shells to shoot

  11. the also stated the untrue they said "if you playing on a small field or close quarters" then you don't "buy a smaller gun" you might be a use a dmr on a smaller field but definitely won't be a sniper in close quarters! 0:34 he didn't have eye protection!

  12. Wut gun was the guy using in the demo? The gun with the scope silencer and bipod? Wut gun is it? Someone plz answer or respond.

  13. pretty hypocritical, coming from a store that sells AEG's, pistols, shotguns but not snipers…
    All advice in this video is virtually useless. I wouldn't even recommend buying a barrett for any environment, or using a short barrel AEG as a substitute either.
    Size isn't such an important factor either compared to other factors, and that seems to be the only focus in this video.

    The first questions u should be asking ur self b4 buying one is whether or not it fits in with your play style? Does ur local site allow snipers? Does ur local site allow an FPS limit for snipers that you can live with? are u willing to spend at least around £350 on the gun+essential upgrades? Do you have the right type of mind for the role? U'll also need to be able to stay hidden, especially if u have a bolt action. Stealth is essential. Should you get spotted, i would suggest you move to a safer location b4 more enemies move in on you.
    Then u start looking through which snipers to go for. As long as there's a decent amount of upgrades for the sniper you're looking at, that covers power, durability, reliability & accuracy in ur gun, it doesn't matter what u buy usually if price is not an issue. Good choices would be the A&K dragunov, Well MB08/MB01, anything by Tokyo marui, JG BAR-10, or anything by KJW. Any of these will have to be upgraded tho to some extent, especially the Well MB08/MB01.

  14. Wow I ran across this video and just started shaking my head. If your going to put info out there to sport the community and give more than 2 weapons to pick from. Your first mistake was your first choice weapon not that effective in sniper roll you should read the reviews on that rifle before advertizing it. Your so called #2 pic is not even in the top 10 performers. And seen on the fields other than for just kicks and giggles. I out range and out shoot that .50 cal replica.
           If anyone here wants real advice on what Sniper to use on what type of field please don't go do that store and ask( don't get me wrong there products are good, this was just clearly a badly planned video with no time spent on it other than a few min in 1 day.)  If you want info on a good Airsoft Sniper send me a MSG or contact your local league players on airsoft forums who use them around the clock.

    NOTE: There are high cost guns and low cost guns. My low cost gun after upgrades went from a $300 up to about $900-$1100 when I was done, even more after a few replacement parts and extra scopes and my 3 new springs one that puts me at 590-600fps. Not all guns will perform like mine and you will still need to adjust your aim do to wind/rain/snow.

  15. RULE ONE FOR SELLING AIRSOFT GUNS KNOW YOUR PRODUCTS AND ITS LIMITS! you think i would buy an air conditioner if the salesmen would say you could buy this or this…… whatever…..makes me shop some where they know there product.

  16. You guys look sad. Could it be because these are the most powerful weapons law abiding citizens of Maryland are allowed to own?

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