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How to Pick a Handgun | What to look for | Tactical Rifleman

hi I’m Pete with allen’s Arsenal and I’m
here to talk to you today about picking a handgun I get a lot of novice people
who always come to me and ask me about picking out a handgun and which one is
right for them and the reality of it is sort of like
asking your friend who drives a Ford and there’s nothing wrong with Fords
well which car is the perfect one to drive and he’s always going to tell you
a Ford typically it’s always the same thing with picking out a handgun you get
a guy who all he’s ever fired is Glocks are mostly all of you ever fired is
Glocks he’ll always going to tell you that hey if you get a Glock 19 or a Glock
17 or whatever that’s the perfect answer however and nothing against that person
he hasn’t broaden his horizons and looked at other guns to shoot at and
it’s also going to go along with how you’re going to carry it where you’re
going to keep it or whether you’re just going to have it on your nightstand
somewhere your home you’re going to keep it on your body if you’re female you’re
going to keep it in a purse backpack things like that I’m just going to talk
about those all those different things and things to think about and just
things to consider when you go to pick your next handgun
so anyways since I started with a Glock I’m going to go ahead and just point out
this Glock 19 right here this is a simple Stan raishin Gen 4 Glock 19 holds
15 rounds okay you can see about the size of it I’m a six foot tall guy got
average-sized hands and you can see how it fits in my hand right here okay your
hands might be it might be a little too big for you considering the fact that it
this is considered a double stack magazine okay and going along with that
still sticking along with the double stacks this one’s a little bit shorter
this is a Springfield XD as you notice it in comparison to the Glock 19 okay if
you want to carry something to give you a little bit smaller print than the
Glock 19 you can carry it with it’s nine round magazine right there which is
going to be flat or if you wanted to you can go with the extended magazine which
is going to go ahead and hold 12 which will give you that full extension so
that way when you go to fire the firearm you will be able to have a full grip on
it if you have full-sized hands okay going on down the line just a little bit
smaller is your Diamondback this is a nine-millimeter they also make them into
eighty as you can see in comparison to the Glock 19 it’s much thinner and much
smaller in size okay you can have it like this you can just stick in your
pocket however if it’s going to fall around your pocket if you wanted to can
find little leather devices like this where you can put it in totally legal
okay you put it inside there fully operate the whole thing operate the
slide load the gun change the magazine pull the trigger and you can turn around
with this carrying like your front pocket your back pocket that way it’s
not going to rotate or fall around or if you put it in a backpack it’s in that
simple squared area all right going off again with you’re a little bit thinner
profile of the firearms you have your Smith & Wesson shield alright this is
actually a performance model ported on the top to allow for less recoil as the
muzzle flip comes up this also has your fiber optic sights again comparing it to
the Glock 19 as far as overall it’s not that much
smaller it is quite a bit thinner so again if you’re carrying this up against
your body you’re carrying it your purse it’s going to give a lot smaller profile
you will go ahead and have a you can have a seven or eight round magazine all
the way in there it looks about like that as you notice as it sits in my hand
it’s all the way flat okay a little bit the if you were just to
have the seven round magazine it’s going to go ahead and come just about there
that way it will be just above where the pinky area is on person of my size so
moving on to the 1911 tried-and-true been around for well over a hundred
years okay I know there’s a lot of people who are for it and a lot of
people who are against it it’s definitely battle battle-tested
throughout the ages it’s being used all the way up till today yes I know
understand there’s still the bread in the Glock that’s being used overseas as
well okay but you see how it fits in the hand
okay roughly sized this would be considered a full sized 1911 right there
it is a lot thinner then your then your Glock 19 but as you notice in size it is
a little bit larger you can go ahead and get it in a compact
version or a officers model which is going to make it a little bit smaller
overall okay and even with this one you can go ahead and get a seven round
magazine and hold one it and in the chamber for a total of eight rounds
these of course are 45 caliber you can’t get them in nine-millimeter from there
I’m going to go ahead and talk about revolvers there are some people who
don’t like carrying magazine-fed guns are afraid that they might get a
negligent discharge of the firearm so they’d rather have something some type
of revolver this right here I have a the Smith-Wesson this actually you can change the
grips over so when you see it pink and black you can have it one color or the
other that’s not really my point here if you have them to where they have a
hammer or there’s ones that are hammerless in this case this one actually has
a recessed hammer this is good for someone’s carrying in a purse or bag or
close to the body whenever they go to draw it out you don’t have to worry
about that hammer coming back and getting caught on something and if
you’re a person to where you’re going to pull the trigger you have a hard time
maybe you just have weak hands your arthritic something like that you have a
hard time pulling that hammer back while you pull the trigger back what you can
do once you remove the firearm for wherever you have it you can go ahead
and pull that hammer back that way it’s already in single action mode and you
can go ahead and pull that trigger it will be a lot easier of a pull and you
don’t have to worry so much about pulling off the target while you’re
pulling that long trigger so from there I’m going to go ahead and show you the
Smith & Wesson bodyguard this one does have a laser and lasers can be attached
to pretty much every firearm I just talked about from one company or another
there are pros and cons to all of them okay and that is up for you to decide on
whether you want to have one or not I do my biggest suggestion with them if you
do put a laser on your firearm or have a firearm with a laser into it ensure that
it is zero correctly in other words pointing to where you want the gun to be
to where you want the gun to hit at approximately I would suggest 10 to 15
meters away so that is all I have if you have any questions you can go ahead and
hit us up on the comments section below thank you

100 thoughts on “How to Pick a Handgun | What to look for | Tactical Rifleman

  1. I was USP up until last year when I fell in love with the FNX. The best advice I have is don't get tunnel vision on your favorite gun, try new things and you might find something you like even better.

  2. can u make a vid on what a sniper would wair or carry or use and tips on what they do . thanks the suit

  3. Guys I love your job in instruct the people about guns and ammo in general…
    But here in my country we have some caliber and ammo restrictions, so we stuck with CBC (known in your country as MAGTECH).
    I have a glock g25 in .380 ACP (4 inch barrel gun), and got stuck with only MAGTECH ammo, based on these standards I have a good question for you guys:
    wich ammo should I use for self defense in .380ACP?

    A- FMJ 95gr
    B- FMJ 95gr+p
    C- JHP 95gr
    D- JHP 85gr+p

    Im using 85+pJHP (+p because of .380 natural weakness compared to other callibers), but some guys are saying that the JHP doest penetrate well to harm enough the target…. please help us!
    Please remember that we can use ONLY magtech ammo, so make a video about it if possible, sorry for my poor english. Love you guys!

  4. I know much peoples where shot with variable handguns and all of them said a sig is the best wapeon to shoot

  5. OK there is one thing that needs to be taken into consideration. The price of practice. Practice always usually makes perfect. Take the difference between ..45ACP ammo and 9mm. The .45ACP ammo is twice the price. I adore and love a 1911 but with 8 rounds from the factory it is not very practical to get efficient with especially. Then you need to know the difference between ball FMJ and hollow point ammo. A 9mm with hollow points will make just as big of an exit wounds at a .45ACP after expansion. So what is the end goal? To kill or to eliminate the threat and who else is around you? In a really good scenario you do not want an exit wound. You want one round to do as much damage as possible while or not even exiting. A .45ACP is subsonic and a 9mm is supersonic in most cases so in a 9mm use ball ammo or hollow points. In a .45ACP most ammo you don't have a choice unless it is a reload possibly. And you have to fit the firearm as much as the firearm has to be comfortable to you. My wife finds my .45LC on a Cimmaron SAA uncomfortable to shoot but can shoot my Beretta M9 comfortable with the recoil. So I trust that she can have my back if someone invades our home in the middle of the night. My go to for that scenario is a 5.56 M&P15. She can shoot the M9 all day but after three shots of the .45LC or R1 she is done. If she has my back then I want her confident enough to fire and keep on firing.

    As for Glocks though. OK but not my first choice. No big deal but I don;t care for them because I just don't find them comfortable for me. I am not knocking Glocks but I prefer Beretta's and have two. A retired M0 and a newer FS92.

  6. Diamond back is junk. Never buy one or trust your life to one. Watch nutnfancys review on the thing. Also Springfield is a traitor to the gun community.
    Just to name a few good ones…

  7. lol. the only thinner part of a 1911 than a glock is the slide. everything else is same if not wider. maybe get a clue next time.

  8. I carry a glock 26 gen 4 with TLR-6 laser-light combo. And for the fall seasons I usually carry a .38+p special. I used to carry an XDs in 9mm. But I sold it. That just was not the firearm for me. Great gun and never malfunctioned. But just not for me.

  9. Springfield XD Mod 2 9mm. Has a 16+1 capacity. I shoot well with it. I keep it filled with Hornady Critical Defense ammo. I conceal carry a Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 9mm. Always have the extra magazine in my pocket.

  10. Thank you for the video.
    I've spent MANY hours telling others who are new to shooting about the HUGE variety of handguns to choose from and STILL never cover every variable. A person could spend MANY days looking at the vast number of guns, calibers, configurations, capacity, sighting systems and more before ever getting into the specifics of trigger styles, ammo types and specific uses, etc.
    At least you showed a small variety of handguns that cover a small spectrum of what is available to the legal gun owner in this day and age.
    But the only way to know what will work for a SPECIFIC person is to have THAT PERSON try as many different types of handguns as possible before they actually settle down and buy ONE gun they feel will meet THEIR NEEDS!
    The best part of that equation IMHO is that it allows them to get their juices flowing and, maybe, buy MORE guns as time passes by and their funds allow. LOL
    But thank you for your video that will be helpful to others who are new to the shooting sports or for personal protection.

  11. I prefer to carry a Browning hi power with Spiegel grips. It feels perfect in my hand and its very easy to shoot intuitivly. Ive put over 5000 rounds through it with only the occasional failure. paired with a smith 36 on the ankle and a NAA .22 in my coin pocket

  12. I would also add to be open to different calibers. America has this weird cult attitude to .45, but 9mm will also work. .357 will work. .50 will work. Even .22 will work, but you'll have to be more careful about where your shots land and be prepared to shoot more of them than you might the others.

  13. For a .380 that will occupy a full grip try the Bersa Thunder. It's flawless in design and shoots true. You will not need to modify your grip to accommodate a smaller weapon. It does have a safety, but for those that hate safety selectors you can leave it on fire. The weapon is double/single. Just food for thought if you're in the market for a small reliable weapon. I have tried/owned many .380 platforms, this is my favorite.

  14. I carry a full size M&P 2.0 9mm with a 5' barrel lol. Love it
    Compacts/sub-compacts are not something i carry. Not for me.

  15. If you don't have the experience to know what you want already, then you need to go to a shooting range, and shoot a whole shitload of different guns and pick what you like the best.
    At a range i go to a lot, it is only $8 per caliber. Can shoot as many guns in that caliber as you want, long as you buy the ammo from them (to ensure no hot or shitty handloads can fuck up their guns) but luckily they have great prices on ammo lol

  16. Do you have any ideas on personal defense gun that are effective but not too harsh on the wrists? I'm an airline pilot and i play the guitar a lot, so my wrists are important. Thanks.

  17. If a 5-6 shots revolver is not enough then I would go straight to a glock 19, but the pistol I trust the most are the jericho 941 and the sig p226 (german made, not the crap you have in america, sorry)

  18. With due respect and thank you for your service. This video is lacking and in some ways may imply an endorsement of poor pistol selection. The diamondback is a poorly made pistol and your mere inclusion makes people think maybe it’s worthy of carry. It’s not. I have personally seen two fail within months. The XD is also a poor voice with a known design flaw that can cause unpredictable catastrophic failure (roll pin). A pocket pistol that is actually carried for protection should not be ported and I’m confident you know that and know the reasons why, yet you failed to mention those hazards. The safety violations are also not cool, because new shooters may emulate your actions because you are a tier one stud. I’d highly recommend a follow up video where you talk about quality of a firearm, because you are clearly targeting an audience that will be betting THEIR life on YOUR advice.

    To all others reading this: quality is critical, practice is critical. Glock, Sig, HK, S&W and a few others. Also, buy a gun you will train with. That small S&W would not be fun or even a very useful training experience in a one day basic pistol class.

  19. CZ P09 ….9mm great reliability, great feel, HIGH capacity, great features—I personally love the decocker for carrying one in the pipe…
    There are many like it…but this one is mine👍🇺🇸

  20. I had a 1.52 scale airsoft replica of the Colt 1911, I loved how it felt in my hands, I carried it around because there we people after me and it didn't have an orange cap on the end of the muzzle so I could've easily made them to rethink to jump me lol.

  21. The title has nothing to do with the contents as "how" to select a handgun is not being discussed…. not very informative but the intentions are good 🙂

  22. How to pick a handgun:


    But in all honesty, shoot anything you can get your dick beaters on. Feel every gun you can. Watch all the videos you can on them. All great points <3

    My first handgun was a VP9 and now I've tried many many other pistols. And to this day, I can't find something I like more than my Hk

  23. If you’re a female NEVER carry a pistol in your handbag/ purse. Ever. Off-body carry is a bad tactic. If you’re a female carry as the men do, inside your belt.

    Someone attempts to snatch your bag, good luck trying to retrieve your handgun while wrestling to keep your handbag. If the mugger succeeds in snatching your bag, goodbye to your defensive weapon, and the mugger now has a gun if he didn’t already. Same goes for men with backpacks.

    Always carry on-body.

  24. SIG Sauer P320 X-Carry, SIG Sauer P320 X-Carry, SIG Sauer P320 X-Carry, SIG Sauer P320 X-Carry…

    I’m a fan. You should try it.

  25. Hand guns are situational..In Bear country it’s 44 mag or bigger, Combat it’s 1911, Glock,CZ, what ever works for you.Home defense, a good revolver,semi auto again what ever works for you.

  26. The only thing I been carrying all the time is my mustang .380 and I do have bigger guns, only when it's really bad out do I carry a bigger gun.

  27. That holster suggested for the diamondback is extremely dangerous. Never, ever carry a pistol with the trigger exposed.

  28. For me, personally, Id carry a 9mm with hollow points (Glock 19). Holds a decent amount of ammo and is very reliable (imo). Id rather have more rounds of a smaller caliber vs. a bigger caliber gun with a lower capacity. If shits going down, you're never going to hit the target perfectly. More rounds = better. Just my opinion!

  29. Glock 19 or HK VP9 are what I like. Ofcourse every has their own preferences. Oh and I must say, that Rolex GMT in that colour combo is a beautiful classic. Good taste. 👍

  30. What do you think about the HK vp40? I'm a law enforcement k9 officer. Wanted to get your opinion on the vp40

  31. I've been carrying a handgun for 25+ years, and finding the right one for me has been a deep rabbit hole. Honestly, I still haven't found one that is absolutely perfect for me. I don't believe there is such a thing, and I have owned most of the popular makes and models. Keep all biases aside, and have no brand loyalty. Most reputable brands have something good to offer. Don't expect anything to be perfect, and find one that works better than most for you. That's my armchair keyboard commando advice.

  32. Ive done the swap and try technique. One handgun at a time swap for the next brand. Did my own research. All full frame however. Definitely would say the S&W MP or the Glock. I prefer sw mp .40. Thats just me.

  33. How to pick your Hand Gun
    First question what is the purpose of this hand gun.
    Second do you prefer striker fired or DA/SA hammer fire gun and any features you need or look for.

    GTW/SHTF Glock 17/19/19x, CZ 75SP1/P07/P09, SIG 226, Beretta 92F/92C/M9A1-3/Px4 Storm, H&K USP9/P30 I believe 9mm and .40 SW are best but for me I go for Glock 17, 19 and 19x

    CCW Appendix Carry I prefer a DA/SA hammer fired gun and the CZ P07 is my choice but a H&K P30 will work well as will compact 1911s. Also the Beretta 92C or Px4 Px4 Storm Compact. I do not like Striker fired for Appendix Carry but if you do for me I worry more about re-holstering the fire arm. I would want a safety on a Striker Fired gun. I don't have any SF gun with any extra safeties.

    4/5 o'clock and 7/8 o'clock carry is where I carry Glocks like the 43/26/19 or S&W M&P9 Shield/M&P9 Compact 1.0/M&P9 Compact 2.0

    Home Defense I like a more Race Gun. Now many guns will work but top priority is a light and minimum or 15 rounds of 9mm or 13 of .40 SW. Something I love is the M&P9 2.0 5in with a Apex flat face trigger. This with a SureFire, Streamlight or Olight have great lights. Has been my choice for years original with a 1.0 and couple years ago I got the 2.0. The Glock 17, 17L and 34 all work same for 22, and 35. For me I have been moving more and more to Glock over the last year because I know the S&W so well I feel that the muscle memory is saved for me. Now Glock is my choice to build my skills up shooting it more and more as it would be my choice for SHTF. The this has led me to Also running the P09 as well. I now carry and home defense is on a rotation but I stick with Glock or CZ or S&W at the same time so if my CCW is a Glock 19 then my Home Defense is my Glock 34. If I carry M&P9C 2.0 my Home Defense is my M&P9 2.0 5inch. If I'm carrying the P07 then my P09 is my home defense.

    Well I travel a lot and go hiking a lot so I got 2 guns for this Colt Delta Elite 10mm and a Ruger Super Redhawk 454 Casull I will take with me if I'm camping or hiking. I will be buying a Glock 20 when the Gen 5 releases.

    Maybe you want a pocket gun I like the Ruger LCP2 and Bond Arms Derringer and Derringers in general. I also occasionally ankle carry a back up S&W M638.

    For me pick what works for you and find what works for you. What works for me may not work for you. This means sights, lights, triggers can all change per person. I use XS Big Dot and F8 sights for Carry guns but Home Defense I may use a Trijicon RMR or Heinie Sights. I try to keep common systems so nothing changes that I have to learn something completely new. I believe even learning new things it works best if you can convert things simply based off commonality of skills and systems. I suggest people try things and when something starts to click use it. Doesn't mean you can't try new things but look at everything and develop yourself and what works. I like the Ameriglo I Dot but also on a race gun I like a Warren Tactical green fiber optics with blacked out rear tactical sight set. Another option if you have a friend who uses a sight you don't and you wanna see how they work I do a lot of this. To keep cost down sharing guns when we go out as a group to shoot as a larger group.

    Maybe you will will be like my dad and like Revolvers and Carrys a rotation of Chiappa Rhino 200 DS, S&W M327, S&W M638, S&W Governor, Ruger GP100, Ruger Super Redhawk Alaskan, Ruger LCR, Charter Arms 22 Mag, Colt Cobra, Colt King Cobra. But he also Carrys a SIG 227 and a SIG 226 in 357 Sig he has a Ruger LCP2 as well. Now he has a Glock 35 and he just got his first 9mm in the Glock 43x.

    You could end up like my Uncle who loves 1911s Colts, Springfields, Night Hawk, STI, Wilson Combat, Les Baer and just 45acp. Like the H&K USP, Mark 23, USP compact, CZ97, SIG 227, FN45 Tactical, Springfield XDM, XDS, XDE, Beretta Px4 Storm in 45acp, 8045 Cougar but he has a few 9mms. He is now looking at 10mm 1911s. Now mind you he has sold a ton because divorces and when he hit hard times before. But he still has 4 1911s and all the non 1911 45s he did sell a Beretta M9A1 and Wilson Combat 92G as well I think the he has Colt Gold Cup, Colt M45A1, Springfield TRP Operator, STI The Tactical.

    Conclusion find what works for you even my mom shoots different stuff based off injuries from a wreck. Everyone has unique situations that will make one gun better from another based on the person's life and experience.

  34. Very good video. Nice selection of pistols. You never discussed calibers… maybe another video? I enjoyed watching. I actually liked all the pistols you chose.

  35. I have shot Sigs ,glocks, beretta, walther,ruger,kimber,Wesson, XD junk and S&w sorry dude I'll take a Glock in battle every day carry because our Cities are a war zone or my FN 45 suckers.

  36. Good video, as more people carry due to the crime rate instructional videos like this are invaluable.basically what works for one individual might not work for another

  37. All points I would have discussed were hit here- well done video… recoil is the only issue for new-shooters I would touch on.

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