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How to Perform Speed and Tactical Reloads | Shooting Training Techniques | Tactical Rifleman

hi Syd at T1G today we’re going to be
covering speed reloads and tack reloads so speed reload is done whenever we have
run our gun dry when there’s no more ammo in it and we need to get ammunition
in the gun as quickly as possible now ideally if we’re doing a speed
reload or attack reload we want to move to a position of cover or concealment
now concealment it hides the shooter cover it’ll stop bullets
so engine blocks and things like that that would be considered cover and then
bushes or sheets or drapes those would be considered concealment so if we draw
the gun and we have fired our last shot the slot is locked to the rear we want
to bring the gun into our workspace we don’t want to leave the gun out here we
don’t want to bring the gun down here our workspace will be right in front of
us now from this position I can look through the gun so I can see if there’s
anything coming at me but also I can identify if there’s an issue with the
gun I can I can see any problems on it so as I bring it into my workspace I’m
going to push the magazine release and drop the magnets in the gun our support
hand since it’s not doing anything we’re going to give it some work it’s going to
come down and grab a fresh magazine as the other magazine is falling out of the
gun you notice how the way I’ve pulled the magazine out we call this an index
grip my finger is actually stretched across the spine of the magazine the
reason we do that is under low light or no light conditions we can still point
so this is going to help guide the magazine into the mag well we’re going
to seat the magazine all the way into the mag well and do that firmly we don’t
want to come back off and strike the magazine again that’s going to cost this
time and it could induce a malfunction so we want to seat it in place and then
we’re just going to push on the slide lock lever with our thumb and send the
slide home we’re now ready to fire with a fresh round in the gun another
technique is instead of pushing the slide lock lever we can come across
or we can pinch and slingshot the slide to send it home with a round in the
chamber so that’s a speed reload now attack reload it’s whenever there’s a
low or pause in the fight ideally we still want to go for cover concealment
but this one we still have round that are in the magazine we might want
to keep those for later so what we’re going to do with a tack reload is we’re
going to leave the magazine in the gun we’re going to immediately go for a
fresh magazine out of our mag pouch from here with that same index grip we’re
going to come off the spine of the magazine and just drop our index finger
along the side of the mag this is going to leave a little pocket that we can
grab our old magazine with we’re going to pinch that magazine and pull it out
of the mag well and then index a fresh magazine in the gun this magazine would
ideally have some rounds in it we may not know how many but we want to save
them for later we can put those in a pouch pocket our index it into our
waistband either one so find a convenient place we don’t want to put
that magazine back in our regular mag pouches because we’re when we need to
draw fresh new ammo we don’t want a half spent magazine getting in the way so put
it someplace convenient but not too convenient once we’ve finished there we
can come back out if you feel the need that you have to rack the slide you can
but ideally there should be a round in the chamber since we’ve still got ammo in
the gun so now that we’ve practiced it dry we’ll get on the range and do it
live thanks for watching the video if you
guys have any questions or comments leave them in the comment section below

100 thoughts on “How to Perform Speed and Tactical Reloads | Shooting Training Techniques | Tactical Rifleman

  1. What drop leg set up are you running in this video? Looks perfect, all mine drop too much and are in the middle of my thigh.

  2. Tactical Rifleman, I've watched several of your video at this point. durring this demonstration of tac. vs speed reload you failed, as first mag was not completely empty and slide did not lock back, when you put a fresh mag in and drew back the slide you can actually see the unused round eject…. please inform people properly and demonstrate what you have been speaking about. due to these inconsistencies I cannot support your channel but I do wish you and all who credit your channel the best.

  3. Great videos! I'm learning a ton and its nice to see high production value gun/shooting vids compared to the usual potato quality.

  4. I love the M&P pistols for speed reloads because if you push the magazine in hard enough, the slide will catch that first round. Not a huge fan of striker fire triggers personally but firearms are subjective, everyone varies a bit in what they find comfortable on a gun.

  5. If you run your gun dry, or to slide lock, or it goes empty in a fight- That is an EMERGENCY RELOAD. SPEED reloads are just that, reloads done with a priority on SPEED, at a time of your choosing, typically in a competition scenario. The depleted magazine is discarded and not retained in any way. Tactical reloads should be done at the conclusion of an action, so as to top off and put away a full, ready weapon.Taking a working weapon apart in the so-called "lull" of a fight- generally not a good idea. There is no way to know when and how long the "lull" occurs. Partially depleted mags should go into a pocket or pouch but not back where your fresh full mags are unless you only have the 1 mag pouch or carrier. In that case that is where you going to go for the depleted mag any way. At the earliest possibility when it is safe to do so you should perform ammo management- moving full mags to the fore and partially expended mags to your last used pouches or carrier. I do agree reloads should be done from cover if possible. Just my 2 c

  6. Thank you for posting. I may have been a bubble but haven't heard the term "work space". Perfect term for it. Kudo's if you came up with that but nevertheless, thanks.

  7. In that first tac reload (3:25), he still had a bullet in the chamber. Why did he rack the slide and ejected a good round?

  8. Great video, I will be watching it several times to let everything sink into my brain as I train….. Thank You
    BIG RON…..

  9. Slide lock with the off hand makes sure the mag is seated so you don't accidentally miss stripping the top round by panicking and hitting it too early. Also running the slide should be done by pushing the gun away, not pulling the offhand towards you. Just my (and my Israeli instructors) two cents.

  10. Great summary. Just had a class today with GORUCK, and I struggled with this. Good to have you as an additional instruction.

  11. what is the point of replacing a mid empty magazine with a full one in a fight? you will still use those left bullets,so why not using them when you're using that magazine and only change it when empty? at the end you will still reload at some point

  12. John sent me here from his channel. I subbed immediately. Good stuff. Yes I use Glock's extended slide release/ lock on my G 19 and G 17 to send the slide home. It is just second nature to me.
    And yes, I can do the slingshot function just fine if I want. But I much prefer using my extra large size hand's thumb to release the slide. It's so seamless and smooth. It gets me back on target faster in my opinion.
    Bringing the gun back in closer to the workspace is something I need to do more. I tend to forget to do that, and so I need to practice that. Thank you so much for this video.
    And yes I am on the Bell Google Plus alert system for any of your new videos and I always up vote.

  13. I have the same Safariland drop leg holster for my Glock 19 with light module. How did you modify it to use it in a higher position using only the bottom strap? I think I want to get rid of my upper strap and do the same thing as you have done. Hope you go back and check some nice old videos for comments I love an answer.
    The other thing I think was thinking of doing this modifying a Blackhawk drop leg system that has two hanging straps to fit my Safariland level 3 SLS holster.
    I am very tall with very long arms and am often in a vehicle and there's just nothing like having a drop leg holster for me.

  14. Great video and when you did it dry it was well demonstrated. But in the portion where you practiced on the range, you failed to use all the ammo and therefore the slide did not lock back like in the dry demo. Try to be more consistent

  15. I think that whether or not your pistol is suddenly out of ammo or you want to reload knowing there are still few ammo inside the mag to be replace you should do speed reloading.

  16. As others have noted, your channel is a excellent. I cringe however when I hear buzzwords like work space and drive the gun. It just sounds like the instructor is light on material and is trying to sound high speed to make up for it. I’m sure this guy is competent. Those terms are just hilariously gay.

  17. I hold my sidearms with the index of my non-dominant hand infront of the trigger guard and my thumb of my non-dominant up so I can push down the slide lock quickly. Just a tip, try it and then tell me how it feels.

  18. Your video show you doing a live range firing of a Speed reload but the gun slide is not locked back. Your ta Tactical reload does show your reloading the gun that has a slide forward. Are my observations wrong?

  19. I got yelled at the other day for this technique of reloading. Well, more the position you hold the weapon in your work space and not maintaining the barrel pointed at low ready. I yelled back, "just because you dont like it, doesnt make it wrong"

  20. New hand gun owner, just curious why do some people never use slide lock to release the slide. Someone told me you should only power stroke the slide and never release it with the slide catch. When i asked why he said because i said so.

  21. Still don't know why people teach "tactical reloads". If you are getting shot at and want to put a fresh magazine in the gun just dump the mag and put a fresh one in. If you think the few rounds left in that mag you dumped are going to save your life, you watch too many movies and need more training.

  22. Amerigo Vespucci
    Christopher Columbus
    Columbian Exchange
    Ferdinand Magellan
    Vasco da Gama

  23. Nicely done. You took the time to explain it thoroughly and went through your examples slowly. Then you showed us what it would look like in real time. Thumbs up from another instructor.

  24. True professionals (you guys!) can break things down to make them simple, easy to understand, and easy to learn. As an educator, I appreciate your ability to do so. Keep it up!

  25. this is pretty close to exactly how its done. Remove all the movements that do not positively contribute to your performance and maximize every second. I do feel like you can do this faster with practice. For the maximizing time thing one point you could touch on is using your wrist to whip the mag out to the right side which is quicker than dropping and will keep you from stepping on it and crushing or slipping on the mag. The wrist flick is also good for sending a half spend mag to a buddy in need thats behind cover a few yards away to your left or right side and cant get to you. All without taking your eyes off target.

  26. I love your unbiased approach to multiple techniques, an absolute lack of apparent tactical snobbery is always appreciated.

  27. was I taught wrong?

    I was taught to sling shot the slide or hit the mag to send the slide forward.

    I was also taught that it's a slide lock not a slide release

  28. Not putting the old mag back into the mag pouch is also easier – less likely to fumble and such if you just stick it in your waistband or such.

  29. It's not a slide realise.. you should rack the slide. It's better that way said in an annoying childish whiny voice

  30. Former Marine Embassy Guard here, that version of the speed reload is what the department of State and Fbi instructors taught us. Solid method. Fast and proficient. Good to see it here

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