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How to PAC your weapon (PAC Editor) | Garry’s Mod

hello guys this is AtozeManerPlays here with another video on this video is going to be um like a tutorial head PAC your weapon on Garry’s Mod for a PAC mod (PAC editor) so first your going to want to get your weapon so im going to get a crowbar. So you open up PAC editor and you can see me with the crowbar, so then what your going to want to do is get he “t pose” (under player) so lets just say you want the crowbar to be… a telephone pole so are you going to
have to go on right click “my outfit” and click on model, then you can see this little ball on your head that’s the default ball, so then click “bone” and then find right hand and click on it and then we want to do is click here on model, then your going to go to spawn list comic props you can choose any prop you
want but im going to use a telephone pole for an exaple cause I like telephone poles 😛 so then your going to right click it, and copy it to clipboard then you click that delete it, and paste that there, then you have a telephone pole 😀 but that’s not how you want it. it just looks f***ing tacky so on you’re going to want to go down
here to “angles” then your going to rotate it and stuff making any angle you want (bla bla bla bla) so then you wanna make it like… I make it as perfect as I can I make stuff like perfect but if your not that type of person then, I understand some people don’t have patents, im not saying that in a mean way, but im just saying :/ (bla bla bla bla) and here we go so now looks like im holding a telephone pole 😀 but you’re so actually holding a crowbar so let me teach you how to fix that 🙂 you cant see the crowbar because I have a telephone pole, but I use a book or something cause sometimes I use a book you can still see the crowbar, now you want to (bla bla bla bla) right click “my outfit” and click “wear” and then click on “pac” and exit so then now you want to go to crowbar or whatever weapon you’re holding and copy to clipboard then click “PAC Editor” and then you’re going to want to right click “my outfit” go to event, so then now what you want to do is invert it (check invert) and then you see where it says “event”? you want to click on that and you want to type in “weapon class” and then below it will say “arguments” you want to put in the weapon model id paste that (ctrl + v) mine is “weapon_crowbar” (bla bla bla bla) (bla bla bla bla I have no idea what the f*** im saying) so then you want to right click “my outfit” then go to “entity” then go to “draw weapon” and turn it to “false” and then you want to go to the “event”
again and then do the the same thing you did last time (bla bla bla bla) and then you want to wear it again then there you go! you have a telephone pole as a crowbar! 😀 (bla bla bla bla) (bla bla bla bla) well there you guys go! have fun PACing your weapons CYA!

62 thoughts on “How to PAC your weapon (PAC Editor) | Garry’s Mod

  1. I don't suppose you know how to show it in  FP view do you? If you did i would really appreciate it. 🙂
    Anyways thanks for the help. 😀

  2. Your video is very well collected, and informative. I had very little issues, and your age at the time is amazing. I had been looking for a good tutorial on exactly this for an hour and I finally found it. thank you so much.

  3. Thanks, man! For some reason the "meathook crowbar" example has nothing but a model, but still somehow hides the crowbar, so I was super confused.

  4. guys there's a simpler way to do it

    right click the group add the event (after the prop you want as your weapon is in your hand and the event stuff is added) click 'hide'

  5. This is so informative! And Im impressed that there is a kid on YouTube with a bearable voice! Good job, hope you get a larger following!

  6. I dont know how many times I've gone to this video for pac. It gets to the point,its short,the audio and graphics are good. You get a A++! 11/10. Good job very good yes.

  7. oh jesus your voice and that horrible noise your mouth makes because you're way too fucking close to ur mic jesus christ my ears, had to mute the volume

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