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How to Mount a Scope on a Sniper Rifle | Special Forces shooting Techniques | Tactical Rifleman

I want to talk about how to properly
mount a scope on to a accurized rifle or a sniper rifle first thing you want to
do is don’t touch the scope adjust the stock first most of your good stocks now
are adjustable for comb and for length so first thing you do is size the stock
properly to the shooter for most you want the stock long enough out to that
it gets to the bend in the elbow all right so this stock has already been
properly adjusted for length for me I’m good to go next thing I want to do then
I want to take this scope I’ve already got it loosely set in the Rings and I
want to mount it on the gun right get it so it sits nice and level first roughly
where I wanted it that ain’t it just get it in the general direction alright then
you’re going to want to check your eye relief just make sense that the eye relief is
almost right not that big a deal alright so get behind the gun eye relief not
quite good enough yet I need to bring it back just a little bit more you notice
it’s still just a little bit right see that’s not bad we can work with that for
right now all right so what I’m going to do is that’s close all right so what I’m
gonna do is I’m going to slide those rings forward alright
what I’m doing is there is a little bit of play inside the Picatinny rail I’m
sliding the Rings forward in those slots because recoil of the gun is going to
slide them forward anyways once I have them forward then all I’m going to do is
I’m going to torque them down for 65-inch pounds you’ll get your pop go til you get that
pop again alright so I’ve got that 65 inch pounds now what you want to do is
you want to adjust the comb the height you want to make sure that when you
relax your head on that stock you will actually open your eye up you want your
eye looking directly through the center of the scope so when you have the actual
shooter of the gun you don’t do it yourself you whoever the guns going to
be assigned to he’s the one that needs to be behind the gun he gets behind it
relaxes opens up his eye I’m Way too low alright so you’re going to loosen up the
stock now on this puppy here I’ve already marked it where correct is for
me but I’m going to double check it again close my eyes relax that puppy’s
dead-on balls accurate right where I want all right now what I’m going to do
is I’m actually because I still have the scope loose I’m going to slide the scope
forward and reason why I’m doing that is I want to get that shadow inside the
scope I want to get the shadow all the way around the sides okay now when I
look through it and I have that shadow now that’s really going to let me adjust
that comb even better now my my eyes a little bit to the left I didn’t catch
that before so to slide it over the cool part about this accuracy international
rifle is not only does the scope adjust up and down it also adjusts left and
right so I’m going to adjust it just a little bit right on so I’m adjusting the
comb of the stock just a little bit to left because that’s what I needed and
then check it again perfect right on the money right once I’ve done that now now
I’m going to go back and I want to make sure my eye relief is perfect I’m going
to do is I’m going to slide that scope back in the Rings to roughly where I had
it before and now I’m going to slowly adjust it
forward and backward until the eye relief is perfect now perfect eye relief
there’s actually a window you want to set that scope the maximum magnification
that’s going to shorten that down but there still is a little bit of play
there right now you want that to be as far forward as possible it’s going to
cut down on the chance you’re getting a scope bite over your eye you don’t want
your eye too close to that scope all right one I want to get rid of that
shadow completely but that’s about it I want it as far forward as possible
I once I’ve done that moved it forward as much as possible now I want to level
my crosshairs first step to that is we need to level the gun itself now best
way to do that is with a level right all your weapon systems are going to have a
level spot on them this particular accuracy international you can use right
back here on the back of the bolt and also right here on the stock I’m going
to lay this one in which just a tad bit off now if I was doing this in a gun
vise be a little bit easier to do but we’re actually using the bipod of the
gun once I get that level then on top of the scope right there I’m going to can’t
that till I get it level once I get it level I’m going to verify
one more time correct correct I’m going to leave it
there and I’m going to take ply a little bit of Loctite to all these screws and
I’m going to tighten them down a little bit on one side a little bit on the
other side slowly work your way around you’ll keep doing that a little bit at a
time keep going back and double-check the level on on the scope all right
another way to do it is you can actually hang a plumb bob out at distance and
actually level your crosshairs that way all right but is it imperative that you
make sure that the scope is level if you want to add a scope level afterwards
that’s fine but you’ve got to actually level the crosshairs on the gun first
then you can add a level to it once you’re done doing that then the last
step is get down and adjust that ocular focus all right so what that is is I
want those crosshairs to be crystal clear so I’ve got everything adjusted
properly I want to take the parallax adjustment knob set it all the way to
parallax just find some out of the sky blank wall somebody you have to look at
anything you’re just looking at the crosshairs I’m just looking at the
reticle itself you’re going to look through and then adjust the ocular focus
adjustment make that puppy crystal clear done that this scope is mounted properly
we’re going to let our Loctite set and for a few hours and then this gun is
ready to go out and shoot that’s how to properly mount a scope on a sniper rifle
the only questions or comments are leave em below

43 thoughts on “How to Mount a Scope on a Sniper Rifle | Special Forces shooting Techniques | Tactical Rifleman

  1. Another very useful video. Thank you. I'm wondering why I can't use the P-rail to set the level on? Is it not going to be flat with the rest of the rifle or somthing? I'm sure it's a simpler answer but it's just going over my head.

  2. Nice. You and IV8888 have similar advice about mounting. Seems like, depending on your needs, it would be good to combine both approaches.

  3. Thats what I like about your videos. Short sweet and to the point. People can over complicate the most simple task. I prefer the K.I.S.S method. Keep it stupid simple. Thanks again

  4. fav gun channel so far. needs more recognition. please keep it the way it is. one of those fucking endorsement bullshit that most channels started to do.

  5. I like your channel so much I even watch the vids on stuff I know how to do already- okay, this was the first one where I had a leg up- I slay deer not enemy combatants.

  6. i like to use blue loctite…just preference…i myself like to set my scope up in the position im going to be shooting most…prone standing etc…nice video.

  7. I never considered the slop in the Pic rail, and preloading the rings forward to offset the effect of the recoil. Good stuff, thanks for the great content on this channel!

  8. Great video guys, I'm going to re-mount my scope after watching this, there was some really great info on this video for an inexperienced scoped long rifle shooter like myself!

    Keep up the great work

  9. The best way to test if your scope is mounted properly and leveled is to do a long line test. Set a Target at 100 yd with a long vertical line about 3 ft long. Put a dot at the bottom of the line and shoot a group. Then turn the elevation up to the max and shoot another group at the same point with the rifle perfectly level. If your scope is canted to the left or the right it will be plainly obvious as your group on the top of the line will be to the left or right of the line.

  10. do you realy need the loctite? Some ppl also glue the scope to the rings… both looks a bit overdone to me if its not a .50

  11. You guys do great videos. Just a few suggestions after doing this hundreds of times:

    1. The last step of setting the ocular adjustment, I would move to the beginning and do it with the scope off the weapon. By making this change you can easily manipulate the scope to hone in on the correct diopter adjustment for your eye and do so without violating Rule 2 for safe gun handling. If you forget, or for some reason think that you want to do this step with the scope mounted on the rifle, I suggest having a buddy put a sheet of plain white paper in front of your objective. Once again, be aware of where you are pointing the rifle if you do it this way.

    2. Witness mark anything that can move. This includes the 65in-lb nut(s), the fasteners on top of the rings, and that ocular housing adjustment you just painstakingly got perfect in step 1 above and now your buddy grabbed and turned 90 degrees on you. Also, I like to take a fine paint pen and mark the correct driver sizes near all these fasteners. That way, if I need to tweak something later, I'm not doing trial and error for the correct size Torx or Allen driver.

    3. Set eye relief in your primary shooting position with the scope on max mag. If you don't have a primary shooting position, use prone.

    4. When it comes to leveling, can't go wrong with a plum bob. Some scope manufacturers are introducing electronic leveling solutions in the optic that are much more accurate than a bubble level. When available, select these optics.

    5. Torque every thing to spec. When it comes to the ring tops, torque them all down evenly in a symmetrical "x" pattern. When done, pull one at a time, apply blue loctite, reinsert and torque to spec. Repeat until all ring top screws are done.

  12. I know I'm late to this party, but a quick trick I like to do is use a set of feeler gages under the flat part of the scope. Especially helpful if you can't get the rifle to level.

  13. Can you recommend a torque wrench? I've got one for ft-lbs for my car wheels, but that's probably a little powerful if I'm just putting a scope on.

  14. Do not trust spirit levels ! Use a vertical self aligning laser. Mount gun in vise, place laser behind and slightly above you, roughly in line with the gun. Shine laser center on buttstock/pad screws and elevation turret. Make sure the centers line up. Now check if you can see the laser at a distance of about 5-15 yds, if not move laser left or right to center along axis of the gun. When you can see the laser line in your scope you can rotate the scope to make sure your vertical post is parallel. Tighten. Now you are ready for the range to verify.

  15. I have a mossberg MVP with the mdt chassis and it has a mounted pic rail that the scope rings are mounted to. Im struggling with where to set me level as my reference point as to true up my scope. obviously i want the bore axis and the center line of my reticle to be the same? right? Perhaps I am overcomplicating this but when i set everything to level best as I can using multiple ways of verifying my retacle it feels canted once i level the gun when I am behind it. It is hard to determin if the rfle is canted or me as the shooter simple perceives it that way. Having the Hardest time filtering through all the experts on what is right vs wrong in centering the scope.

  16. As always, truly professional, when Karl said “A level”, that was my Karl. lol !!! Awesome vid brother, please continue

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