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How to mod Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare Revolvers

In this video, I will show you how to modify Revolvers since this gun type has special reloading animation copy Revolver from WeaponTools window then, drag weapon from Weapon Factory to Gun after renaming parts Click import then we adjust the 3rd person gun position at Weapon Factory window go Weapon Father folder, click on the template click TPSGun, double-click revolver root to see it in Scene window double-click the revolver(clone) to see the new revolver rescale new model, then rotate and relocate try to cover the root model with the new model Find the model locator from revolver root which is called Origin drag it to the new model then delete the revolver root then modify 1st person gun model click FPSGun, find the model go as shown in the video find the path, double-click to activate it in the window rescale it, rotate and relocate on the upper right corner, find Layer, set it to Gun to all child object set cast shadow to off then drag the new models’ parts to relevant groups trigger to trigger, body to body and delete the original one clip means Mag, drag it to outer-chamber and delete the original Mag and for other parts from the template, unselect mesh renderer we must check the Weapon Behavior script, make sure bullets and clip are there now, name your model and click Apply button

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