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How To Make Silica Desiccant Packets Ammo Food Firearm Storage

Let’s go down Guys Cosine [Edenia] here to this little video Going to be going through how to make your own silica packets You can order them online you know pre-made or whatnot or you know go and Hit a shoe store, and see if they’ll let you take a bunch of home But you know when you buy something like a pair of shoes and it comes with a little silica packets You have to recharge them you have to put them in the oven Hang on the size of it or whatever, but usually about 115 degrees for about an hour to recharge it dry them back out, but You know we’re going to talk about in this video. Why would you want to do this well? Say you got your ammo for your food Or your guns like I actually make packets to put my gun cabinet Which is actually really easy to do You can find like an old candy tin Poke a bunch of holes in it line it with the coffee filters, and I just filled up with the silica And you know throw in the gun cabinet in a corner somewhere out of the way You can buy packets that will tell you when they need recharge some were kind of pricey and When I’m going to show you is really super cheap way to make your own little silica packets doesn’t matter if you Pack your animal loose Get off Throw a packet you make in one of these bags in each bag or if you you know leave it boxed up You know you can [just] throw a silica packet on the top but you know this method you can make a lot of silica packets and basically you’ll never really ever have to buy or Mess with it again if you want to refuse it can and also you can just recharge But it’s really easy to do doesn’t take that long That’s hot to it shall. We All right, well here’s what we’re going to need guts [uh] some coffee filters dollar store 150 coffee filters camera or a couple bucks I’ve got an eight pound bag of fresh step crystals. This is silica just make sure you pick up the [the] brand of kitty litter that is just silica and it doesn’t have the Regular clay or anything else in there, you just want the silica style Like I said eight pounds. [this] is going to do you a pretty good here and make up a lot of a lot of these silica packets this way For you guys [that] are in the prepping community if you’ve got a lot of food stores, or this or that? Maybe you might want to pick up a couple bags, and you know go from there and then also I use a Just a garbage bag twist ties You could make these silica packets up, and you know tape it but if you [ever] want to recharge them and put them in the oven These twist ties are going to hold up a lot better than a piece of tape wrapped around your package But let’s go ahead and show you how to put these together All right price. You’re just going to take your coffee filter To meet usually kind of helps to go ahead and kind of give it a quick little cold right there I just have an old scooper that came with the one of my supplements workout supplement tubs, or whatever I just dump that bad boy right in there Technically, I think I’ve seen another video a guy does kind of the same process here making his own stuff of packets and he mentioned It’s like two tablespoons per se ammo can type surface area that you want to keep dry But I just throw in just a big scoop of this and all the day Once you get it in there kind of want to do this a little bit loose. [I’m] loose side Don’t really want everything compacted or tight The more surface area you’ve got for this the probably the better We just got to hold it up like that Take away your twist ties oh And twist the tie. Oh my guard skis as simple as that there you go a silica packets Talking earlier about like gun cabinet stuff like that you can take like a [tin] like this perforate a bunch of holes into it Line it with some coffee filter and literally fill the whole thing up With the silica putting your gun locker in a corner [somewhere] where you know you’re not going to knock it over There’s other things you can get to like Go to like Walmart you go down the aisle or they got skills and stuff. They’ve got like these little greasy pots I forget what they’re called But they have a bunch of perforated holes and a twist on top and the holes are small of that You don’t even have to do [that] call people thing just filled up with the celica I’m sure if you go through like the candle aisle they might even have something there It’s long the same lines, but you know use your imagination Spend a couple bucks buying one or just take a couple minutes and punch a bunch of holes enough Attending that you just have to have lying around but Yeah, here’s a nice cost-effective Really cost effective. I mean compared to making your own of these make it a bigger as as small as you want and You know you don’t [have] a lot of stuff that you really need to store a long term or whatever Eight bucks will definitely go a long way so hope that helps you guys out a how much suggestions throw at the bottom and Thanks for watching you

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