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How to make PUBG Pistol using cardboard

Cut out the shape of gun Remove rubber part from a syringe Attach a small pipe to syringe nozzle Use air pump motor Connect other end of the tube to air pump motor Make a slot to insert and replace battery Use colour paper, stick, and rubber part to make bullet The pistol is ready This diy gun is safe for kids Share us your ideas and make toy gun set Like and Subscribe to DIY Ocean

87 thoughts on “How to make PUBG Pistol using cardboard

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  2. Can you plzz tell us why it is DIY OCEAN after DAH , if it is personal than dont but if it is related to us than we owe a answer. Btw loved the vid

  3. Suberb all diy creator will make videos but your videos are little bit different and with awesome editing love you bro 😉

  4. that is great for robbers if you make it realistic and point it at them when they try to rob you it will scare them

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  7. I came here to dislike the video because it was an ad . I wasn't expecting this to be actually good , Keep up the good work man

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