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The plan is to make an Airsoft radio controlled turret. I dont need it to be super powerful, but I want it to be insanely fast in terms of BBs per second. Today, I’m gonna make the machine gun itself based on my friend’s Ben’s design. Link in the description. And in the next video, I’ll be making the RC turret. Enjoy. This was just 130 PSI. In the next video, I’m planning to use 4000 PSI. It’s going to be pretty powerful. Subscribe now if you don’t want to miss it.

100 thoughts on “How To Make an INSANE BB GUN | GIACO

  1. Can you make a remote control helicopter with functioning bb or nerf guns? That would be insane. Maybe for like a 500k sub special?

  2. this is what youtube needs more of. and when pewdiepie finally dies out(no disrespect i love his vids) this man…. this artist… will take his place.

  3. i love these video and i look forward to them they are very entertaining cant wait to see the crazy ideas you come up with next

  4. Duuude, wtf?! I've just noticed you have 450k subs. Time flies fast or Giaco's channel grows faster? I remember few months ago when you had 20k subs. Good job!

  5. nice work looks so much like the machine gun or should I say a Gatling gun hate to be on that receiving end of that I do like your choice of classical music while making it reminds me a little bit of V for Vendetta if ever so slightly beauty within destruction and the creation of Destruction such a unique art

  6. Sigh, I learned so much relating to working with wood and lumber, but i never got a chance to get into metal working… depressing.

    Whats the value of your shop?

  7. I loved the video but maybe you should have added in some music while you were constructing it to make it even better

  8. How do you get anything done when you have to set up these extremely awesome camera angles. This must take 10x longer with this camera work compared to doing it without filming

  9. Crazy stuff, but you know we all love it. The 8 year old inside me is screaming to do the same. Great stuff!

  10. 5:08 that's how he destroying his world or just picturing how our earth being destroyed by a thousand of asteroid.

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