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How to make a paper sniper rifle that shoots – rubber band paper gun

welcome everyone .. in todays video i’m gonna teach you how to make a good looking paper sniper rifle that shoots first you’ll have to make 11 paper rolls with different shapes and sizes i know it’s alot of work but this will make the process much easier to make the first type of rolls get a sheet of paper and roll it with a pencil then fix it with some tape and use a small stick to push the pencil out to make the second one get a tube of paper glue and roll a sheet of paper with it then fix it with tape and then take the tube out for the biggest ones get three sheets of paper and roll them together and you know what to do next now we’ll start the process by taking 4 paper rolls and put them together like that fix them together with some tape make sure you leave the area at the end untapped so that you can hold the trigger and the grip in place after that press on both ends of the rolls and push it to the inside then take the biggest two rolls and stick both ends inside each roll as you can see it will look something like a ninja stick next take one paper roll and cut it equally in half take one and press on it’s tip to flatten it out then stick it between the rolls at the untapped area that i told you about take the other one and glue it right behind the first one now we need to make a cover for the grip so we’ll cut a sheet of paper in half and then fold each one this way fold the top of each piece until it fits with the grip then cut any excess paper you may have after that glue each cover on both sides of the grip you can leave it like that or you can put some tape around it to make it looks better take a nother piece of roll and glue it at the bottom of the barrel now we will make the stock by taking a piece of roll and gluing it back at the bottom then cut the excess piece of roll and keep it for now take another piece of roll and cut it equally in half glue one piece at the top , the cut the other in half and glue one piece at the bottom after that take a sheet of paper and fold it in half both ways , then fold the corners as if you’re making a paper plane take that and cover the stock with it then glue it in place pressing on the rolls at the back and the front and making a progressive slope to it would make the rifle looks better you can also keep it in place by putting some tape a round it now lets make the scope starting by taking a sheet of paper and folding it in half then cut it into two pieces fold the biggest one in half then take the remaining paper roll and roll the paper at the edge fix the roll with tape then take the other piece and repeat the same steps you did for the first one you can adjust the size of the scope the way you want also you can add more paper rolls if you want to shape it in a good way you can also put some tape around to hide the connecting lines between the rolls take the piece of roll that we kept before and glue it up to the middle of the scope after that put a strip of paper around the stock and fix it with tape then glue the scope on it if you feel that the scope is quite shaky fold a small piece of paper and glue it up with the connecting roll you’re able now to rotate the scope either right or left , this way you can prevent any contact might happen with the trigger finaly we need to make one last piece of roll and cut it into three pieces take the smallest one and fold it like this and glue it at the front take the middle size piece and fold it reversely like this then make an angled cut at the top after that get a rubber band and put it around it this is gonna be the trigger stick the trigger between the rolls until it gets out from the other side now take the remaining piece and shape it as a trigger guard then glue it in place put a piece of tape infront of the trigger to prevent the it from slipping then make a side cut to the roll at the front to hang the rubber band on it this way whenever you pull the trigger the rubber band will pull it back now it’s time to make some shooting first rotate the scape aside then stretch a rubber band between the front sight and the trigger once you pull the trigger the rubber band will be released

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  1. For some reason, I like playing a game called PUBG-but-in-my-imagination.

    Basically I play PUBG but I pretend I'm playing it in real life…

    So I usually like imaginr I have a M416 or P18C.

    But I want to have like paper guns to play with when I'm bored so this is what I'm doing..

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