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How To Make A Paper Barrett 50 cal Sniper Rifle That Shoots – (with instructions)

in today’s video i’m gonna be showing u how to make a paper 50 cal rifle that shoots this is an original paper designe of the 50 cal and i designed it in a way so that it’s easy for every on to make for this project we’re going to be using a single sheet of a black canson paper that has a size of 100 by 70 cm the idea is to make a bunch of paper rolls with different sizes out of the that sheet and shape them into that nice looking model it’s much easier than you think just follow the instructions and do as i say we’ll start our project by dividing the sheet into 5 different parts and with a sharp cutter we’ll carfuly split them up the widths of these parts are different the first two have width of 25cm and a 20 cm for the middle one and 15 cm for the last two parts the next step is to take a 15 cm piece and with an oak dowel or any thing that has the same diameter we’re going to place it at the edge and simply roll the paper up like that once you’re finished seal the paper roll by putting some hot glue on the edge and roll it over to seal it off if you don’t have a hot glue gun just get a hot glue stick from any hardware store then burn the it’s tip and use it normaly like the glue gun but just be carefull not to burn your self after we finish the first roll take the 20 cm piece and use the previous roll we made with the dowel inside and do exactly the same with the second piece after that take the two 25 cm pieces an do the same with one piece then pull it out and do the same with the other one so we have to identical paper rolls pull out the other paper rolls and now we have 4 different sizes of rolls a 3/4 inch , 1 inch and two 1.5 inchs in diameter the last piece of paper will be cut into 2 different pieces a 30 and 40 cm the 30 cm will be glued and wraparound this way and the other will be rolled up to a very thin paper roll now after we’ve finished the rolling part let’s start shaping them starting by taking one of the 1 inch paper rolls and flatten it out like that flip it over and flatten the other side as well till you end up with that diamond shape on one end draw a line of a small rectangular shapes along the center line and carefully slice that part all the way down to the bottom then remove it so the rectangles are opend from both sides this will give the designe a more realistic look like an actual rifle now we have finished the first part which will be the base of the rifle and all the other parts will be attached to it for instant to make the grip and the stock of the rifle we’re gonna take the one inch diameter roll and cut it into 4 pieces two 10 cm pieces , 20 cm piece and a 30 cm piece for the stock we’ll take the 30 cm piece and flatten the edges like that then bend it over and glue it at the end here for the grip take the 2 ten cm pieces and glue them together after they dry out press on the sides down the grip and press on the top till you have a shape like that take the last paper roll and flatten it out and fold it this way then flex it around your fingers to provide a space for the grip then put some glue on it and stick the grip in place after it dries out make a cut on the base 10 cm away from the stock , glue the top of the grip and secure it in there before we make the magazine make a small cut beside the grip on the top and the bottom and make sure the bottom cut is a little bigger than the upper one this is where the trigger is gonna take place to make the magazine take the tube we made at the begining and make a steep cut at the bottom flatten it out and shift the side crease a little bit then flatten it out another time open it up and you got something like that make 4 cuts along the corners and then close the 4 flaps as if you’re closing a box seal it with glue and you’re done with the first part now take the other 1.5 inch paper roll and cut a 30 cm out of it flex it around your fingers like you did with the grip cover and with the scissors tuck the tips like so and crease them out so you have A shape like that a little bit of glue on it and cover the top of the magazine with it after that make a small cut next to the grip and put some glue on the magazine then stick it in there the flaps of the grip cover will also be glued next to the magazine the remaining of the 1.5 inch roll will be cut into 4 pieces we’re gonna use the middle size pieces to make the scope we’ll take the biger one and make two creases along the sides which will reduce the diameter of the roll progressively the creases will be closed by glue and the internal flaps will be held in place as well the other piece will also be reduced by tucking in one side and be sealed with glue now we’ll take the 3/4 inch paper roll an cut a 10cm piece out of it this will connect the two pieces we just made forming the scope of the rifle we should now install the scope but before that we’ll take the bigger roll of the remaining two parts we kept before and cut it into 2 pieces the two pieces will be reduced the same way as the scope and be slide onto the remaining piece of the 3/4 inch roll which will be used as the barrel each one will be guled 10cm away from the other , this way when we insert the barrel inside the base it remains still and fixed easly in place the smaller roll will be used to make the barrel tip by creasing the front corners and making some cuts along the sides then sticking it to the tip of the barrel finally we’ll take the last piece of roll and cut it into a 20 cm piece and 2 10cm pieces a 10 cm piece will be folded reversely like that and the top corner will be tucked inside this way or you can just make an angled cut instead and cover it with a piece of tape this is gonna be the trigger a rubber band will go around the trigger then it will be inserted into the cut we made earlier till it pierces the other side stretch the rubber band and hang it on the magazine this way if we pull the trigger the rubber band will pull it back now if we make a small cut at the front and hanged a rubber band between it and the trigger the rubber band will be released once we pull the trigger after that we’ll take another 10cm piece and shape it into a trigger gaurd then gule it right under the trigger the last piece will be flexed like that and glued under the scope two holes will be made behind the trigger and the scope will be inserted in there this way whenever you want to reload you just pull up the scope and stretch the rubber band in some cases you might face some problems while shooting like the rubber band slips away form the trigger befor shooting or it get stuck after pulling the trigger this can be fixed by modifying the upper angle of the trigger which can be determined based on some factors like the type of the rubber band and the strech distance if you wanna make a stand for the rifle make a thin paper roll and flex it around your fingers then control the angle by butting a strip of tape around it put some glue on it and stick it under the barrel at this point the rifle is finished and ready for action just don’t forget to where a safty glasses for eye protection and play safe with your friends

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