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How to make a Cardboard Rocket Rifle

In a previous video, I showed you how to make
a PVC rifle that can blow holes through plywood decking. Well, some of my viewers asked if
it could be converted to something a little more family friendly. Well, the answer to
that question is “Yes!”. To make the cardboard rocket rifle, we’ll
need a 1″ threaded PVC adapter, a 12″ section of PVC pipe, a cardboard wrapping paper roll,
and of course… our completed CO2 Cartridge Rifle from the previous video. To get started, all we need to do is mate
the two PVC components permanently using PVC primer and PVC cement. Be sure to coat both
the threaded adapter and pipe. I like to push the components together and
then twist them 1/4 of a turn. And of course, I want this new barrel to look
awesome, so I painted mine the same color as the rifle. You’ll need unscrew and remove the existing
barrel. Of course, be sure to save it for future use! Now add pipe thread tape to the new barrel
and screw it in! To make sure we get a good seal between the
barrel and rocket, add a layer or two of duct tape to the outside of the barrel. When you’re
done, your rifle should now look like this! Take your cardboard tube and mark a six inch
length, cutting it off carefully with a razor knife. Then slip the cardboard tube over the
end of the completed barrel. We’re going to wrap our cardboard tube with
several layers of duct tape. It’s important that you wrap it tightly. I wrapped the outer
layer with red duct tape to make it stand out and be easier to locate after firing. Now, take a 1″ PVC pipe cap and tape it the
end of the rocket. This will be our nose cone! On a piece of cardboard, make a mark every
one and half inch on the X axis and then at the three inch mark on the Y axis. Then connect
the dots to make a rectangle. Now, split each rectangle into two pieces diagonally. Using a razor knife, gently cut out each of
the triangles. These will become our rocket fins. Take a piece of duct tape and cover all of
the fin sections. Do this on both sides. This will make sure they can handle the abuse we’re
about to give them. Now, heat up your hot glue gun because we’re
going need it to attach the fins to the main rocket body. I found that using the gun’s
barrel and turning the rocket worked best to keep things aligned. Glue the fins over
45 degrees, four on each rocket. I cut out a small piece of foam pad and glued
it to the nose cone. This will help protect it and other objects on impact. And that’s it! Your rocket is complete. Now
let’s go try it out! I took it out into the street to fire my first
shot! Holy smokes! That’s some power. On my second shot I sent my boy out to retrieve
it so you can see how far it goes. It’s a long way, so I sped it up for you, and even
then it seems a long ride. Well that’s because it is! It landed 415 feet away! Well I let Connor fire a few shots and he
loved it so much I’m afraid I may never get it back! Well thanks for watching, and please like
and subscribe to my channel on YouTube!

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  1. Thank you so much for the kind comments! If you make the rocket rifle, post a video of it so we can see!

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