64 thoughts on “How to Make a Barrett M107 – Cardboard Sniper Rifle that Shoots | Amazing Cardboard DIY

  1. The idea are cool man. You re really talented at making diy stuff, respected. I have challenge for you , can u make a shot gun, or a pistol. It should be no problem for you. I support you! U earn sub from me.

    Also, never trusted a edit comment XDDD

  2. Omg thats beautiful and powerful! Cardboard guns are starting to go next level engineer type stuff now! Can you please consider making my favorite sniper rifle the m200?

  3. Just a warning, be careful when using cocktail sticks, I had one through my finger really easily and its not nice.

  4. dude you have the template for a whole oslo paper i need guid cause my draw is so bad i need template that i can connect

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