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How to Make a Banana Pistol Gun

Today I’m going to show you how to
make a pistol, out of a banana. Start by taking the banana, and using a sharp knife,
cut a pattern through the skin like this. Try not to cut the fruit inside, and be careful not to cut yourself. Next using a cocktail stick, scribe a pattern onto
the side and handle, on both sides. You may not be able to see it very well now, but
in 5 or 10 minutes it will start to show up. Next carefully peel the end of the banana off
until you have something which looks like this. Then using your knife, cut off the end and carve the barrel. Once you’ve shaped it, you can use a cocktail stick to add some detail. Next work out how far back the trigger guard needs to start from. Slice a bit more if needed, peel it back, make a
small hole in the banana, and tuck it in. As you can see, the imprints we did with our
cocktail stick earlier, are now starting to show. And they’ll get darker with time. To add a trigger, make a hole with your knife, and
push in a small off cut of banana skin. And there we have it, our finished banana pistol. Get creative and play around with different patterns and designs. If you liked this project, maybe you’d like to take a look at some of
my other videos by clicking on the links on the right hand side. Or take a look at my youtube channel page. Have fun and as always thanks for watching.

100 thoughts on “How to Make a Banana Pistol Gun

  1. I like this DaveHax better then the current one because he doesn't spam his stupid, ass phrase "PRETTY COOL, HUH?"

  2. i went to the us army with this and put real bullets and when i pulled the trigger it exploded and we got the victory because 2 more people were left and thats how i made banana grenades

  3. I actually killed a fat mob boss by turning his banana into a gun. It was the last meal he ever had. Hope he savored it.

  4. i turned a banana into a gun, a mafia boss tried to eat and died, damn, turning inorganic things in living creatures is lit

  5. "When someone insults you God forgives even murder, you say? That's why I turned one of your guns into a banana. "

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