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How to Load a Pistol | Episode #9

Alright everybody, today we are out on the
range again with my buddy Sang Lee from RMSI. We’re talking about loading
and unloading safely. And we’re going to talk about also how to load your gonna rapidly under duress.
So we’re gonna use the range today. We’re going to point the guns downrange in a safe direction and get right to it. Sang is going to demonstrate his loading prowess for us. So the first thing we gotta do is retrieve a magazine. And I’m going to teach you to do this the same way every time. It’s sitting on a table… if it’s in your pocket… if it’s in a
magazine pouch… we do it the same way every time. So Sang it’s going to retrieve a
magazine from his number one mag pouch. Nowhere else on his body because under
duress we do what we train ourselves to do. So you notice his magazines are
pointing forward. He’s using his index finger to index the magazine. And he is
going to load using his index finger because we call on the index finger
because it’s an index, to index the magazine into the gun. The next thing you
notice, is the position of the gun. Sang, real quick show us the wrong way to hold a gun when loading. Looks kinda goofy. Looks uncomfortable right? Sang, show us the right way to install the
magazine into the gun. Couple things here: He’s able to see over his gun. he’s able
to see an adversary or target while loading. He’s also in a better mechanical position to use his body to insert the magazine and he can see the magazine well. That’s what
we’re going to do. We’re gonna see the magazine, into the magazine well. Which he is doing. So Master Sang is going to show us what that reload look start to finish
from the holster for his mag pouches, ready? Notice Sang is being very methodical his movements. There’s no herky-jerkyness. He’s moving slow for the camera but he’s also a very controlled.
And he’s literally programmed his brain to make those same motions every time. We have
students tell us, “Ahh, it’s not that important.” Bullshit. Because when you’re out on the
street or you’re in a bad situation… You’re not, all of a sudden, going to
develop some master mechanical skills that you never put into your computer(brain).
That’s why he’s doing it that way. Alright, so one more quick time. We’re gonna break down the loading process. Sangs gonna index magazine. He’s going to bring the pistol out front on the 45 degree angle. Below his line of sight where you can see over though the
muzzle to target area. He’s gonna index the magazine into the well with his index finger… press it in firmly. He’s got a seat lock
tug on that mag to make sure it in place. He’s now going to come over the top of the pistol and you’ll see him forcefully cycle the action. That last part’s called the press check. That’s another video. Alright, so you see there’s real a
specific way to load the pistol. I want you to work on this, because we want to
program my brain to do these things under duress quickly and easily and
efficiently. We appreciate you watching this. We appreciate Sang coming out and showing us his skill. We’re going to do a few more videos with him. Subscriber to these videos. Send them out to your friends, on twitter, facebook. Any place like that. You can even record them to a DVD player DVR watch them later from home. Sang likes to be viewed. He does. Thank you.

9 thoughts on “How to Load a Pistol | Episode #9

  1. How should the elbow be positioned on the weapon-arm? I've heard Robert Vogel say that the elbow should be against the body so that there is no movement. Do you think that this is good for a combat/self-defense oriented reloading technique, or is it only good for competition shooting?

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