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How to Load a Grease Gun Without Wearing the Grease

hey folks I’m Dennis welcome to my
channel. do you struggle every time you have to change a grease cartridge in
your grease gun? I know I do, so here’s a quick video to show you how to do it
nice and easy without making a big mess let’s get started. okay I like to change
mine over a garbage can so I can just push the old cartridge out into the
trash and I don’t have to handle it. I don’t like to get grease all over me if I can
avoid it. whether you’re changing a full sized gun like this… it takes a
14.5 ounce tube of grease, or one of the small ones I think the
small ones take a 6.5 ounce tube of grease, it’s the same procedure.
you’ve got a plunger on the bottom you’ve got a pump either a handle you
know a long handle or short handle and then either a straight tube that comes
off in the right angle or straight out that’s solid or flexible – it just
depends on which type of gun you’ve got but the same basic process applies so
first thing you got to do is pull this plunger out there’s a catch that’s a
little ways in on the on the plunger and then there’ll be a groove all the
way at the top of the plunger that will lock into a recessed spot in this cap
right in right right there I’ll show you that a little better in a
minute some of them you’ve got a turn to get the release out there’s the first
catch right there then the second catch is a groove that’s in the top of the
shaft and you want to slide it into this little notch on the bottom cap once you
get all the way so you’ve got to get the spring completely compressed and then then you slide that that plunger shaft
over, let me wipe it so you can see it, there’s a groove right there in the
bottom of that shaft that allows it to go over into this recess on the side of
the cap that holds that spring compressed and in place so that you can
deal with the grease tube. now obviously to do this you have to have a tube of
grease I like Valvoline or Lucas grease. you’ve
got a plastic cap on one end that just comes off sometimes its sealed sometimes not and you’ll be looking right into grease at that point and then you’ve got
a pop top on the other end. so you got your spring compressed and the plunger
out you want to take the cap off you don’t take the bottom off you leave it
on take the pump end off and set it aside then you can take this plunger and
release the spring just to touch pull it back out and lock it because it’ll let
your tube of grease pop out if you if you release it just a little bit now be
careful because that Springs real strong if you just trip it it’s going to shoot
that tube of grease out of there. now you also have to watch like the rubber seal
on the pump of mine came out and stuck to the top of the grease, you don’t want to
throw that away that goes into the pump so you put that back in there real
quick that goes right in here I don’t want to lose that otherwise I’m gonna
have a grease leak. so check for that when you go to put your tube out and now that I got that tube out a
little bit I can either let this spring go ahead and push it out
like so and just let it go right into the garbage okay now I don’t have to
deal with it and then I’ve just got to pull the spring back again and lock it
off to the side so no problem. take my tube of grease, take the plastic top off so
that you just got cardboard on this end that goes in first ….. everybody thinks
it’s gonna go in like that because that’s how the writing on the tube is
always done because usually you’re setting like this on the shelf that’s
not how it goes in it goes in upside down from what you think. the cardboard
end goes in first the metal pop top in goes to the top of the tube so you’re
just gonna slide that in there so I got to pop the lid . okay you can scrape that off in there if you want
or not doesn’t matter take your pump top put that back on there make sure you
don’t cross thread it the threads are pretty fine so they thread up pretty
easy and then I get it to where it’s snug and then back it off about one turn
release this spring and give it give it a little bit of a push down to here down
to this this stop I showed you and most of the time that would get all the air
out of it then you can just tighten the the pump back on turn this until that
till that stop will clear the the recess in the tube
and then push it home then to make sure you don’t have any air give it a couple
of pumps and see I’m getting plenty of grease so it’s fine
and a little bit of air come out if you’ve got air in there like if you go
to pump and this thing doesn’t give you any resistance and it’s just you know
loose some grease guns will have a relief valve up here on the top like an
Allen head screw or something like that or a grease fitting that you can open up
or depress and you can pump the air out and close it up and you’ll be fine
mine’s a real cheap grease gun so he doesn’t have that so I can either pump
until it catches and hope I get all the air out which sometimes is successful
and sometimes not or I can loosen the top the pump end and pull this plunger
out to the first stop and then give it a good push in and then tighten it that
pump back up and then seek this and that should drive the air out so that’s it
that’s all there is to it thanks for watching my video I appreciate it
hopefully you can do this without getting grease all over you
just like I did. sometimes it seems like it’s an impossible task. so thanks for
watching I appreciate it please click the like button below and subscribe to
my channel if you would I’ve got all kinds of do-it-yourself videos on my
channel and thanks for watching hope see you back soon

60 thoughts on “How to Load a Grease Gun Without Wearing the Grease

  1. Thank you sir! When I’m in doubt I look on YouTube and find a man with a mustache, I know you want steer me wrong! 😎 Thank you!

  2. That pointer about the seal made watching the video well worth the time. I never would have thought to check for it. Thank you!!!!

  3. Nope its very simple he hee biggest problem keeping the dam thing clean> I wipe it down b4 i use it and after Grease is grease Why pay for a name

  4. ALWAYS slide a bolt in the plunger shaft hole when it is locked so it CANNOT be accidentally bumped and LAUNCHED!

  5. Thanks, Dennis…btw…the mini grease guns use 3-ounce tubes. I have one and am thinking about getting a full sized gun…sure it's more expensive for a full sized gun, but it's also a lot cheaper for the full 14 ounce tubes.

  6. Mate, did I need you two hours ago, it was grease Armageddon lol.. With your useful vid the next time should be an improvement.

  7. A great quick video and in simple terms to understand. I will now remember to keep the seal ring. ive bought 2 so far.. haha..

  8. You would pass out laughing if you saw me load a grease many years ago for the first time. Let’s just say, the plastic cylinder was not in the grease gun when I was finished. 😩

  9. One of the rare detailed and helpful tutorials about standard grease guns, thanks a lot. Most people posting grease gun videos have no clue about air being trapped in the tube and they never mention loosening the tube about quarter or half turn to let air out before pushing rod back in. Also, most people posting negative reviews about grease guns don't know how to load and use it properly and blame malfunction on manufacturers.

  10. It never ever worked right for me. I hate grease guns. Also how in the world do you push the plunger in with new grease cartridge?? I thought the plunger works like a mag on a gun. Plunger needs to be open and go in slowly as you use the grease. That makes no sense.

  11. That was a good tip about leaving the top a little loose at first to let the air out, wouldn't have done that.

  12. Such a simplistic idea but changing one of these for me has anything but easy! Your video should help me get it right. I can't wait to change the grease next time. All joking aside thank you for helping!

  13. Question: My grease gun is older (25+ years) and just doesn't pump grease well. I have to wait between pumps for the handle to pump or it will just loosely move without any grease. My thought is the seal is gone or something is just worn out. Suggestion to correct it? I don't like to throw things away. Do I need a new grease gun? Thanks.

  14. Thank you for this! I have always wondered what I was doing wrong when air was trapped inside rendering the gun useless. Really appreciate your videos on everyday homeowner problems.

  15. Now show us how to fill it from a grease tub when you have no cartridge available without wearing the grease!

  16. Great video. Why am i watching how to load a grease gun video? well i just got the mini gun from NAPA Autoparts, and I thought I was smart enough to load it using the instructions which explains everything except that the plunger releases very easy so i shot myself with the damm gun grease all over me! what a mess! now I keep trying to pick up the grease load it in the tube b ut that plunger would not stay put no matter what i do so I have shot myself several times now!! LOL…."911 Operator" "yeah I would like to report an accident, I shot myself….with a grease gun" (It would make the 911 operator's day and I would be arrested for messing with emergency systems so do not do it!) I am really relieve this is not a real gun or i would be dead! Thanks for the video!

  17. I have thrown away two grease guns over the years simply because I was NOT asking how to reload it. Sad but true. (And I worked at a golf course for years, changing them sometimes 4x a week. Brain farts are real!

  18. Thank you very much, I have that same grease gun, And twice I've loaded it the hard way because i didnt know how to use that shaft properly. I do have one question though, Is the grease tip on that gun adjustable? For tightening on the grease zerks? Mine doesn't appear to tighten at all.

  19. It's been a while since I used my old grease gun, but I need to use it this week and I had forgotten the fine points of putting in a new cartridge. I probably would have started by trying to unscrew the wrong end, with predictable, if not disastrous, results. I appreciate the clear, easy-to-see demonstration and the tips on how to deal with air bubbles and leaks, and the reminder on being careful to not lose the rubber seal. The most essential basic tips for everyone are (1) wear rubber/nitrile gloves and (2) do the job over a trash can with a liner, preferably outdoors.

    Thanks again for this well thought out and very useful video.

  20. I can never remember how this is supposed to be done when I need to do it … maybe once a year. Thanks for the great explanation, Dennis!

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