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How to install the easy to use Sniper EFI Hyper Spark Ignition System

Jeremy here from Holley Performance, and we
brought in Matt, one of our EFI engineers to help introduce the Sniper Hyper Spark ignition
system. So Matt, aside from the initial EFI install,
which we solved with our EFI kits, one of the most challenging aspects of controlling
timing with the ECU is correctly phasing your distributor, which is why we came up with
this foolproof installation tool. So Matt, why don’t you show us how to use
this cool tool to set our distributor reference angle. Sure, not a problem. Our first step is to verify that we are on
the compression stroke on cylinder one and the balancer is reading zero. That indicates that we are at top dead center
on that cylinder. The next step is to install the distributor,
first start by removing the distributor cap. If your kit came with a gasket, make sure
you install the gasket on the distributor before putting it in the engine. Don’t forget, sometimes you’ll have to rotate
that oil pump shaft so that it aligns with the gear on the distributor. That’s correct. Go ahead and drop the distributor in the engine
and make sure that the distributor housing completely seats against the engine block
or the intake manifold. So does it matter which direction our rotor
is facing? No that will depend on your spark plug wires
if they are long enough to reach to the number one terminal. Ok, so is this where we get to use this installation
tool? It is, let me show you how. take the cap and place it on the rotor, you’ll
see that it’s not aligned with the housing, but what you can do is now rotate your distributor
housing until the cap drops down on both the housing and the rotor. It doesn’t matter which direction you spin
the housing, as long as you have access to the pigtail. So this really is a foolproof way of establishing
the correct reference angle. Yeah, it’s as simple as locking down the distributor
at this point. Let’s do it. Make sure you use a wrench to tighten the
nut. So now we can install the distributor cap? No, not quite yet, we need to mark number
one cylinder. So how do we do that? Installation tool has a little indication
that allows you to put a mark on the distributor housing where your number one cylinder will
be. Now you can put the distributor cap on. Man, this installation tool sure makes it
easy. Yeah, it’s patented design really simplifies
the installation. Sure does. Let’s go ahead and tighten the screws down
on the distributor cap and the mark that we previously made on the
distributor housing with the insulation tool is now shown here, this indicates where this
number one spark plug terminal post is. Well, that seems simple enough. Yeah, the Hyper Spark distributor use a sensor
to provide the Sniper EFI with an RPM signal. What else do we have to connect? Next to connect is the ignition box to the
coil, for that you can use the harness that comes with the ignition box. It’s got the main plug that plugs directly
into the ignition box, it’s got two leads. Now those I know need to go directly to the
battery, don’t they? They do, power and ground directly to the
battery, and then there is a connector that goes directly to the coil. You’ll notice we still have a connector with
two loose wires. Where do we need to connect those? Well, the red wire on the ignition harness
and the pink wire from the distributor harness needs to be connected to a switch 12-volt
source. That source needs to be hot while cranking
as well as while the ignition switch is in the run position. Ok, what about the white wire? The white wire, it needs to be connected to
the Sniper, the way you do that is you use the 10 pin output harness that comes with
your Sniper EFI and find the wire that’s labeled points output, that white wire will connect
to the white wire on the Hyper Spark ignition system and that’s as simple as it gets. So that’s providing RPM signal? Yes, that provides the RPM signal that came
from the distributor that went to the Sniper, now the Sniper is providing an RPM signal
to the ignition box. To provide a spark. Correct, don’t forget to plug the ten pin
harness into the Sniper EFI. So is that it for the installation? Ignition system is completely installed, the
only thing we’ve got left to do is program the Sniper to communicate with the Hyper Spark
ignition system. And just how do we do that? Through the Wizard that comes with the Sniper
EFI, it’s very simple and we brought this C-20 here today that has the Hyper Spark ignition
system already on it, as well as a Sniper EFI throttle body. Perfect, why don’t you show me! Yeah. So now that we’re in the truck let’s go ahead
and power on the Sniper and send a configuration to it. Ok. The first thing to verify with installing
the Hyper Spark ignition system is to make sure that the firmware on the handheld and
on the ECU are compatible to the Hyper Spark ignition system. Ok, where do we do that? So if you press fire and then ECU HW/FW, it
will list out the firmware version of what firmware is on the Sniper EFI itself, 1.1.1
is the minimum version to be used with the Hyper Spark ignition system. So we’re good there? Yep, the ECU is good, let’s go ahead and check
the handheld and by pressing that back button once and pressing local setup and then local
info. It lists out 1.1.7 as it’s device firmware,
that is also the minimum version to be used with the Hyper Spark ignition system. Alright, we are good there, but what if we
didn’t have the updated firmware? There is a really good walkthrough video on that walks you through how to install new ECU firmware as well as handheld firmware. Perfect. So being that we are good, let’s go ahead
and start going through the Wizard, the Wizard this would be, this is no different than any
normal Sniper install, the very first install this is how you would go about doing it. So we are going to choose the 4150 version
of the Sniper, choose our number of cylinders, choose our displacement, our idle speed, our
target idle speed, type of camshaft type we have, if we had a power adder now is when
we would choose it. Like nitrous? Exactly, we don’t have that and now we have
an ignition type question. I see they added the Hyper Spark distributor
to the list. Yep, the Hyper Spark distributor, that’s why
we had to update our firmware to make sure that that appeared so I will press the next
button, it’s going to ask for a timing number at wide open throttle and so we are going
to choose something appropriate for this engine here, we’re just going to choose thirty degrees,
but it is important to choose something appropriate to your application. Now it has a start button here that when you
press that start button it will actually put the calibration in this ECU for this Sniper
that is already configured for the Hyper Spark. Ok, so they can communicate? Yep, so we can go ahead and do that, and will
say at the end of it please cycle the ignition, so we’ll go ahead and do that, cycle the ignition
off and we will go ahead and turn the ignition on. I hear the fuel pump. The fuel pump turned on because we sent the
calibration. We’ll choose something that gives us the ability
to see the RPM signal, so right now it says stall, but let’s go ahead and see if we can
start this up. Yeah instantly let off right there, so we’ve
got RPM signal and it looks like it’s running so it’s important that we verify the timing
is set correctly. Alright, I’ll get the timing light set up. Alright perfect, I’ll set it up in the handheld
here. What you need to do is go back to the main
menu and press tuning, system, and then static timing set, what that allows you to do is
put a timing number that will read constantly on the balancer so in this instance we’ve
got a 15 mark so I’m going to press set and on the balancer it should say 15. Go ahead and check it now. Alright, 15 degrees on the button. Awesome! Perfect! THAT’S What we were expecting, good to go. So I’ll go ahead and press clear and close
and we can shut the truck off. Glad that the timing was synced at 15 degrees. Yeah, it was dead on at 15, but what happens
if it is not? If it is not, it’s as simple as loosening
the distributor hold down and rotating the housing, advancing it or retarding it so that
it matches whatever you have commanded in the handheld. You weren’t kidding, this whole system has
been super easy to install. Yeah the installation cap makes it a breeze
to set your crank reference angle and everything else is plug and play, it’s really a truly
engineered system for Sniper EFI. It’s a great way to add ignition timing control
to the Sniper ECU. With that timing control, you get some added
benefits of improved fuel economy, improved idle stability and possibly, even more power. Well great, I appreciate you coming over and
helping us do this install. Yeah absolutely, any time. Alright, thanks for watching, for more information
on the Sniper Hyper Spark ignition system, visit our website at

14 thoughts on “How to install the easy to use Sniper EFI Hyper Spark Ignition System

  1. That dizzy is the same exact setup edelbrock used in there 3500 pro flow for the hei convertion. I know because have the 3500 in my car. All I do is line up the hall effect sensor with the number one tooth on the shutter wheel. The skinny one. I'm usually within 5° of base timing on first fire. I like that dizzy all the same price isn't bad would make a nice upgrade.

  2. Why does this system require the ignition box?
    Seems like a 36-1 crank sensor and wasted spark LSX coils is a better setup. Delete the distributor/box

  3. If you already have a MSD 6A box setup and want to switch just the MSD dizzy out with a hyper spark dizzy, do you still use the hyper spark setting in the firmware or stick with the CD Box setting? I read you need to adjust the dwell time but it wasn't clear on the initial preset to use

  4. I like the installation tool. I don't remember how many times I needed such a tool when installing "Cam sync plugs" on certain Ford waste spark engines.

    Does this computerized spark timing setup include a knock sensor? If it doesn't have a knock sensor included, is there a method to add one?

  5. Amazing how this video has been up for a year and Holley has not answered a SINGLE question posted since then… on THEIR youtube channel. It makes me think twice about buying this kit.

  6. I am Installing the Hyperspark now so far so good… I just realized My REPRO GM Tach on my 1964 Chevy C10 was getting the signal from the HEI. I assume now I send the GM Tach wire to the Points White wire? Assumptions can get me in trouble so I better ask…. Before I purchased the Hyperspark system I ran the Sniper alone with the HEI for a year. Now that I have the Hyperspark can I just run the PINK WIRE to the keyed source that I used to power the Sniper when it was stand alone? I have a Painless weatherproof ignition switch RV type its pretty stout as far as ignition switches go it has ACC and all. Thank You Very Much …Jeff G

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