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How to Install Grip Tape on an STI 2011 Pistol

If you watched our last video you will recognize
this grip This is the grip that we filled all the checkering
with epoxy We are going to take this grip and put it
on this firearm and get rid of the stippled grip. We are going to start things off by taking
the 2011 apart Now that we have the old grip removed from
the firearm we are going to clean up these parts and install the new grip You want to make sure when you are putting
this together you want to make sure you get really good alignment with the screw backers
that hold the grip to the frame behind the screws There is a flat side on each of them and you
want to make sure that is lined up underneath the frame. Okay for the last part of this we are going
to put on grip tape Now that we have everything smoothed out and
we have the firearm back together and function checked Whenever I put grip tape on I like to take
the magwell off so it is out of the way So I do not have to monkey with it later when
I am fitting the grip tape to the gun Before we apply the grip tape we want to wipe
everything down alcohol to make sure their is no oil or residue Make sure it is a nice clean surface to bond
to. We just made it all nice and smooth now we
want to make sure it is all nice and clean That way we get the best possible adhesion
to the smooth surface Dave Dawson did one of these in something
like 8 seconds, I am sure I will be a little slower Essentially instead of lining up the back
and the top and the sides he just lines up the two screw holes With the cut out in the paper This is part of the reason Ieft that lower
screw exposed. when I did the original fill I am going to change the grip tape a whole
lot more often than that screw will be any kind of disadvantage in shooting So I am making my life simple for the future Line up the 2 screw holes flip it on peel the rest of that off these two screw holes should also line up
if we did it right and lookie there it is a perfect fit fold the grip tape around and make sure it
is pressed down real good in the corners and on the edges and there we have it grip tape installed on
a smooth grip on an STI That should stay on there quite a while I will try and do an update a bit later after
I have shot 10 or 12 matches with it and let you know how it is holding up. Hope you enjoyed the video If you have any questions or have anything
you would like to see gunsmithing on leave it in the comments below, and I will
be glad to answer you.

2 thoughts on “How to Install Grip Tape on an STI 2011 Pistol

  1. Hi
    With wich tool do you stipple the first grip on the STI?
    The big circles looks good for me.
    Best regards, Alex

  2. hello brian
    I'm thinking of installing same grip tape on my sti 2011.
    are you still using the grip tape?
    Did the epoxy and grip tape held up?


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