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How to install and use GLOCK Kit | Reasons for Dry Fire Training | Tactical Rifleman

all right so we’re all about training
you’ve got to get out there you’ve got to practice you’ve got to build that
muscle memory now while our military can expend thousands and thousands of rounds
building that muscle memory a lot of people can’t afford to buy that much
ammo and a lot of military units don’t even have that much ammo do you really
need to shoot live ammo to build that muscle memory no you you actually don’t
okay weapons empty I can do almost all my drills dry firing the only thing I
really can’t do dry firing is recoil management okay but as far as practicing
my draw all right lining up the site magazine reloads all those things I can
do all that dry firing now one drawback of using your actual firearm when dry
firing is every time you present yeah you can click that trigger one time but
unless it’s a double-action pistol the next repetition you have to cycle that
slide on that pistol and then press it back out get that click again now if
you’re running a Glock type firearm there’s a company at several companies
that make what’s called the Glock dry fire kit now it’s very very simple the
advantage of it is where with your regular Glock pistol I had to rack that
slide each time to reset that trigger once I’ve put in that Glock drive fire
kit and you can see it’s identified it’s got a red dot on the trigger here this
will not shoot live ammo if I was to put a loaded magazine in it right now would
not shoot but the advantage is the advantage is once I click it let’s let
up it resets now they did a great job this feels just like if I had a three
and a half pound connector put in my other pistol now the cool part about it
is this is not a dedicated dry fire weapon I can take this dry fire kit
back out of the pistol I can put the regular trigger mechanism in it and I go
back out and this gun will then shoot again so you
what I’m saying is you don’t need to buy another firearm this thing is great for
doing drills so how easy how hard is it to swap out it’s not hard basically you
take apart your Glock pistol pull that slide off and just like taking down your
Glock pistol you take your Glock tool and you’re going to punch these three
pins and that lock that trigger mechanism is going to lift right out now
how it comes in the box you have the trigger mechanism that you’ve just
taken out of the fire out of the firearm sit it in the box and take out
the one that’s got the red dot on it now it already has the spring in it there’s
no assembly required other than taking that one out and dropping this one right
into the firearm then once you’ve reassembled it you’re good to go you
have a fully functional dry fire firearm that resets every time you pull
the trigger great for doing drills such as if you’re watching our videos that
have the Rogers range test you can actually sit in your living room with it
up on the big screen and you can actually dry fire and follow those
drills without having to react that slide every time
so anyways Glocks dry fire kits great great tool for dry firing you can get
one of these cool even if you can’t just remember you can do everything dry
firing except the recoil management it’s going to save you a lot of money on ammo
and it’s going to help you build that muscle memory that’s going to save you
at the moment of truth when you really need those pistol skills you’re going to
be squared away and good to go got any questions leave them below

27 thoughts on “How to install and use GLOCK Kit | Reasons for Dry Fire Training | Tactical Rifleman

  1. if you take a little price of paper folded a few times, shove it in between the ejection port on the slide and the chamber portion of the barrel. it will keep the slide out of battery, which allows the trigger to reset. no, it's not perfect, but it's free and don't have to take down my gun Everytime.

  2. Completely off topic, but the video does say to drop questions here. So, the first AR I built was a .300BLK. It had an upper receiver just like any other AR. My older brother got a 5.56 DPMS that had no dust cover, no brass deflector, and no forward assist. Wanting to be able to have magazine compatibility with him, I built a 5.56 upper for my AR, this one did not have a forward assist. Now, I've heard rumors of SOF guys saying that if you cannot fix a weapon malfunction without using the forward assist, your weapon is not combat ready. At the same time, I've heard people tell me that having a forward assist is a good idea. Seeing as how y'all are qualified instructors, I want your opinion. Is a forward assist something I should have on an AR, and will I be in trouble without it?

  3. I see comments saying "use this, use that" but at the end of the day when you have to use your real firearm, I want it to be the same one Ive been practicing with.

  4. Nothing annoys me more thsn dudes crying about dry firing. Unless it's like a single action cowboy revolver, it's not hurting anything!

  5. Have you ever tried the LaserLyte system? You can see your point of impact on the reaction Tyme targets & get instant feed back. You still have to rack the slide every shot but the system comes with a bullet/Laser that you place in the weapon of your choice. LaserLyte makes several different targets that beep when they are hit with the pull of the trigger & they come in several different pistol calibers & long gun systems…….it will save you a ton of money on ammo & you can practice at home.

  6. Where would you purchase one? I saw it on but they want $200 upto $400. And would like one with some good weight on the trigger, like 8lbs.

  7. You don't have to buy a SIRT pistol. You just have to buy a trigger kit that cost more than a SIRT Pistol. And install the kit in your pistol every time you wish to dry fire practice. And uninstall it every time you finish dry fire training. I think I am missing something.

  8. They make something better. Dry fire mag it makes it so you need not alter your firearm just throw a mag in there and you get to dryfire

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