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How To Install An MSD Distributor With Sniper EFI

Today we are going to talk about how to set
up and install an MSD distributor to control timing with your Sniper EFI system. Before installing the distributor in your
motor it will need to be checked and modified. The first step is to lock out all advance
in the distributor if it is not done already. You can refer to the Sniper EFI reference
manual for details on how to lock out your distributor’s vacuum and centrifugal advance
if needed. Next you will need to install and adjust the
phaseable rotor. When installing the rotor rotate it 15 degrees
opposite of normal distributor rotation. This will retard the rotor properly to work
with the Sniper EFI timing control. Be sure when you tighten down the rotor that
the lock washer is in place or potential engine damage may result. To install your distributor, start by rolling
your motor over at normal engine rotation to 15 degrees before top dead center on the
compression stroke. If your balancer is not marked at 15 degrees
you can refer to the Sniper EFI reference manual for steps to measure and mark your
balancer at 15 degrees. Next install the distributor with the rotor
pointed towards the number 1 spark plug wire on the cap. You may wish to mark the cap and distributor
base aligned with the number one terminal before installing the distributor to help
with installation and adjustment. Once installed, verify the balancer is still
at 15 degrees before top dead center and then rotate the distributor base until the number
1 terminal lines up directly with the rotor. Do not worry about getting this exact yet
since you will need to adjust it again once it’s running. At this point you can finish your sniper installation. You can reference that your Sniper EFI Quick
Start guide to finish or use the Sniper EFI reference manual for more detailed instructions. However before driving your car for the first
time you do need to check your ignition timing. You can do this by selecting under tuning,
system, then static timing check. In this screen you can enter a timing value
that you want the engine to run at and then hit the set button. It is recommended normally to set this at
10 degrees. Once you have set the static timing with the
hand held you can check at the balancer with a timing light that the value matches. If the value does not match you can move the
distributor at this time until the timing on the balancer matches that of the hand held. Once the timing matches be sure to lock down
the distributor and hit the clear button to reset your timing back to normal. That concludes how to set up an MSD distributor.

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  1. What about the reference angle? Is it to be ignored. In a different video I see you guys install one with a 45 degree refrence angle but not mentioned at all in this video.

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