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How To Improve Pistol Squat Flexibility

I wanted to show you a quick flexibility drill,
that you can do, when you want to train pistol squats; but you lack the flexibility. Okay? Because for some people, strength isn’t
the issue, but flexibility is – because in the end position of the pistol squat, you
need a good hip and leg flexibility, to actively stay there. Let’s get started! So, if you can’t do a deep squat yet, get
two yoga blocks, or two books, or whatever you can put under your heels. Okay? And then
place yourself on them, into a squat. Like this. Now the first drill I want you to do, is:
extend your arms and then just shift your weight toward your right leg. Like this. And
hold it for 30 seconds. Afterwards, you come back to the middle, shift your weight to the
other side. Okay? So, basically, there is no weight on the other leg when you shift
your weight. Come back to the middle. This is the first drill. The second drill
is like the first drill again, but after you shift your weight you – slowly – extend the
other leg, until it is in the final position. Point your toes, when you are in it, and hold.
For 30 seconds. This is much harder. Then you come back. Shift your weight to the
other side. And extend the other leg. If this is too easy for you, you can – in this position
– lift the other leg. This is the final pistol position. Hold for 30 seconds. Afterwards,
come back, shift the weight to the other side, extend, point your toes, and lift your leg. Whoop! When this happens, not a big problem: Just
go back into it. Okay? If you can do a deep squat, obviously, do
it in a deep squat. Then, you get into the final pistol position, and then you can just
apply the strength here. When you can do it! Hope this helps you, have fun!

8 thoughts on “How To Improve Pistol Squat Flexibility

  1. Thanks for this TF, I've only ever been able to complete pistols on a single side and not the other due to imbalance/flexibility issues so I'll certainly be adding these into my routines.

  2. Hi Tykato, thanks for this.

    Any advice on improving ankle dorsiflexion? It is a big issue for me on doing deep squats.

    I'm doing the drill in the other video (X mins of squats at the Xth day) before starting with the pistol squat, but I feel few improvements on the ankle. So I was considering adding another drill just for ankles. Any thoughts?

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