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How to Hunt With a Shotgun : What Shotgun to Use for Deer

One type of game that we could hunt with a
shotgun is deer. When you’re hunting deer with a shotgun there’s two different barrels
that you could use. Two different types of barrels that you could use to do that and
each are specialized to the ammunition you’ll be shooting. One, one method would be to use
a riffled barrel with a riffled slug and that will cast a slug downrange quite a distance.
Eighty to a hundred yards accurately enough to consistently to bring down a deer. The
other method would be to use your duck hunting shotgun if you will with a full choke. Has
a smooth bore barrel, no riffling in it and utilize what’s called buckshot. Double OT
buck single buck where theres a multitude of beads in the shotgun shell, instead of
a slug and what we do is we scatter the BB’s downrange much shorter distance but it brings
the deer down swiftly and in tight quarters where it’s swampy and brushy many times this
is the method of choice.

20 thoughts on “How to Hunt With a Shotgun : What Shotgun to Use for Deer

  1. Okay as a hunter who pretty much always uses a shotgun here is what I think. This guy doesn't give you much facts and what he does give you is kind of shitty. Maybe they should change their name to dumbshit village.

  2. The reason this video sucks;he didn't say that you can shoot a rifled slug like a reminton slugger or a smoothbore slug like the federal truball out of a smoothbore SG if you use a modified or improved cylinder choke,depends on gun. This technique is easy to use if you don't have a rifled barrel and with the right gun and ammo can be used out to 75 yrds.I like to keep it 50 yrds and in.a rifled barrel is the most accurate technique and it gives you distance. Buckshot is illegal in some places.

  3. this is terrible…

    Rifled barrel= sabots.. shooting a solid lead projectile will only fill the rifling (the grooves) with lead fragments which will dimish accuracy and be a waste $ when it comes to putting down the dough for a slug barrel (rifled barrel)
    Smooth barrels, w/ Open chokes or rifled chokes= rifled slug, or foster style slug
    Smooth barrel, tighter chokes= buckshot.

  4. yeah when hunting deer with a shotgun best use slugs not buck shots unless u r damn close to the deer which chances are u will never be unless u r up in a tree.buck shots will mostly only wound the animal and u may never find him after he bolts off.u stand a better chance of a sure kill by using a slug when hunting large animals with a shotgun.also best use a cylinder or improved cylinder choke when shooting slugs. a slug will slowly damage ur full choke unless its a "full smooth bore barrel."

  5. I use 2 guns a semi Auto .308
    but when i am in a thick bush area from a stand
    I prefer the mossberg ultimag 3.5 inch and 0 buckshot
    the ultimag because it has a larger diameter barrel and I use mod. choke not full.
    at close range 50 yrds or so the 0 buckshot
    is more than adequate.
    I only use reloads or Federal loads.

  6. Rifled slugs are made for smooth bore barrels! Sabots are made for rifled barrels. Just try shooting a rifled slug through a rifled barrel and see what happens. You have no idea what you are talking about.

  7. I agree! you can shoot rifled slugs through a rifled barrel but they're more accurate in a smoothbore/cylinder barrel………and sabot slugs are made specially for rifled barrels or rifled choke tubes…….I know 'cause I've always hunted with these!

  8. I don't care for buckshot for deer hunting that much………but it is usefull if you spend time at the range learning how to shoot it & not just shoot at deer with no skill!

  9. i was wondering since i got a maverick 88 12 gauge with a rifle barrel, do i use a slug or buckshot? and if buckshot can i use .000 shot?

  10. @boxerman2244 Actually by using rifled SLUGS or SABOTS out of a RIFLED BARREL you will have a more accurate shot at more distances and trust me I am right and he is right look it up cause you seem to not know anything at all

  11. @xXJcam14Xx I have the same one and I was wondering if it shot high or low with them, does it or is it accurate?

  12. @tybd88 Well your six year old son and you are wrong my friend I'm sorry I have rifled slugs and i shoot them out of a rifled barrel and i have a choice whether to use a rifle or not and i still sometimes use the shotgun does that prove that this guy knows more than you and your son?

  13. @oslayer0102 funny, cus i just bought the same shotgun 😀 depends on what type of animal you have around you but it works on pretty much every type of small game, if you use buckshot or sluge you can hunt deer or bucks on a small distance

  14. You don't use rifled slugs in a rifled barrel.. A rifled slug is for a smooth bore and sabot slugs are used in a rifled barrel… If you don't believe me then google is your friend…

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