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How to Hunt with a Shotgun : What is a Shotgun

Alright this shotgun is an oldie but goodie.
I’ve had this I think ever since I was about, you know, maybe twelve years, no I’ve had
it for maybe about twelve years. What a shotgun is it’s much like the rifle. It shoots with
gunpowder. It shoots a propellant out whether it’s a bullet for a rifle or BBs for a shot
gun. Much like any other, much like any other gun, you load the cartridge in, it’s ready
to shoot. So you’ve got your, the sock of your gun, your butt, your barrel, your magazine
to hold them and your trigger mechanism. The difference between this and a rifle is you’re
not shooting one bullet, you’re shooting hundreds of BBs at your target which gives you a much
better chance of bringing your game down, but it also means that you’re only shooting
close range.

1 thought on “How to Hunt with a Shotgun : What is a Shotgun

  1. a shotgun is for killing defenceless animals sometimes schoolkids depending on your mindstate it makes you a man too

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