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How to Hunt With a Shotgun : Shotgun Practice With a Target

And we’re here in the woods with our shotgun,
getting ready to go shotgun hunting, and one of the things that we need to do before we
go out in the field and shotgun hunt, is to shoot our gun, so that we’re familiar with
the weapon, and that we are also familiar with the pattern, that’s being projected downrange,
so what we want to do here, is select a location where we can pattern our shotgun. Shoot a
shell, and not incur any liability down range, as far as potentially injuring someone, or
something. What we’ll do is, I have an automatic shotgun here that I’ll be working with, and
I’m only going to load as many, as what I expect to shoot at one time. I have a button
here on the side that I push. It’s right here, and since I don’t like my action to snap shut.
It has quite a substantial spring. I’ll hold it with my right hand, and let it ease in,
so now with our gun still pointing down, I’m ready to load my shell into the magazine,
so I push my button. Push my shell in, and push it into the magazine. You can see it’s
locked in place, if you will, held in the magazine, one shell. I’ve only loaded one
shell, because that’s what I intend to shoot right now. We can see over here towards our
right, we’ve got our small bug. He’s now in a danger zone, and he’s now out of the way,
so now with the bug out of the way. I’ve confirmed the other animals are off at a distance. We’re
going to pattern our shotgun here. This is standing with your feet at a ninety degree
angle to your target, or at least my back foot. That’s how I’m most comfortable, and
my shoulder facing it, my left shoulder. I shoot right handed. This is the most comfortable
position for me, and it allows me to hold the shotgun, or any gun quite steady. Safety
off, bringing the gun up. I’m aligning it, aligning the top bead, with the bottom of
the groove, in the back. Here we’re at our target that we just shot at. I aimed, my aim,
point of aim, was right down here, and we can see that we tore up the paper quite well.
We see all the BB’s around the pellets, or the pellets around the target. This again
was at twenty yards. The further back that you step, the further away from the target
you get, the fewer BB’s will hit the target. What will happen, is that your target will
widen, as you step back away from the target, and fire. Conversely, as you move closer to
your target, the pattern will tighten. You’ll have a much narrower pattern, and it’s a much
more devastating pattern at that narrow focus, because there’s a lot of lead in a small place,
there. They pack a lot of punch.

27 thoughts on “How to Hunt With a Shotgun : Shotgun Practice With a Target

  1. he is absolutly correct not to let his action slams shut on an empty chamber.remember,when the action selects and drives a shell into the chamber there is a fraction less of spring pressure, in other words the weight of the shell slows the spring down a fraction.unlike a pump shotgun u can crank it all day if u like and have fun too as thats what that action was made for with no spring involved.

  2. This dude is not an expert, he'd have a left handed shotgun if he was….lol someone should take this vid down

  3. lol wrong stand…i shoot with left foot facing target an right leg to a 90 degree angle from my other leg pointing awa from the target an lean forward for recoil deffence

  4. your shoulder should have been in front, therefore you won't be effected from the recoil..
    Wacth your rifle barrel, it rose almost 90°,so what about the 2nd shoot ? you will miss the target..
    Don't you know that ??

  5. You could have chambered the first shell while the action was still open instead of putting it into the magazine. You had to cut the footage to edit out loading the shell into the chamber. Doing it the way you did it adds wear and tear to the action of the firearm.

  6. @AlexanderladGaming dude, auto is when u hold the trigger and empties of the whole magazine/tube. the shot gun he's using is semi-auto. yes it automatically loads a shell, but it doesnt fire of again until you press the trigger again, so technically its a semi-auto and not auto!! the AA-12 is fully auto and theres other examples of other fully auto shotguns

  7. @QRNPTBUZ when he said automatic he meant it loads shells automatically not its fully automatic like a machine gun

  8. This magazine lip is exactly like those on old shotgun manufactured by savage
    Is this a savage shotgun?
    If yes I’m glad I found your video

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