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How to Hunt With a Shotgun : Shotgun Hunting Strategy

I’d like to talk a little bit about strategy
in the field. Generally speaking when you are out in the field hunting, you are out
with your buddy and again we are talking about safety. And what that comes down to is that
is there is two fellows walking through the woods with loaded firearms and we don’t want
to have an accident and shoot one another or each other accidentally. So what we do
is that we’ll look ahead of ourselves and survey the land and we’ll space ourselves
out side by side, perhaps thirty five to forty yards abreast, so that we are both walking
in the same direction shoulder to shoulder if you will. My partner’s area is directly
in front of him and I say area, the area my partner can shoot in or is allowed to shoot
in is directly in front of him, forty five degrees to the right of center or forty five
degrees to the left of the center. If he has to swing beyond those angles he is getting
into an unsafe zone to shoot, we are risking shooting someone who could be close that we
are not aware of. So we don’t just want to shoot the weapon in an area that we don’t
have clear vision down range of what’s going. But still this strategy works well in that,
game that we flush will go out in front of us and most times it will be in this forty
five degree range. This strategy works as far as men walking abreast thirty to forty
to fifty yards apart, straight down range. That strategy works really, you are really
only limited by the width of ground that you need to cover. So this is a situation where
more is merrier and more people will have action the more people that you have, as you
can cover more woods and flush more game.

13 thoughts on “How to Hunt With a Shotgun : Shotgun Hunting Strategy

  1. no ..ppl misunderstood what i was trying to say ….i was telling this other guy that bird shot will not do the job on deer !!!!! then i said ' unless your like 5 yrds away…but i was just playing im sure you can kill a deer with a freaking bird shot shell but i just understand why anyone wanna do that anywys …thats why there are slugs and deer shot and ect.

  2. Good safety precaution for hunting, a kid shot his friend here in australia last week. Generally if you do everything right you don't have accidents

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