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How to Hunt With a Shotgun : How to Hold a Shotgun When Firing

Hi, I would like to talk now about the proper
way to hold your gun before you discharge it or as you discharge it. Obviously grab
it at where I call the throat of the stock. Finger on the trigger and other hand on the
forearm. We want to grip the gun not tightly but firmly. So it doesn’t drop out of our
hands. The shotgun any shotgun is going to have quite a kick to it. Quite a amount of
recoil and that can put a big bruise on your shoulder if you don’t have it put into position
properly when you pull the trigger. So what you what to do is you can see that many times
your shotgun the forearm or the butt will have some play into your shoulder and I’ve
had friends that when they were out shooting get excited. Out hunting grouse, pull their
gun up and pull up to aim before they had firmly planted the stock into their shoulder
and they’ve got quit a bruise from that. So be sure before you pull the trigger that as
part of bringing your face down to lineup the front bead with the back groove is that
you pull the butt tight on your shoulder. Right in that cup and it feels as you do it
like a very natural movement. The gun snaps right into place. So that’s very critical
if you would like to avoid a bruised shoulder from shooting your shotgun. It’s a can be
a painful experience. I can say that it’s happened to me.

19 thoughts on “How to Hunt With a Shotgun : How to Hold a Shotgun When Firing

  1. my mums boyfriend has a double barrel 12 bore that he said he could teach me how to use. I'm already a gun nerd, i do airsoft i know how to hold a gun from air rifle competitions, but i havn't fired anything with a substantial kick, so thanks to this vid hopefully i wont get a massive bruise 🙂

  2. I wouldnt say long maybe moderate but definetly not long. Even with a slug its only really effective up to half mile and ive heard stories confirming to a mile but never seen it

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