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How to Hunt With a Shotgun : How to Aim a Shotgun

We’re walking through the field. Again, my
weapon is still unloaded, but we always want to treat it, as though it’s loaded. You see
these animals around. Grip on the throat of the gun. Fingers not on the trigger. You can
always point it at the ground, and really what this does for us, is when we do load
our weapon, is that as we’re walking through the woods, if a bird were to jump, a partridge
or something that we were looking to shoot, if this were fall and partridge season. We’d
be ready to quickly, with one fast motion, take the safety off, by pushing it in. I’m
going to leave it on though. Bring it up to our shoulder, and hone in on the bird. Now,
when we’re aiming our gun, the way that we aim our gun, is we have a bead here on the
very front. This is called the front bead of the gun. It runs right along the top of
the barrel, and we see these grooves right here. These are at the back. The purpose of
these grooves, is to align the bead at the front with these grooves, so that the barrel
you know, is pointing at what you want to shoot at. Now once these two are lined up,
the bead and the grooves, what I like to do, is have my bead at the very bottom of the
target that I want to shoot, or towards the bottom. The reason this is, is a shotgun is
a slow discharging gun, and when you shoot, it will kick, and as it kicks, it lifts the
top of the barrel up, and what I’ve found in my life, is that my pattern of the small
BB’s, tend to spray up, so I like to aim a little bit low. Playing that kick is going
to bring the pattern up, and I’ve had actually pretty good luck in my life, using that type
of strategy, so let’s get going. We’re going to walk up around the corner here. We’ll load
our gun and head down the trail. Thank you.

100 thoughts on “How to Hunt With a Shotgun : How to Aim a Shotgun

  1. semi autos dont have the recoil of any other actionl so you can put them right on the bird , thats what i do and it works

  2. This is laughable. The shot is clear of the barrel before recoil affects point of aim. He is likely using a swing through where the momentum of the gun being mounted continues the upward swing through the target. Hard focus on the target, never the barrel. In fact, many tournament shooters remove the bead.

  3. POA is different for every gun – a skeet or trap gun will aim like he says – a game gun will aim higher… sounds like the guy's knowledge base is a little limited to say the least. . Shoot at a pattern plate to find out where your poa should be – and get some trigger time…

  4. Thats bolloxs about aiming under the bird because of the recoil, because the speed at which the pellets would be flying, They would be out of the gun before you even feel the recoil or hear the bang.

  5. i hunt and i alwasy eat what i take down (quail, deer etc), if not then i just dont shoot it unless it is a pest (rats,ground hogs)

  6. i use a shotgun mainly for hunting moving targets, and to hit moving targets you must not take time to aim a gun, we call it riffleing, the gun should be moving with the target at all times and as it over takes the target you fire, i agree with bigoink on that one.

  7. you definately do not take time to aim with a shotgun.. you just put it up and look at the target… not down the barrell

  8. by the time you feel the recoil the shot has already left the barrel. a slow shell travels 1200fps and most game guns are what 28" barrels? thats like 0.1 of a second. like many have said point not aim.

  9. @adamslurch71 eat around the BBs i like a bit of crunch to my roast game. or just curry it.

    also i believe the guy was on about shooting fling or fast moving quarry rather than gobblers.

  10. @adamslurch71 he is actuelly right… you dont aim with a shotgun you point… now ive never been on turkey hunting and im sure you are right about what you are saying…

  11. Shotguns are more in-between point and aim, it seems to be a matter of preference, I do just fine aiming, some people do fine pointing, so lets just stop this argument and be amazed that expert village almost made a good video.

  12. @adamslurch71 you aim arifle but a shotgun is a different type of aiming you get an aiming technique and then it just feels like your pointing

  13. @ashthegreat hes got a frickin 12 gauge what do you think? what would you do in a situation like that? ughhh

  14. @2fast4me9 it keeps down population so thee animals dont starve to death. Sure I dont want to hunt, but I dont blame people for doing it, and please don't tell me you're one of those peta guys.

  15. Rifles fire bullets approx 4000 ft per second; shotgun pellets speed is about 1200 feet per second…shotguns are much, much slower. As far as 'aiming', shotguns are not precise, hence you don't 'aim' a shotgun–not in the same way you 'aim' a rifle. The pattern sprayed by shotguns is a long funnel shaped cloud flying through the air, you move your gun staying in front of the moving target and keep it moving as you pull the trigger.

  16. Not true. With certain shotgun loads your throwing over 500 grains at 1600-1800 feet per second. It uses relativily low amounts of powder compared to its pay load of course but that still takes a crap load of power to move. Waaay powder more than the 30.06 for example. Which delivers half the lead.

  17. @adamslurch71 i would agree with you 100%… but you need to aim with knives too… i'm gonna go with; if you dont think you need to aim, then don't hunt, and grow a brain…

  18. so you're saying you should walk around with your gun raised the whole time? You've obviously never held a shotgun for any lengh of time. Even lighter guns will feel heavy after a few hours hunting with a constantly raised gun. Especially if you're hunting with a group of people, having the gun raised the whole time is just idiotic. It's one of the basic rules of shooting: when not firing keep the gun pointed at the floor. You are a spaz.

  19. one question, I have one of these franchi shotguns that´s old and used to belong to my granpa, how can I know the gauge because it doesn't say anywhere in the gun ?

  20. i keep my gun across my chest arms folded around the gun in a safe direction, my Buddie does the opposite

  21. @charleyswar he is also saying that when you shoot you should flench because of the kick and that is why you miss, when i shoot a shot gun i hold right on and take the kick like a man and my gun doesnt raise up it goes back.

  22. Shocking advice. Never aim a gun. Never look down the barrel. Never mount, then swing round 'honing in' on the bird. But for game shooting you do need the gun out of the shoulder, raised in front. You'll find getting the line of the bird difficult if you have the gun pointed at the floor all the time. And the pattern is up because that's the way that most shotguns are fitted, 2/3 above – it suits most traditional shooting. Held properly, it has nothing to do with 'kick'.

  23. @MrMapex2010 do you call a baseball bat a weapon? do you call a pen a weapon? I dont, and i dont call any of my firearms weapons. They are only weapons when you intend to hurt someone with them.

  24. @Diehardstelers I don't call a gun a weapon but when you get into semantics it is a weapon as they are listed in the weapons act

  25. when you shoot with a shotgun keep both eyes open when you aim it's hard to get used to but it is the proper way to shoot it and you can hit moving targets

  26. Yea no shit I was at my local gun shop today and some kid was in there looking at a hatchet commenting on how it looked like the tomahawk from call of duty…I guess kids don't realize that guns were around before videogames.

  27. You don't call a gun a weapon? 20 children and 8 adults died today in Connecticut. The guy certainly did not go around with a butter knife, he used 2 pistols and a military M16. I suppose it is semantics when you're retarded.

  28. Seriously, this is how you remember those kids by starting arguements? I said a gun is a weapon under the weapons act but I only reffer to it as a weapon when used to harm someone, otherwise it is a tool. If I was to stab you with your butter knife then it would be a weapon wouldn't it? Anything used to harm another person is a weapon. If it is used for another purpose then it isn't. So quite this shit and don't use this tradgety to start arguements.

  29. damn dude, chill out. he just asked a question. I do know a lot about guns, and I can't tell on first glance. It actually is a semi-auto, but I only know that from the other related videos in this series. You can't really tell at first glance. Don't just shoot people down when they ask a question. Don't try to be a cool know-it-all. How did you learn about guns? Because people were patient and taught you.

  30. Having a gun is all about situational awareness. If you have a dog, know where he is so that you don't muzzle him when you see the partridge. But you should keep it pointed down so that you don't accidentally fire the weapon unintentionally. Have a good day friend!

  31. I understand what you're trying to say, but I think you're the one that needs to chill. I mean, you wrote a whole paragraph.

  32. there is no one correct thing in this vid. 1- we point, we don't aim 2- we move then mount, we don't mount to the shoulder then move 3- we mount to the cheek not to the shoulder 4- recoil has nothing to do with the pattern of a shotgun most shotguns shoot 70% above the bead in the pattern circle.

  33. I'm from india… And i think m better than most americans…(4 real).. U guys have it too easy… I have a 12 gauge single barrel with 1 reload and i still got my mark… We dont have that kind of guns but we still hunt better… N ur terrain is fuckin easy to stalk prey…

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