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How to Hunt with a Shotgun : Carrying & Aiming a Shotgun

Whenever you carry your shotgun I always find
it’s best to keep your hand covering the trigger guard like this. That way nothing has the
opportunity to get in there and pull the trigger. Even if your safety is on, even if my safety
is on I keep my hands here out of second nature just because this is a mechanical device and
it can fail. So I like to keep my hand right here while I am walking with it. But if I
am carrying it and it’s on my back and I keep it out of the way I am always conscious of
it and that’s the important thing to so. So if I am going to go out walking with my shotgun
I don’t forget that it’s there ever. It’s always on my back and it’s always on my mind.
Your shotgun is equipped and every shotgun is equipped with a rail that sits on top of
the barrel and a bead at the end and even some shotguns will have two beads for more
precise alignment. But when you’re hunting with a shotgun almost always that unless it’s
turkey hunting that animal is on the run. So aiming a shotgun when you bring it up you
need to get your cheek right on there. It’s got to have a nice solid fit so that you can
look right down that rail and bead on that animal right with the front of your shotgun.
Another thing to consider is that while that animal’s flying those bb’s have to catch up.
So if an animal’s coming and flying across like this and coming this way I need to get
in front of that animal. I don’t shoot when I get to that animal. I need to get in front
of that animal and follow it for a moment until I’ve got that right timing down and
then I can knock it out of the sky.

8 thoughts on “How to Hunt with a Shotgun : Carrying & Aiming a Shotgun

  1. i like how this guy is giving advice on carrying your shotgun and safety when in his last video he said he dropped it on the ground in the mud water etc..

  2. I've noticed that every hunting video, they're using a semi auto shotgun, I have a pump action. Is it ok to use a pump action shotgun for hunting?

  3. yes you can but a semi auto is faster loading so if you are hunting and you miss it takes longer to load another shell so i would advise practicing shooting fast

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