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How to Hunt Deer : Using a Handgun for Deer Hunting: Basic Deer Hunting

Hunting with a handgun has become more and
more popular each year with the advent of more powerful calibers. Some handguns can
rival or surpass modern center fire rifles. What I have in my hand here is a 22 caliber
pistol. This is not recommended for deer hunting but it is the first gun you should be using
to practice year around to stay proficient with a handgun. This supports that you will
have hardly any recall and you go to practice more often because the ammunition is inexpensive.
A good handgun hunter stays in tip top marksmanship form by practicing each month so when that
trophy arrives in the fall he is ready.

12 thoughts on “How to Hunt Deer : Using a Handgun for Deer Hunting: Basic Deer Hunting

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  4. Ok then. Once a month when hunting season is far off?! I dont think so. I use the exact gun and caliber 2 weeks before I hunt. Not some other gun. And I shoot expert. Dont be stupid. Practice with the one your going to use !!!

  5. basic deer hunting = guy with camo holding 22 pistol telling us that we should practice and not use a 22. wow I am so glad this video prevented me from not practicing and taking a 22 pistol. I would have wounded a deer had I not seen this. now i have to find a video with footage of handgun deer hunting like I was looking for in the first place.

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