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How to Hunt Deer : How to Shoot a Deer Hunting Rifle

When you are actually ready to shoot the deer
the most important things is having a steady foundation from which the cross hairs can
stay on the target. You find a steady foundation. When you’re shooting you want to control your
breath. You take several big breaths and then slowly let out a half breath and then hold
your breath as you squeeze the trigger. When you see the deer you can load the shell in
and then you can pull it back to safety, looking through the scope finding your target; Almost
doing a fake shot. Then when you’re ready you can flip it on fire. You want a very firm
rest against your shoulder because the gun will recoil to some degree. To protect yourself
and your shoulder have a firm rest so it doesn’t kick. Once again you would take some very
deep breaths and slowly squeeze the trigger because you don’t want to jerk the trigger
and jerk the bullet high. You look through the scope and take several deep breaths and
slowly squeeze the trigger.

100 thoughts on “How to Hunt Deer : How to Shoot a Deer Hunting Rifle

  1. I would probably already have a bullet in the chamber before I waited for a deer to cross my path. Then flip off the safety and shoot.

  2. @MosselVoyou Yeah, but it takes that long because he dosent go for spikes or 4 points e goes more like 8 or 10 points.

  3. This method is way to boring. Who wants to kill from afar? Now see what i do is, i lay a salt like under a oak tree(one with low branches). Climb up on one of the lower branches and wait. When bambi's dad comes prancing along i silently fall onto its back breaking its spine and in one swift motion i use my special addition Rambo sword to sever its brain stem. Trust me this method works 1000xs better πŸ˜€

  4. @THISisPROVEAUX Psh, n00b. I use a hollow twig to get air while I wait under the ground, and sense the deer's steps through the vibrations in the soil. When its practically above me, I wait for it to go past, work my hand up and out of the dirt, sending my teflon-coated titanium-edged anodized handle H&K Tactical knife into its achilles tendons, and gut it from below. Blood makes the grass grow! πŸ˜›

  5. @MaddyRockRoxs I know you already deleted your comment. But i agree. Jesus Christ is an amazing guy πŸ˜€

  6. i wonder if this guy ever watches the videos hes in and sees how many times he says… um uh um and and um uh

  7. No on with a big belly and a bag of chips watching porn hunts deer but when you get hungry enough you'll hunt. Now pay attention you maggots!

  8. uhhmm can i also use a cal. 50 sniping rifle (m95 :D) ???
    or my ak47?
    pls answer i wanna go hunt xD

  9. Do you do the same thing as a muzzle loader too because I've shot and killed a deer with a muzzle loader but never just a plain deer rifle

  10. who goes hunting without one in the chamber? Here in North Idaho, We're so close to them that the sound of the bolt would spook'em. One in the chamber and No BIPODS, use the sling and wrap it around your support arm to steady your shot or post up against a tree if available

  11. Here in Alberta, I keep one in the chamber and the safety off at all times, but that is me. I find that I often don't have time to pull the bolt back and load it…

  12. Not bad but Uhmm…. why in the hell would you wait to see the deer then load your rifle? 1st time have gun loaded rdy to shoot and on safety just sayin….

  13. Ok go out and try that "expert" by the time you load the the round and put it on safe that deer you were looking at will be gone so try just taking it off safe and firing

  14. Why do you need to killa deer anyway if i was a deer if you ever fucking killed any of my niggas i would fucking stomp on your fucking face with my deer hooves until your brain looks like fucking roadkill you fucking bitch

  15. Experts, well first off you dont hold your breath when you shoot. (Expert shooter USMC) You exhale all the way (where your body is most relaxed) and take your shot. Then, you said dont put a round in the chamber, why?! Doesnt your gun not have a safety or another case dont put your finger on the trigger until you're ready to fire!

  16. this is how you shoot a tifle πŸ˜‰ I was expecting you to tell to shoot the head, or the chest… depending if the deer is facing you, or on the side… but you gave good and correct advice for rifle shooting

  17. his advise was incorrect, but making fun of his speech habits doesn't make you cool at all. It makes you a fucking punk ass Bully! Maybe he can't help the way he says "um" and maybe he can't control it. Damn some ok for y'all are pieces of shit! But yes, his info/advice was incorrect.

  18. Did you ummmm teach ummm Justin Trudeau umm how to umm speak?Β  I literally haven't seen any expertvillage videos on youtube in about 6 years, you guys are just horrible.

  19. I think you UM KNOW WHAT YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT people are supposed to control their breathing and take the shot when they're comfortable not a certain pace

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