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How to Hold a Pistol | Special Forces Instruction | Tactical Rifleman

hi my name is Pete with Alan’s Arsenal
and i’m here today to talk to you about one of the more important fundamentals
of pistol shooting we’re going to go ahead and cover grip with grip myself
being a right-handed shooter and I understand with everything I’m about
ready to say that everybody is physically the same so with what I am
about ready to show you I understand not everybody can physically hold the pistol
exactly the same you can make adjustments to it and you’ll understand
more what I’m talking about as I go along so when you go to hold a pistol
what you would want to do is hold it as high as you possibly can if you can
truly get behind the barrel that would be the best but what would happen is the
slide would come back and injure yourself so we’re trying to get as high as
possible take your hand go ahead and shove it up as high as you possibly can
behind the back strap of the firearm okay and take your three lower fingers
come around to the bottom just like that and you notice how much I’m taking up
the grip with my right hand this of course being a Glock 19
bring your three lower fingers around the bottom
take your non-firing your hand taking it and rotating it to where your lower part
of your knuckle to your wrist is parallel with the slide and come along
bring your thumb put it along somewhere on the frame not too where it’s going to
get injured by this slide as it moves take your other lower fingers and bring
them around you take your thumb and either set it off on the top of your
firing hand or bring it around to the outside you don’t want your thumb up top
laying next to the slide to where it might get injured by the slide as it
moves also you don’t want it resting on the slide lock so that way when you come
to the empty magazine this slide will actually lock back to the rear notice
right now how much of the grip that I am holding of the pistol it is
totally encompassed as much as possible there’s no spot for gaps or anything
like that in this area and you’ll notice even when after I set the firearm down
how my hands are shaped I understand that this is not a natural
position as when we all grew up playing cops and robbers things like that we all
ran around doing exactly this right here when I’m actually showing you is to take
that that non-firing hand put it on an angle it is unnatural but it is going to
give you a more stable firing platform while you’re gripping the firearm of
course while you’re gripping the firearm the apply pressure should be from the
front of the firearm to the back squeezing it together and then on a
sides equal pressure on the sides as well so that way you’re not over pushing
forward pushing the gun down pulling back or pushing too little on
either side to where the gun might move side to side while pulling back on the
trigger if you have any questions or comments please leave them below thank

100 thoughts on “How to Hold a Pistol | Special Forces Instruction | Tactical Rifleman

  1. great viideo, just started shooting, thankful for every advice, although I have a private instructor, I really love your videos, learned much

  2. Getting "injured" from the slide? Nope. Unless it causes a malfunction and causes someone to not be able to defend themselves, then they get shot/stabbed/etcetera.

  3. I actually linked this video to someone when it dropped because he wanted me to take him to the range for his first time shooting, so thank you for this.

    I do like how you expressly talk about how it isn't natural. When people are in an actual high stress scenario they tend to shoot one handed because it feels natural to them. The entire purpose of training is so you do it properly without thinking. Doesn't matter who you are, shooting is a diminishable skill. A lot of people have an emotional attachment to their gun (ex: I carry a 1911 because it's a 1911! .45 is bigger, too, so it has to have more stopping power!). They really need to be building fundamental skills, their capacity to stop a threat shouldn't be "because I have a gun".

  4. Thanks for the video. I own a Sig P220 with night sights. Should I lollipop my target with the 3 dots aligned or place the front dot on top of my intended target? Thanks SGT.

  5. I have a question about wrist placement: imagine a line connecting the first knuckle of the thumb (the trapezium) with the first knuckle of the forefinger (the trapezoid). When the handgun is gripped, the boreline of the gun makes more or less a T with this line. From experience, a grip that is too twisted to the right (+15º or so for a right-handed shooter) combined with a high-tang grip leads to slide bite. Bringing the angle closer to perpendicular moves the knuckle of the thumb forward and out of the path of the slide. What angle should the boreline of the handgun make with this line? I.e., how "twisted" should your wrist be around the grip? (E.g., ±5º from perpendicular.)

  6. I heard you should learn to shoot with one hand because in a real self defense situation you will instinctively use one hand for a while.

  7. This is the first grip tutorial I've seen that mentions the thumb resting on the slide stop. For a while, I thought my brand new M&P was defective because the slide wouldn't stop back. My instructor even blamed the gun. I finally figured out it was my grip. I'll be trying a new instructor soon. Great stuff!

  8. Thanks for the great video. I just recently started recreational shooting. I noticed you're a Rolex man!! Beautiful GMT and Yaht master!! I wear automatic watches too. I've been told not to wear automatic watches due to the recoil of the handguns. Have you had any issues with your watches? I'd rather have your opinion since you actually fire handguns regularly.

  9. I had the honor and opportunity as a civilian of training and getting some advice from a graduated sniper from the army. This is exactly how he told me to hold my pistol today. Thank you for reaffirming that I need to change my current grip.

  10. Good info… didn't appreciate the anti-police ad before the video though. Was going to subscribe until I saw that.

  11. Excellent step-by-step presentation. Thank you and everyone behind this channel. This information is helpful to anyone desiring to reduce recoil and increase ability to get shots on the target. Of course, knowing how to sight align goes this. This channel provides that instruction as well.

  12. This is an excellent step-by-step presentation. Thank you and everyone behind this channel. This information is helpful to anyone desiring to reduce recoil and increase ability to get shots on the target. Of course, knowing how to sight align goes with this. This channel provides that instruction as well.

  13. Great contant having my wife watch this video she always says your to intense I'm like well do what I said but this should help her considering most days she don't like me 😉

  14. A very simple and actually useful video, thank you. So much time is spent here on youtube with hype and absolutely meaningless videos on "tactics and techniques" that are complete NRA Masturbation fuel and utterly useless to any civilian or law enforcement for that matter. Except of course for the 95% of Youtube viewers who are, of course "Operators"….

    Just nice to have someone spell out some basics without all the nonsense.

  15. hey i watch seal team tv series …can u comment on how they use their firearms ? if its the correct way or not correct way

  16. This is a great video but…why is it that everyone on YouTube gun channels is using striker fired pistols (and Glocks especially)?

  17. Being a bit older I had to work at unlearning shooting techniques that we were taught years ago- weaver specifically – to become more comfortable and efficient at this Isosceles techq. Squaring up to the target as opposed to blading your body changes everything
    I’d humbly add one little tip that helped me – We would grip the pistol so the barrel would follow the axis created by connecting the points: shoulder, elbow, wrist, target.
    Shooting isosceles with the old hand position I would always end up hitting left and low of the target.
    Now I cant my grip so the barrel is a few degrees to the right (as a right handed shooter) to align with the new axis: sternum, hands target. It was a very small adjustment it made a big improvement. Thanks

  18. Holding the gat sideways is more effective as it gives you a clearer field of view and prevents the ejected casings from landing in your car.

  19. I’m going to try your way this weekend cause I just started to shoot and I got a G 19 as my edc and last time I was shooting I kept hitting down and left

  20. Quick question how do you feel about putting your index finger from you support hand and wrapping it on the end of the trigger guard??

  21. Great advice on maintaining the correct grip while firing your gun. Also thanks for your service to this country coming from a family where several served in the military.

  22. Idk if im not doing something right… It seems hella hard to shoot pistols. I have the "correct" grip, and I THINK im aiming correctly at the target, but when I shoot I miss more than I actually hit the target. Im literally aiming exactly at the target, but the bullet hits anywhere but the target. My dad who is a new shooter goes up and hits the target pretty much everytime. I dont get it LOL

  23. Oh my friggin' lord, I did what he said step by step and it immediately felt better from my normal grip. I can't wait to try it at the range. Thank you sir!!!

  24. If I follow this tutorial then I can’t actually get my finger on the trigger of my carry gun. So, am I carrying a gun that is too small?

  25. Pete looks like economics or laws graduate. If I was VIP, I'd hire him to impersonate one of my assistants or lawyers in addition to more traditional bodyguards.

  26. What about the hook for recoil control. Index hook . I see alot of tutorials but not all facts. It's like you withheld the main reason to gun control. Hook and the rest makes you a marksman. Not a shooter . I'm just saying.

  27. I have a question in this type to grab the pistol. If the pistol is small like glock43 maybe your left thumb be in front of the pistol and cause burning . Can you give me a solve ?

  28. Thanks. Ive just bought an airpistol and I guess this instructional will help me even though the gun isnt as powerful

  29. It looks super easy for either one of your hands to get chewed up by the slide. Are there guns being made with this grip technique in mind?

  30. Looks almost like you guys were shooting the shit outside the wire and randomly decided to make a pistol grip video.

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