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How to Hold a Pistol | Episode #7

Carry Trainer dot com Alright, let’s talk about how to grip the
pistol. This is a SIRT gun, totally inert. I’m still going to use good muzzle discipline while I’m working with the gun here. Right hand shooters, you’re going to grasp the handle as high up in the backstrap as you possibly can. You want to see a little
of your hand meat bunch up there. You gotta watch that the slide, as it reciprocates,
doesn’t tear into your hand, but you want to get as high as possible. You should have no space there. You’re going to have the middle finger of
your right-hand impact the trigger guard. So again, no space there. That’s going to
be uptight. Be thinking about friction. As much friction as you can apply to the gun,
the better, because you’re going to be able to control it in recoil. We’re are, right of the bat, going to say
get rid of all of the old notions of, holding it gently like a bird in your hand. Tight
enough to keep it from flying away, but not too tight to kill it. In pistol combat this
is the opposite of marksmanship skills at long range. What we are trying to do is mash down on the gun and control it through multiple shot strings done in some of our other videos. So right-hand, up as high as possible. When we create the grip, we are going to point the thumb up at the sky for a moment because we are exposing as much of the grip panel as possible. We are going to take the left-hand, and we are going to extend the thumb forward. What we are doing is creating a situation
where as much of the support hand as possible is contacting the grip panel. Notice, if I
keep my and straight, now I’m not able to contact any of this area of the gun. You see this cup and tea saucer business,
that doesn’t work. We’re going to rotate the hand forward.
We’re going to use our thumb to index forward toward the target. Point it at the target
and rotate the hand forward. The index finger of that same hand goes under the trigger guard with as much contact and friction as possible. And we are really going to press with this hand. I don’t want to say that it should be uncomfortable, but if
it’s not uncomfortable, you’re probably not gripping it hard enough. You’ll see the videos that we’ve done
where we have a shot coming out every seven, eight, nine tenths of a second and in order
for that to happen we really need to mash down on the gun. If we’re not, the gun is
going to ride up, recoil, and we’ll shoot over our target. Tight with the right-hand. Tight with the
left-hand. Thumbs point to the target. And when the finger comes on the trigger, we’re going to use… the middle of that pad. Everybody’s hands are different. I want
you to try it like this and see what happens. Don’t hook it in the crease. Don’t get
to far out on the tip. Right in the middle of the pad… and then you can press for a
good clean shot. When you’re doing dry fire practice, mash
down on the gun. Don’t hold it limp. Hold it like your shooting… and then you can
actually press the trigger. You don’t need a SIRT gun to do it. I’ve got a real gun
here. The gun is empty. I’ve got my master grip. And I can perform my dry fire practice. You can see my knuckles as I’m doing this.
They’re white. I’m squeezing. I’m holding the gun. Every time you pick the gun up, do
the same repetitive movements. So you’re going to be programming your subconscious
mind… to repeat that under duress. So you’ll see the way my hands are moving. Every time, I’m coming back to the same position. Got those thumbs index toward the target. — We’re out here on the range, and we’re going to dissect, a little bit, how the gun reacts under recoil with a good grip and a poor grip.
So, we are working with our Glock 19 today. The gun is empty and safe. We talked briefly about how we hold it. We are running a couple cameras today, and a slow motion camera going as well. So I’m going to load up. We’re going to
watch what happens in recoil with a poor grip… and what happens in recoil with a good grip. So I’m going to get my eyes and ears on here… Here is the poor grip… I’m just holding
the gun enough to keep it in my hands. Now I’m going to do the same thing. I’m
going to run four or five shots, with a proper grip. I will also note, and we’ll try to get this
on footage, that those last five shots are basically touching on our target at five yards while those first several shots splayed up at the top of the target. Again, this is the loose grip. Watch the gun in recoil… and a good solid grip. And, a good solid grip. Again, we want as much contact with the gun as possible. We want to make sure our hands are up, tight to the trigger guard. You don’t
want to have any open spaces. Tight. Squeeze. I don’t want to say “white knuckle it,”
but if you’re not holding on to it good you’re not going to be able to control the
recoil. If you guys like these videos subscribe, hit
the like button, send them out to your friends. Hope you’re enjoying them.

34 thoughts on “How to Hold a Pistol | Episode #7

  1. In response to Trump959 question on weak hand index finger on the guard. While there are some top level shooters (only a few) that position the weak index finger that way I will tell every new shooter to stay away from that and so will most every instructor that teaches pistol combatives.
    1st the weak hand should be thought of as your support hand. It is doing most of the heavy lifting when it comes to the foundation of your grip. your index finger is the strongest or second strongest finger in the hand, why remove it from the team.
    2nd when your hand muscles contract they do it as a whole,
    the index finger out front has a tendency to "steer" the muzzle.

    hands high up, thumbs forward, fingers tight to the bottom of the trigger guard. clamp down with support hand and press smooth and straight with trigger finger.

  2. just found your videos, I like the way they are set up. good accurate information and right to the point.
    keep up the great work, I hope your channel blows up


    I love these videos! You are doing great!! Keep up the Good Work!
    P.S. The Bloopers at the end are great! Makes you even more relatable.. Mission Accomplished. Well done.

  4. As a new shooter, I greatly appreciate these video. I want to get into good shooting practices now and get into good habits! Thanks guys!

  5. Been shooting sparingly for a few years now, but purchased my first firearm a year ago. Since then I've gotten a lot more comfortable shooting and more accurate with it. These tips, as well as the aligning iron sights video seem informative. I'm definitely going to try them next time I'm at the range.

  6. thanks for the video, can already see an improvement in my dry fire practice and can't wait to put it in use on the range.

  7. subbed……. even though ive been firing weapons for years I love to see different teaching methods

  8. Question regarding my grip. My hands are huge and the fingers of my strong hand wrap around to the middle of the grip on the opposite side. When my support hand mates with the gun, should I adjust strong hand and make more space for the heel of my support hand to be touching the grip or mash my fingers between heel of support hand and grip?

  9. With reference to teaching new shooters and proper grip technique, I watched you have shooters remove their support hand from the gun and place your left hand on the gun to show correct support hand pressure, would it then be practical to do the same thing and let them shoot the gun to let them see the actual difference to their actual shot placement, just curious.

  10. very good video 🙂 i will take away a lot.

    btw: the link to the video "intro to dynamic room entry" is broken… is there another source? 🙂

  11. Keep up good work I like your show I have been looking for some one to show me better way to hold handgun I have my ccw I go to gun range as much as I can win wach your show I yoused what I have lard from you to use at the range I was very happy at 7 yards I put it right on it thank you

  12. i´ve watched almost every pistol video on youtube, so i´m an expert in some way 😉 in slowmo you can see that your gun is ready before you are ready. You reset the trigger a bit to late. Reset it while the gun recoils and you safe some time.

  13. I love these vids where somebody says that this is THE way to grip the weapon and never mind any other way. I have another way and for good reason.

  14. this grip on my sig 229 legion and glock 17 is causing issues with the slide lock not engaging on an empty mag making me think there's a jam.

  15. Your instruction is good, but you missed one critical question that every shooter should ask themselves…"What would Mike Ditka do?" Da Bears!

  16. I tend to shoot better, with my trigger finger closer to the crease, instead of the middle of the pad. I have large hands, tho. Good video!

  17. Yes yes yes, all good info. But what i want to know is, what's in that bowl??? Looks like burritos or huge dog raw hides or something. ……. can't even watch the rest now until i figure it out…… hmmmm…….

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