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How To Hit More Shotgun Shots In Fortnite! (Fortnite Shotgun Aim Tips – Season 9)

Hey what is going on guys, in this video today
we’re gonna be going over some tips on how to be successful with shotguns in Fortnite. It should be fairly obvious by now that the
shotgun meta in Fortnite has dramatically changed the last
few weeks. For the past year or so the pump shotgun was
easily the most dominant shotgun in the game, and therefore, that’s the shotgun every body
used. But now that the pump is gone, we have 2 shotguns
in the tac and combat, that are both pretty close to even in terms of usability. Because of this massive change, even though
season 9 is a few weeks old at this point, a lot of players are still struggling to find
success with the new shotgun meta. So, that’s exactly what this video is here
to help you with, and without further ado let’s get right into it. Alright, so I wanna start this off by quickly
re-visiting the whole tac shotgun vs. combat shotgun debate. I made a full video about this topic on my
channel a few weeks ago, but one of the most important points I brought up in that video,
was the fact that the combat shotgun was suffering heavily from a really weird problem, where
it’s damage was super inconsistent. It turned out that the inconsistency wasn’t
just in our heads, it was actually a legitimate problem with the weapon, that Epic eventually
fixed. Because of this, I believe that the combat
has overtaken the tac as the best shotgun in Fortnite. I don’t think there’s necessarily a HUGE difference,
like there was between the pump and the tac, but I just feel like the combat now offers
more consistent and reliable burst damage, and it obviously has a major range advantage
as well. So now that we’ve cleared that up, let’s get
into how you can be successful with both of these shotguns in Fortnite, and yes, it is
important that you are able to have success with both of them. As I discussed in my last video, Fortnite
hit the combat shotgun with a pretty significant rarity increase last week in update 9.10. Based on my experience, and what I’m hearing
from other people as well, it’s now pretty darn difficult to find a combat shotgun in
a regular. So, despite your thoughts on it, there are
gonna be times you’re simply gonna be forced to use the tac for long periods of time. So, the first tip that’s really important
when it comes to using the combat or tac shotgun, is to not be afraid to aim down sights in
certain situations. This is one of those things that not a lot
of players are probably used to doing with shotguns, specifically because of old habits
with the pump. That’s largely because the non-ADS crosshair
size on that shotgun was just absolutely perfect. It was large enough to where you didn’t need
to have PERFECT aim to land at least some pellets, but at the same time, it was small
enough to where even from a few meters away, you could position the entire crosshair on
your enemies body, so all 10 pellets would hit when you shot. The tac and combat on the other hand each
have their own unique issue when it comes to crosshair size. The tac’s crosshair is too large, which means
that unless you’re shooting an enemy at point blank range, you’re likely to to miss at least
some of your pellets, which obviously minimizes the amount of damage you can do per shot. On the flip side, the combat shotgun’s crosshair
size is too small, to where for a lot a lot of players, it’s hard to get any of it positioned
on their enemies’ body. One of the best ways to neutralize the ineffective
crosshairs of these 2 shotguns, is to aim down sights. And because they have unique crosshair sizes,
the way you wanna ADS with them is very different. However, 1 thing I wanna make clear is that
when you’re in a point blank range fight against a player that clearly sees you and is gonna
fire back, that’s still a situation where you don’t wanna ADS. By ADSing in that scenario, you severely limit
your mobility, and become a much easier target to hit. Also, if you play on a lower sensitivity,
your enemy may be able to move faster than you can track. So with the combat shotgun, anytime you have
high ground over a player, or you’re shooting from behind a position of really good cover,
or you’re up against an enemy who isn’t looking at you, it’s a good idea to fully ADS for
at least the first shot you take. By ADSing with the combat, it becomes a lot
easier to take advantage of it’s crazy range compared to to other shotguns, and you also
give yourself a much better chance to control the really small crosshair. Here’s a quick little clip of me utilizing
ADS with the combat from a position of high ground. With the tac shotgun, ADSing at least a little
outside of point blank range engagements is practically a must. I saw a really good tweet from ghost issa,
maybe the best controller Fortnite player on the planet that sums it up really well. He replied to a clip of someone hitting a
bunch of low damage shots with the white tac by saying “why didnt u ads? its a must with the tac, it does so much more
dmg if you ads.” By ADSing with the tac, you make it’s incredibly
large crosshair a decent amount smaller, therefore making the amount of pellets you hit and damage
you do a lot more consistent. I showed you guys in my how to abuse aim assist
video, that it doesn’t necessarily have to be a full ADS, but even just tapping LT right
before you shoot will make the tac a lot less frustrating. The next tip I wanna go over is the importance
of strafing in shotgun fights, and how this is also different now compared to when the
pump was the dominant shotgun. When every body was using the pump in close
range shotgun fights, you were only able to fire a shot roughly every 1.5 seconds. When you compare that to the tac and the combat,
the tac can fire a shot roughly ever 0.66 seconds, and the combat can fire a shot roughly
every 0.54 seconds. With that in mind, here’s a rough re-creation
of how most 50/50 point-blank range pump shotgun battles used to go. You’d line up and take your first shot, then
jump around like a crazy person for roughly a second and a half trying to dodge your enemies
shot. Then line up and fire your second shot, and
jump around like a crazy person some more. This would basically be repeated over and
over again until one person eventually landed enough shots for a kill. Because the tac and combat fire roughly 2.5-3
times faster than the pump did, there’s no longer those long periods of time where you’re
only focused on dodging shots, because your shotgun isn’t ready to shoot again. So, especially if you’re a player that struggles
with jumping and aiming at the same time, which will probably be the case if you have
a normal ps4/xbox controller, the solution is to be constantly strafing in these point
blank range shotgun fights. By constantly moving left and right, you make
yourself way more difficult to hit, while at the same time not sacrificing anything
in terms of aim, or the timing of your shots. An added bonus of strafing while shooting
shotguns, is that not only does it make you much harder to hit, but it could also slightly
improve your accuracy as well. I made a few months ago about something called
“exponential stick acceleration”. In case you missed it, that’s a mechanic that
makes it so that whenever you move your right stick to aim, the speed at which your crosshair
moves is constantly changing. This is the biggest reason why it’s so much
harder to hit shotgun flick shots on controller compared to mouse, where there is no aim acceleration. Whenever you’re strafing in shotgun fights,
you’re moving your crosshair with left stick instead of right stick, which means no aim
acceleration. So just by constantly moving left and right,
there will be times where your enemy winds up right in the middle of your crosshair for
a super easy shot. And very quickly as this video is coming to
an end, I wanna share one last interesting little tip I recently heard regarding shotgun
aim. Last week I was flipping through streams watch
people play the world cup qualifiers, and I don’t remember exactly who the streamer
was, but he seemed to be a very good player. And someone in his chat asked him something
like “how is your shotgun aim so good?” To which he replied “instead of focusing on
the shotgun’s crosshair, I always focus on positioning the enemy in the very middle of
my screen.” At first I didn’t really think much of this,
but I guess it kinda does make sense. If you’re primarily focusing on the crosshair,
and secondarily focusing on the enemy, it’ll probably be a little harder to track that
enemy, compared to if you just fully focus on putting them in the middle of your screen,
where you know the crosshair will always be. So I don’t wanna fully endorse this tip because
it’s not something that I can personally say definitely helps, but I thought it was worth
throwing in at the end of this video, because who knows, maybe it’ll really help certain
players. So, I hope you guys enjoyed this video and
if you watched the entire thing be sure to let me know with a comment down in the comment
section below. This video was about how to succeed with shotguns
in Fortnite so I wanna know, are you a player that feels like you’re doing better with shotguns
now that the combat/tac are the only options, or did you feel like you were better when
every body just used the pump? Be sure to leave a like, leave a comment,
subscribe, turn on post notifications, do whatever the heck you want, and I, will catch
you guys next time.

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