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How To Grip A Handgun / Basic Pistol Shooting

the number one thing I see people do
wrong on the range is their grip how’s it going guys welcome back to the pilot
Patriot Channel now recently I decided to do a series of videos that really
gets back to the basics and this is going to be for new shooters
inexperienced shooters those kind of people we’re going to go over things
like grip stance trigger control that kind of thing so if you’re interested in
that makes you hit that subscribe button down below and hit that notification
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we’re going to talk about the proper way to grip a handgun now it doesn’t matter
if you’ve been shooting your whole life you grew up around guns I’ve seen people
that say that to me and they’re still getting that grip wrong no your grip is
one of those fundamental things that could throw off the rest of your
shooting maybe you’re just naturally a good shooter and you can go out to the
range and get those eight-inch groups all day long but I’ll promise you if you
can get that grip right you’re going to shrink those groups down a lot now I’ve
seen a lot of really interesting things when you talk about grip I’ve seen
people do the old that right there you see that one a whole lot with that hand
just supporting on the bottom that is not the right way to grip your handgun
I’ve seen the wrist support grip that kind of thing no don’t do that and
obviously you’re gonna see things like you see in the movies you’re gonna see
something like that right there now one other thing you will see quite a bit is
you’ll see people that want to get that thumb back here behind the gun now there
are a couple reasons why this is not good one obvious one is that the way
that’s going to operate is that slide comes back with a whole lot of force
when you fire the gun so if your thumb is back here behind the slide and that
slide comes back and bites that thumb you’re gonna have a really bad day so
you definitely don’t want to do that now today we’re going to be using my new MMP
Pro I’ve been looking for a good reason to show this thing off so that’s the
first time you’re going to see it in one of my video
I have done some upgrades to it you’ll see that done the grip tape on the grips
I know they’ve y’all have seen my video of that if you haven’t you go check it
out I’ll put it right here at the top of the screen now a good hand gun grip
starts with a good one-handed grip and we’re gonna get started with that right
now now just to show you this hand gun is unloaded and the first thing you want
to think about is you want to get that web of your hand up as high on that back
strap as possible you can get it way on up there just press it into the top of
that back strap there you’re gonna wrap your bottom three fingers around now you
also you want to get those three fingers up high and tight against that trigger
guard the best you can the higher your grip is on the gun the more control
you’re going to have over that gun and as far as your thumb goes you and just
want to rest your thumb straight along the side of the gun and one thing a lot
of people don’t think about is where you’re putting that pressure at on the
gun now you don’t want to put all your pressure here on your fingertips because
what that’s going to do is that’s going to pull the gun to the left you want to
put all your pressure right here on the center of these fingers pushing straight
back into the butt of your hand that’s going to give you the most stable
grip where you’re not pulling the gun one way or the other while you’re
shooting a nice even pressure straight through the middle to the back of your
hand and obviously if we flip around here you never want to put your finger
inside the trigger guard until you’re ready to shoot you want to keep that
finger just rested right along the frame of the gun straight forward and remember
always keep your muzzle pointed in a safe direction now like I said before
your main concern is controlling this gun no matter what size gun you’re
shooting small big what caliber it doesn’t matter we all know that every
gun is going to want to recoil it’s going on a jump right out of your hand
and your goal is to try to control that and keep it as flat as possible while
shooting now that’s why you want to get that hand up as high as you can on that
back strap what that’s going to do is that’s going to put most of that force
straight back into your hand and give you the ability to hold that gun as flat
as possible you know just imagine if you had your hand way down here on the grip
or you’re not up high you’re lower in that pivot point so when that gun starts
to recoil it has a lot more room to move because you’re lowering that pivot point
down halfway down the grip obviously if you get way down here it gets even worse
one thing you’re going to see when you start doing that is you’re going to
start getting malfunctions because this gun isn’t designed to do all that
movement your goal is to get that webbing of that hand high and tight get
full control of that gun and try to prevent that recoil the best you can now
your proper grip starts with a good one handed grip but most of us shoot with
two hands so when you get that second hand in there and there’s a few things
you need to think about like I mentioned earlier a lot of times you’ll see
something like this or like this or like this and none of those are right and
there’s a reason for that now think about if your hand is right here that’s
basically nothing more than a supported one-handed grip this hand does nothing
to control that gun all it’s doing is giving you some support on the bottom
but it’s not helping you control that gun at all same thing with that wrist
grip that you see that may help you walk that wrist and having a good lock wrist
is important but it’s not as important as getting that hand up here and really
controlling that gun so one thing you see right off that is you see this gap
that’s created in between my fingers and the butt of my hand here what you want
to do with that second hand is you want to get the butt of your support hand and
you want to put it right there and fill that gap your goal is to get as much of
your hand on that gun as possible so you can control it so you’re going to take
the butt of that set that support hand you’re gonna put it right there in that
gap you’re gonna wrap those bottom four fingers around over top of your strong
hand fingers and just like the one-handed grip you want to get it up as
high on that trigger guard as possible that’s just going to help you get more
support now with that support hand thumb you’re just going to lay it straight
along the frame a lot of you’ll hear a lot of people say thumbs forward on
that’s a good way to think about it and with that strong hand thumb you’re just
going to rest it right on top of that support hand thumb now as you can see
when you have this grip right here I have that gun completely encased in my
hands I have full control of this gun there’s not one part of my hands that
isn’t touching the firearm give you the view from the other side as you can see
those fingers are high and tight the webbing between my thumb and forefinger
are up high got those fingers forward I have as much of my hands as possible
completely encasing that firearm and that’s what a proper two-handed grip
looks like and one thing to consider with your thumbs especially on smaller
guns is you want to make sure that this thumb isn’t rested completely on that
slide lock there because if it is what could happen is after you fire that last
round when your slide is supposed to lock back if your thumb is rested on
there holding it down it’s not going to allow your slide to lock back and you
may think you have an extra round in the gun when it’s really empty so what I
like to do I still want to get most of it on the gun but I’ll just rest it on
top of those fingers they’re more like that and as you can see I still have
complete control of that gun I have as much of my fingers and my hands on that
gun as possible now a couple other considerations with a
semi-automatic handgun especially with smaller guns as a couple things that you
may see different you may see people do something like this whether they’re
doing they’re getting these three fingers up high and they’re taking the
index finger and they’re wrapping it around the trigger guard you do see that
quite a bit and I don’t really see a problem with that especially on smaller
guns when you’re really trying to get as much of your hand on there as possible
that’s a good way to do it as long as it doesn’t interfere with that trigger
finger and I did forget to bring a smaller gun with me today but I should
be able to demonstrate it just fine on this gun one concern people have let’s
just imagine that this is a smaller gun one concern people have is when they
have smaller grips they can’t get that pinky on the grip and that concerns them
they think they can’t shoot that gun as well they need to get a bigger gun to be
able to shoot it properly don’t worry about that don’t worry about that pinky
so much it is nice to you all the fingers on the grip that helps
but there’s no reason you can’t still wrap that pinky around the bottom and
still get your good grip so don’t let that pinky hanging off scare you you can
still get a perfectly good grip without that pinky fully on the grip now for you
revolvers guys the grip is no different for a revolver you still want to get the
webbing of that hand up as high on that back strap as possible you still want to
get these fingers up as high as possible underneath that trigger guard a lot of
revolvers actually have this undercut here that lets you get those fingers
even higher up and then when you go back to the two-handed grip it’s exactly the
same you’re still filling that gap you’re still getting these fingers all
the way under there the one difference is you want to make sure you don’t rest
that thumb on the cylinder because you don’t want to prevent it from being able
to function like it’s supposed to so you are probably going to get these thumbs
down a little bit lower it’s even acceptable to switch these thumbs if you
want to switch those thumbs like that do something like this that’s okay
especially with revolvers what that’s going to do is allow you to operate that
hammer with your support hand without messing up that good one-handed grip
that you already have so now if I’m working the hammer with my strong hand
I’m partially breaking my grip if I’m doing it with my support hand thumb I
can still fire as fast as I want to without breaking that good one-handed
grip that I already have then once you’ve learned how to get a proper grip
on your gun go out to the range I guarantee you’ll start to see tighter
groups you’ll start to shoot a whole lot better I go out to the range and have
some fun thanks for watching guys I hope this videos helped you out if you’re new
to shooting or if you’re just looking for a way to shoot better hopefully this
video showing you how to get the proper grip on your handgun
now like I said this is going to be a series we’re going to do some other
fundamentals type videos basic handgun shooting videos so if you’re interested
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and happy shooting

5 thoughts on “How To Grip A Handgun / Basic Pistol Shooting

  1. Hey folks, One other thing that I do not show very well in the video is… You want to rotate your support hand wrist forward over center and really push that thumb forward on the frame. That thumb and forearm should almost make a straight line! Thatl help lock up that wrist and give you a good firm grip! Because I'm trying to hold the gun up to the camera, I don't do a very good job of showing that in the video!
    Thanks for watching!!

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