4 thoughts on “How to Go Rifle Hunting | Hunting

  1. great tip… i use a 308 winchester semi model 7400 and the recoil is great not to mind buggling to pull the trigger just comfortable. accurate inside 300 although i never had to shoot that far. thanks for the advice atleast i know i'm somewhat on the right track.. goodluck hunting from the island of guam.

  2. Years ago I also had a Browning BAR semi in a .308 with a BOSS on it and Nikon optics . It was a really nice Rifle and was accurate also .

  3. I love everything about this air rifle>>>t.co/KSGrkkWU80     The price for the power is not possible, trust me I've looked. I needed something for killing possums in my neighborhood after I bent the barrel of my last pellet rifle. That was an Umarex 1250 feet per second also but I couldn't find a deal as good until this one. I had no trouble with the scope.. it is very precise once you get it adjusted.

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