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How to Get the Justice Shotgun AND Le Fusil Terribles!

Hey there my Fallout 4 friends. Today, I have
another legendary weapon twofer for you. About a month ago I posted a video on how to get
both the Spray n’ Pray and the Overseer’s Guardian, both in the same video. If you haven’t
seen that video, you’ll have to check it out. Besides the Deliverer, those are are my two
favorite guns in the game. Today, though, I’m going to do the same type of video except with
the Justice Shotgun and the Le Fusil Terribles. Or as the French pronounce it [French word],
which basically translates into the terrible shotgun. So it’s basically shotgun day on
the Skooled Zone. I’ll make this a quick video, so let’s get started… Le Fusil Terribles is located at Libertalia.
It’s basically a bunch of ships all docked together just south of Nahant Wharf creating
a sort of floating encampment. It’s a bit tricky to navigate the thin planks from ship
to ship without falling in the water but you’ll have to do that while wading through a whole
bunch of Raiders. You’ll eventually make your way to the capsized cargo ship in the back
that’s been made into the Captain’s base. The trick to getting to the big ship is to
find the floating junkyard area to the left of it and then taking the little cable car
conveyor lift thing over to the ship itself. Just hop on, push the button, and
it’ll ferry you right over there. After taking out all the Raiders in the big
ship, you’ll make your way upstairs to the Captain’s quarters to find the shotgun just
sitting on a crate very close to the entrance. The gun is pretty cool because it comes with
the “Violent” effect, giving it extra damage to limbs, but also increasing the recoil. I
can see it being a very cool gun to slow down charging enemies. But my favorite
of the two shotguns is the Justice, which I’m going to show you next.
And you don’t even have to do any fighting to get it. In fact, if you do any
fighting you won’t be able to get it. Just head over to Covenant, a pre-war looking settlement
south east of Concord, sort of in the middle of the map. You’ll need to pass their version
of the GOAT test to get in, but I don’t think you can fail it. There’s a quest associated with the town
if you want to try and claim it as settlement. I didn’t bother since I have my sights set
on another settlement I’ll talk about in an upcoming episode. Instead, I went to the first
shop on the right and talked to Penny. And she’ll sell you the gun… It’s not cheap, so I did my traditional Charisma
boosting clothing Grape Mentats combo. I also sold a few items I took off the raiders
from Libertalia and brought the cost down to under a thousand. So that was reasonable. Now the reason I like this gun is because
it’s got the “Staggering” effect on it, which I think makes enemies sort of…
It looks like they kind of keel over for a little bit, but it definitely
stops them in their tracks. So that’s going to be awesome for like, you know,
boss types or Deathclaws, or charging enemies. That sort of thing. I don’t have footage of the Justice in action
because I want to buy some other shotguns, pull the mods off and make it suppressed as
well. But this will definitely become the close range blaster in my arsenal for future
walkthroughs, so tune into those to see the Justice at it’s very best. And that’s about it for this video. Just wanted
to make a down and dirty tutorial on how to get your hands on the two best shotguns
in Fallout 4. Hope this helped you my fellow wastelanders. Throw a like on the video and
share it around, and we’ll see you next time on the Skooled Zone. Peace out.

35 thoughts on “How to Get the Justice Shotgun AND Le Fusil Terribles!

  1. I can't get the Justice because Covenant was attacked and Penny was killed. Only the mayor and Swanson are alive because they are essentials.

  2. Great Vid, but as a native(from "West Everett Estates) I cringe at "nay-hant". We say "Nuh-haunt" beach, etc. Anywho, keep up the good work and take a sub.

  3. damn it I was caught stealing from covenant n had no choice but to destroy everybody I didn't even know she sold stuff

  4. i didn't know there was the justice shotgun at covenant until i watched this but i killed everyone their don't know why

  5. my recommendation for getting easy caps is collect as much prewar money as you can and trade that also use the standard pieces of power armor you modded with better pieces and sell the factory pieces

  6. The Justice is amazing, takes anbout 12 shots to take out a deathclaw and he doesn't even have the chance to touch you due to the staggering

  7. Got the stagger effect on a random legendary drop. Fully upgraded it's a beast.
    Once you get reasonably close opponents won't stand a chance.

  8. I got a shotgun with freezing effect does 175 damage pluss freeze effect on top.also found a combat rifle with exploding effect tun into 308 sniper gun.

  9. Hello Mr. Paul… I followed your Ultimate Stealth build and created a similar character in fallout 4 , as.. like you I prefer sneak kills as to open combat. I am currently at Level 40. Today, i went to explore Libertalia to take the copy of US Covert Operations Manual and Le Fusil Terribles.
    I used two weapons only…
    1. Fully modded Pipe bolt action Pistol (Pseudo sniper rifle like your Shadowshot) with .50 caliber rounds
    2. Overseer's Guardian with Long Night Vision scope (Rifleman- 3) with .45 rounds
    I sneak killed all the raiders from far off (My game settings is set at HARD as of now). It took me 2 hours to explore the entire sector (as I like to search every nook and cranny in the game for any loot or easter eggs)…and in this entire time my detection meter NEVER went past CAUTION (DANGER was never an option, pun intended LOL 🙂 ). Nobody could guess where the shots are coming from…and at one point even Cait commented that Libertalia looks like a target practice. Furthermore, James Wire fell too easily before the mighty Overseer's Guardian (He could not even fire a single shot, as i used VATS for him as soon as I came out of the Captain's room into the roof). All the other shots were manual (out of VATS)…and I loved how the entire thing turned out. Just wanted to thank you for introducing me to this awesome game.

  10. I'm actually going through a new playthrough where I'm using unique weapons and nothing but so far i have the gainer and, overseers guardian, reba2 and i believe a couple others

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