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How to get the Gold Snipers in Battlefield 5 (bf5 gameplay tips and map guide)

How to get the Gold Snipers in Battlefield
5 (bf5 gameplay tips and map guide) Hey what’s going on guys it’s Ascend Dazs
here. Today I want to give you quick tips on how
you can get the harder gold assignment done for each of the Bolt Action Snipers. This is the question I get asked the most
and it is the one that is definitely the biggest pain. You either gotta get ten headshots in a row
while prone without dying or 20 headshots in a round without dying. Or the other where you have to kill 20 enemies
while they are on the objective. Let me preface that I do not advise going
prone for any other type of gameplay and you should always be moving. Also for other assignments I feel the others
are a lot easier as they require 4 headshots in a row or kill X number of enemies but does
not add that extra required level of difficulty that I want to cover for today. If you are having trouble aiming or upping
your game I have in the description guides to each of the guns to maximize your kill
potentials for various spec’s, guides on positioning, and even a guide on how to improve
your aim. Those will be best to start off to get you
in a strong place. If you have follow up questions, hit me up
in the comment section and I can help out! Now let us cover the hardest portion for completing
all gold. Let’s start by covering maps best for achieving
this and game modes. The guide is focusing on the gold for Lee
Enfield, M95, Krag, and K98. Game modes in order of hardest to easiest
are TDM
Domination Breakthrough (Defending)
Airborne Conquest
And Breakthrough (Attacking) Now the reason why TDM and Domination are
the hardest is because the play zone is just too small and having to go prone while every
player is running around like a maniac is not going to go over well. Without anyone on an objective you are going
to be quite out of luck. Same for Domination, just isn’t going to work
out. Breakthrough Defending and Airborne suffer
from the same issue. You want the round to last longer and it doesn’t
then it gives you less time to achieve it. Also, the problem you will run into is you
can only retreat so far and having the enemy on the objective most likely means you have
to push back and die. Not impossible and actually how I got one
of mine for the Krag. But the odds are going to be against you. Now the easiest for obtaining the Gold Snipers
and what I recommend is actually conquest and breakthrough attacking. This puts the positioning in your control
and you can set the pacing. If you are hurt then you retreat get health
then push back in. Also for that pesky prone tactic the rule
of thumb is you need to move after each kill almost. Because once you nail the kill they will know
where you are at resulting in your death. (Also why defending is so difficult to keep
the streak) Also the games can be longer if you are pushing
through the points and or on conquest because you control the pacing. Need the round to last longer? Get your kills and have your squad push. So quick recap going to show them again from
easiest to hardest. Now that we have the modes for you to focus
on I am going to cover each of the maps and some prime locations to get them while attacking
or while on conquest. Before that here is some quick tips to surviving
longer. These should go without saying but helpful
reminders. Do not push alone
Utilize health stations and stay near them and or medic
And finally never stay in the same place and keep moving. Reposition when you get a kill while prone
or after the streak you had is over. For maps I will run through them quickly from
hardest to easiest and describe each one very quickly for breakthrough attacking and conquest. Top of the list is the hardest and the bottom
the easiest. Fjell
Devastation Twisted Steel
Arras Narvik
Hamada Aerodrome
And Rotterdam Devastation is the most difficult as the halls
are extremely tight and allow no wiggle room. Even as an aggressive recon you just need
to be absolutely on point and going prone is the last thing you want to do on this map. So starting with the second hardest is Fjell
has some good spots at the start but ultimately when you push in becomes close quarters and
unless at the start is going to be very difficult to snag the kills. Could be good for objective kills on first
point on breakthrough and on proning on further points on conquest can be solid but most are
bombing or bunched up for a meat grinder. Use that to your advantage if you want to
try Fjell. Twisted steel is very doable but the problem
is that with the Marsh and various trees and obstruction can be harder to pull off the
shots for either Breakthrough or conquest. It’s not impossible, it is just other maps
on the list are easier. Spaces north of the bridge are way to open
and the bridge can be perfect but isn’t on point so can be tough. Also the space is small on breakthrough on
the bridge and does hint more so to attack on the marshes. You can post up from there and attack from
a distant but you gotta nail long range headshots. Arras is up next. Really the first sector for break through
is best when attack as most on the open fields will be on point. After that there is very limited areas and
becomes a close quarter encounter map. Further sectors are very open, yes you can
prone in the fields but don’t expect to live long and once you pop up for movement you
are dead. Conquest is doable when taking higher ground
around the church and conquest can be viable but the planes can be nasty and so can takes
that create RNG for you and you cannot control that factor as much. Narvik most will have a lot of experience
on and overall most people hang around the open on the points. The last sector and or area on conquest around
buildings is not the key area when going for these shots and may end up dying to an assault
and or tank. Hang around the bridge and flank left and
right of various points to snag the kills. Just note it is open but at least most will
always be on the point and be exposed from some area. Hamada is a great map for this achievement
as it is open but the hard part is being able to nail long range kills. But are going to be on the point. I say breakthrough is easier than conquest
for this. Issue is conquest can be so large that finding
the next target can time some time and by the time someone gets the point, you might
be out gunned. Definitely doable though, but gotta ensure
you are positioning yourself well and not just camping too far out on this map or you
won’t nail the amount of kills you need. Aerodrome is by far one of the best. Because the objective area for the bunker
is massive! Absolutely perfect for nailing objective kills. Also the start of the map the capture area
for the map is so open it is perfect to nailing kill after kill. Conquest and Breakthrough cannot be pushed
more for being easiest for these assignments. Issues you may find is it is open so you need
to find cover using the kills. Be patient..and have a medic near you to pick
you up. Because once you get a feel kills you are
constantly going to need to move to another spot or risk being killed. Then finally my favorite map Rotterdam. This map is feel is perfect for objective
and headshot kills is because each sector is perfect for lining up headshots. The first sector starts you off vs everyone
on the objective for you and you are near a health station. Next sector puts everyone on the bridge for
you to snipe from afar or various angles. And last sector push for A for quick easy
headshots while they are on the point. Also for conquest positioning on the bridge
is easy to get the headshots or when you see people camping on it. It is overall going to be the map I see most
get the gold assignments. Note that sometimes the headshots do bug out
and count even when not prone. Also for the objective kills the Enemy has
to be on the objectives for you to snag the kills. Hit me up in the comments down below if you
found any of these tips helpful. I can always go more indepth but as we can
see the video is already quite long and tried to cover everything efficiently for you. Leave a like if you found any info helpful
a dislike if you did. Leave comments for others how you got the
gold assignments! Thanks again for watching and will see you
next time!

40 thoughts on “How to get the Gold Snipers in Battlefield 5 (bf5 gameplay tips and map guide)

  1. I hope you found the tips helpful. I tried to be efficient on the guide, did not want it to go on forever. One map I did not cover is Panzerstorm. I do not feel this is a good map for the mastery assignment as it is too difficult with the amount of tanks running around and that means less you are able to snipe. Thanks again for watching guys, hit me up with questions if you have any! 🙂

  2. Very informative, I was lucky enough to prone on TOP of the bridge on twisted steel and make 10 long range headshots in one life toward A and got the gold sniper

  3. Saw on Reddit that you can actually do the kill 20 enemies on an objective in singleplayer on Tirailleur using the Lee Enfield and Gewehr 95.

  4. its really nice to get tips like this because this is the first battlefield that I have played and then GOOD tips (like these) are really help full

  5. For Krag I got the gold Mastery IV in Aerodome near C point. There is a big water resovior climb up and go prone. But you need a support class for ammo get the spawn beacon near. I just love the Krag you're channel actually the one I watch and learn from how you aim. 👌

  6. My assignments are so buggy i do the prone assignments while moving 😂🤦🏻‍♂️
    I got 8 gold skins now 2 for each class

  7. Hey daz, i got 2 golds complete (lee & kar) but when i did them i noticed that sometimes the challenges are buged (for good). I mean, sometimes i completed one (the in 1 rounds) without the complete kills, like if sometimes if you dont see the challenge at the other round it acumulates. You know something about this?

  8. Really informative video even though I got all the assignments. I also recommend Frontlines on Hamada because there is only one flag and the rounds are sometimes really long lasting.

  9. The problem is that you alway's have to stay on the objective. If you can't find enemy's onthe objective then what? Some asigments are way to hard to get.

  10. I got my k98 on breakthrough, defending. On Hamada, hide behind a rock against the mountain near A, so to your right. When they attack the flag you can pick them off quite easily. Most of the time the attacking team struggle to get through even the first objective.

    I'm by no means a great sniper, but I managed to get a 27 killstreak, with 10 headshots within objective for the assignment.

    I don't know if I will do it for the other weapons because you are kind of worthless to your team imo. I think dice should reconsider their assignment.

    Good luck!

  11. Theres no way to get all gold for all bolt actions, self loading and semi auto rifles if you're on console. I've been personally been grinding these piece of shit assignments since launch and all they do is make you wanna throw your controller to the wall. Fuck you Dice fuck you EA bring back those dog tag assignments

  12. i use lee enfield & kar98k and now two both weapon is finally mastery how complete easy way lee enfield mastery vi & kar98k mastery v…?

  13. Yeah I won't be getting any of these ,played about twenty hours of it now and I'm getting absolutely shit on

  14. I've watched this a couple of times. I'm amazed that you've already gotten ALL the gold weapons in recon, I've been trying since Day 1 effectively. Stuck on the last one for the M/95, about 66% of my kills are headshots, but of course, only 1% actually registers towards the assignments. I played a game with a 70something and a 6 k/d, 32 headshots, but only 2 counted. Absolute bullshit assignments.

    It's so painful it's affecting me mentally. The assignments are the only rewarding thing this game has to offer.

  15. Guys I know with the first look is almost impossible and you think what Dice was thinking but its gold and it for master players!I had the same problem I started and play all time only sniping and now after 3 months I had 3 full gold and I'm looking forward for the others!For me I like this because is not for everyone and when you will have finished this you will feel very satisfying but it's not impossible you must try hard and come on guys let's be clear everyone can do it if wants but all we want the easy way but this is not easy that's why is gold!!!

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