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How’s it going, Mikey here, and Today I’m going to show you tips and tricks to unlock all camos on your assault rifles. I’ve already unlocked diamond camo on every weapon in Black Ops 2, links to those videos in the description below. So let’s get started. If you’re looking for the fastest way to level up your weapons you want smaller maps. Smaller maps equal more action, more kills and shorter games. If you bought any of the map packs, delete them. All the DLC maps are mid to large in size and are going to take up more of your time. As a bonus, you’ll notice you’ll find games faster and you’ll usually have a better connection since the game will now match you with a larger pool of users who don’t care about new maps. Remember, you can re-download your your maps at any time for free. Next up, game types and game modes. For the most part, you can play whatever you want. The ARs only take 2-3 shots to the head to get a kill and are fairly easy weapons to use, for the exception of the single shot rifles the FAL and SMR. Some of you may not have the best trigger finger and you might have a hard time with those, at least until you unlock the select fire attachment. If you’re having a hard time with the FAL and SMR, just play Hardcore Kill Confirmed or Hardcore Domination. There those two weapons will be a one hit kill almost anywhere on the body. You want to stay away from Hardcore TDM since is slow paced and we’re were to get diamond as fast as we can. Moving onto scorestreaks, keep them low and simple: UAV, Hunter Killer and Counter UAV. We’re here to max out our weapon, then move on to the next one, not go for 100+ gameplays. I use the Hunter Killer so much because it’s annoying, ends kill streaks and takes down enemy UAV. Next lets talk class set-ups for each challenge. Your first challenge is 100 head shots. People always ask, how do you get easy headshots? The fact is, there is no trick to aim for the head. You just have to train yourself aim high. Practice makes perfect. That said, to increase your chances of a headshot, the quickdraw attachment is a must and the red dot does help with aiming. For your perks, you have to have Toughness to help keep you on target while taking fire and for your two top tier perks, Ghost and Blind Eye. There is nothing more annoying then being right up next to your target, lining up your headshot, only to be killed by a random Hunter Killer. If you haven’t already, you should have used a prestige token on Ghost, it’s the best perk in the game. Now if you’re REALLY bad with lining up headshots, you can use stuns and shock charges and stun people before you walk up to them for the headshot. Just make sure to use Tactical Mask, because you will end up stunning yourself sooner or later. If you’re having trouble with the FAL or SMR, use the select fire attachment once you’ve unlocked it, play hardcore modes or do both. Next is the 10 long shots challenge. For this you will want large maps while playing Hardcore Kill Confirmed or Hardcore Domination and equip the Target Finder. Love it or hate it, it’s just way too easy to get your long shots, as most the ARs act like snipers in Hardcore mode. For your class set up, Ghost, Blind eye and remember to use Cold Blooded instead of Toughness. You don’t want anyone to spot your hiding spot from across the map. Once you’ve got your 10 long shots, do the community a favor and don’t use the Target Finder anymore. It’s a cheap attachment and you’re not going to become a better Call of Duty player by having the game show your where targets are. This was something made for your nana to use when she wants to try out your video game. Next up, 150 kills with no perks or attachments. This is when you should be prestiging your weapon to lose your attachments, since you will have no use for them for a while. For the most part, ARs are pretty good, even without attachments, so play whatever game modes you like. Again, if you’re having trouble with the FAL and SMR just play hardcore. 1 bullet anywhere on the body and they die. For your class set up, double EMPs to give you easy assist points, and use Tactician to double up on shock charges both will give you 50 score points if someone kills them after you’ve stunned them. And finally spend a point on a launcher to take down any air support. For our final challenge we need 10 weapon bloodthirsty medals. That is, 5 kills with your assault rifle in a single life. You can get a kill with your Hunter Killer or secondary, as long as you get 5 AR kills in that life, it will count as a bloodthirsty. For you my class I went full stealth and a silencer and played both core and hardcore. Mix and match whatever works best for you. Remember, these videos are guides to show you what worked best for me, this isn’t what you have to do, so feel free to change it up. Please take 3 seconds to rate the video and I’ll see you tomorrow. omg!

100 thoughts on “HOW TO GET EASY DIAMOND CAMO FOR ASSAULT RIFLES, Black Ops 2 Tips & Tricks

  1. I got everything diamond. EVERYTHING; pistols, ARs, specials – the whole lot. And now XP lobbies are just handing them out to people. Gonna kms

  2. just play ffr its easy to get kills since the game mode is full of snipers and they cant hit there shots because someone might be using a ar LMAO

  3. It's really easy, I got 40 Head Shots in a Day. Just play on big maps and go around to map and kill all them Snipers, us shock charges for campers that have have Assault Rifles. Also leave the lobby after a match because they will know your strategy and will get the bouncing battery on, shock charges, and C4. You can do it! 👌👌👍👍

  4. Bruhhhh a modder just gave me diamond on all guns

    Edit:im from the future and trump is YOUR president commit suicide now!

  5. 💎 Diamond for new Call of Duty:

  6. I still like the Carbon Camo. Less attraction so you're more focused on shooting than admiring your golden/diamond camo

  7. Damn man I forgot you needed 10 bloodthirsties in bo2, the memories, the pain and the rages, and the relief of happiness of getting dismount man, still the best diamond camo in any cod to date

  8. I don’t know if this works for all ARs but for my type 25 I put quickdraw and red dot sight and it really helps your headshot just hit high. Got 27 headshots in two games

  9. What about the sensitivity, i play on sensitivity 8 and took a while to get used to it. should i keep going higher on sensitivity or should i just stick with my comfortabele setting

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