100 thoughts on “How to get an early +10 weapon in Dark Souls 3 and become OP before Abyss Watchers

  1. I followed ur guide till gundyr wtf is wrong with u huh? Its one of the hardest bosses so why do u think this is early in the game after defeating the dancer and him?

  2. fuck u game fucking bullshit pos dancer is a slut who was a ugly bitch who was weak to defend her slave ass

  3. Keep in mind guys that this is for fast progression, not easy progression. So if you are really good at this game you can do this method and get a ridiculous weapon, and then mow through the rest of the game faster than you normally would. Spend 2 hours doing this hard but doable stuff and you will be able to get everything else you want in no time

  4. well you could get +10 by reaching twin princes boss fight, than turn right and that elevator leads you down to titanite slab. it's one boss faster, but not sure if it's easier

  5. jesus this makes me feel ……. i dont know. is their a word lower than a scrub? im still finding out what is a good fighting style. i been knighting with heavy armor and i cant even beat a crab. im thinking of going shield and great sword.

  6. so kill one of the hardest bosses in the game at a low level just so you can beat some of the easiest bosses with a strong weapon makes sense

  7. I figured out how to defeat the dancer in second phase which is after she gets done using beyblade any attack she does just go and roll into her legs preferablly her left leg.

  8. Frankly, if you can defeat dancer with a +3 weapon with SL25, you don't need the whole "+10 weapon before Abyss Watchers" -.-

  9. So to get a +10 weapon 'early', just go kill the Dancer with a +3 weapon? Seems legit.
    What about getting a +10 weapon before the dancer?

  10. gotta love that fucking dancer boss no? able to do an attack that literally does over 800 hp damage on you so one hit and even if you dodge it your fucked.

  11. so i did everything in the guide except instead of 1 hour it took me like 5 days cause im not a wizard and can't beat the dancer with a shitty +3 weapon.. i had to get to lvl 45 and get help from a sunbro before i killed her, this guide isnt that good if u havent gotten gud yet like me.

  12. Personal for anyone with who dies to 2°stage dancer: – Put a piece of paper or something on her health bar, and the boss with knowing her HP.

  13. wtf… i have already beaten the abyss watchers, for me, the dancer of boreal valley has been the hardest boss BY FAR. I have beaten the abyss watchers, the cursed tree, vordt, crystal shard dude, high lord wolnir. Dancer has been the mostdifficult by far. WTF and u just beat it with NOTHING……

  14. I'm currently at level 40 wearing an abyss watcher armour set but can barely survive a hit even in the first phase. How did you survive with that naked character?

  15. This guy must hate the abyss watcher to want to use +10 weapon lol i kinda want to try this but i sit and wonder how much did that poor guy kill his guy to get +10. Me hell no i would die by the dancer more then i play the game. So congrats to who did this with out dying 100 times. Plus side your player is now a Hollow if you used the dark siegel 5 free lvl

  16. Do a guy who beat dancer naked early, need a +10 weapon?

    You can clear this game with one hand while eating a cup noodle dude lmao

  17. Were you seriously a super low level? You were doing some solid damage to enemies that had a decent bit of health so I find it hard to believe you were playing a low level character. Don’t get me wrong though, pulling off what you did with the gear setup you had was impressive.

  18. the funny thing is there is a slab in the untended graves if you continue straight forward after killing champ so you dont need to trade the fragment

  19. If you can’t kill dancer with this method
    And if you don’t mind going hollow use the dark hand, if you don’t want to however, unfortunately for you
    just have to git gud

  20. If you have access to the ashes of ariandel dlc then you can actually get +10 earlier. So with the consumer kings garden you stated there was only two chunks when there is in fact four when you hop of the ledge go all the way right there will be one near a pool of poison then if you go up the elevator which is located near the third chunk get the shortcut there will be a chunk near the door. With the slab go to the elevator which takes you to road of sacrifices then kill the crystal sage go to the chapel then talk to Gael and head into the dlc. Do the normal run to the bonfire located near champion grave tender then start to run past the crabs to where snap freeze is located kill the tree lady walk back to the elevated ground go up the ladders and the slab should be there. Now please don’t think of this as hate but as a tip for later times in the game or a speed run tactic.

  21. i just bought the game, i defeated abyss watcher before dancer, thats why i feel weak at pvp at farron keep

  22. Will I still be able to finish most of the sidequest or will it end. I just want it lvl up my weapon fast and be done.

  23. Love how people are just saying damn you’re really good and stuff which is true
    You could beat the game really fast now

    My first run took me about 5 months to beat the base game
    And mimir took me over 50 deaths to kill (dlc)
    Yesterday got dark souls 3 on ps4
    (Have Xbox and beat it on that console,had ps4 for a while now but didn’t have old games I had on Xbox because it would be a waste)
    So I got DSIII because I fucking love that game
    The game took all day to download because I started to download it at 9 plus I got the bundle so it took longer
    But I beat the game in 18 hours
    All in one day
    If I play it more and more I could beat it in shorter time also did characters quest lines
    You guys know how it is
    Also I’m late only because I don’t watch dark souls videos like these anymore only chasthebro with invasions
    But this was epic
    I’m glad that people played this after they beat it consistently
    And gotten to good at it
    It still is good
    Won’t ever be bad

  24. After dying to Dancer over 60 times I found the Abyss Watchers' fight even with a +7 weapon really easy. Fun thing to know though.

  25. The thing to understand here is that there's not really a way to make dark souls easy, except, getting gud, son.

  26. People don’t seem to get the point of the video. "Why would you need a +10 weapon for abyss watchers when you killed dancer with a +3 weapon?" The point is to be OP.

  27. So you got a +10 weapon in one hour?
    I still only have a +6 weapon at 60 hours, stuck at the dancer fight…
    You got gud

  28. The enemies that carry the crosses drop Embers and Titanite Shards all the time. You can go to an area near the Road of Sorrows which is one of the later areas in the game and there's like five of them in total, but you can easily farm two of them near a bonfire. It's like the third bonfire in that area, I forget the exact name.

  29. U forgot to mention, the Dancer as a weakness to lightning and dark. Bring gold pine resin for that fight and you can make some progress on her health bar pretty fast.

  30. Yeah I'll just kill dancer, oceiros and gundyr at sl30, no problem man. they are so easy i didnt die 20 times each at sl80

  31. This is surely a good bragging rights video. And a fun one to watch for sure.

    Just, please, don’t call this a guide: if a new player ever attempts this he will likely think this marvelous game is unfair and unbalanced and most likely drop out of it!

  32. This is just stupid , skip a quarter of the game just running and picking items to get a plus 10 weapon when ur already in lothric castle not to mention the dancer isnt that easy while ur still in low level

  33. You could equip dark hand because it does 300 damage per hit and ocieros 150 and you could get it before curse rotted greatwood

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