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How to get a Sniper in Halo with Math

so I was walking in the base the other day and I just see these two noobs and they’re just arguing over who should get the sniper rifle back in my day people would just betray each other for the sniper rifle normally they do but these guys were a little bit different what do you mean by different they were saying something like the most intelligent person should get the sniper rifle or something stupid like that that makes a lot of sense because everybody knows the sniper rifle runs on green power yeah I know right anyway one of them was asking the other one to solve 9 + 11 oh dang because that is a true test of intelligence yeah those idiots I ended up taking the sniper rifle for myself oh good job fantastic yeah I know right so you did this by blurting out the answer and claiming what was rightfully yours right ah no VAT? but why not well you know I just didn’t want to get the answer wrong you are joking right I mean I knew the answer I just didn’t want to accidentally say the wrong thing and then feel like an idiot what is it then what do you mean the answer uhh the answer to what oyyyy stop playing games dammit what is 9 plus 11 Jesus it’s 21 now leave me alone what did you just say 20 that’s what I said the answer is 20 that is not what you said ughhh fine you’re right you do know what this means right come on do I have to yes you shameful fellow what kind of idiot can’t even do basic addition damn you want to be so mean about it shut up and give it to me okay fine yes now i am the sniper rifle master all will bow down to me *GUNSHOT* what is up awesome possums I hope you enjoyed the video if you did leave a like leave a comment subscribe maybe even share with your friends maybe check out another video anyways I hope you have an awesome possum day later

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