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  1. This is pretty musch like in Europe.
    Do you have significantly less accidents involving guns in MA than in other states?
    Less gun related crime?

  2. What country in Europe is this similar to? I don't know those specific statistics but I can tell you the worst handgun crime rates occur in Chicago and Washington DC where handguns are banned altogether. Kind of backwards.

  3. It is a lot like in Scandinavian Countries or Germany. But there are similar systems in other countries. Some countries are very restrictive what handguns are concerned. Some less. But basically, safety courses, tests, applications, permit, you buy the gun. Only Switzerland and the Chech Rep. are really liberal.

  4. Thanks for the info. Compared to most states in the US, Massachusetts is considered one of the top 5 least gun friendly. It's a much easier process to get guns in states like Florida for example. There are some overarching federal restrictions, for example fully-automatic rifles have been banned since the 1930's. For the most part each state gets to decide how to handle the issue. What country are you from?

  5. i live in Worcester, MA and the safety course at the police dept. cost $20 as a resident and $35 for non residents

  6. Yeah, I've always been interested Glocks. I can't seem to understand the Glock laws here in MA. I think it had to do with the safety. Doesn't make a lot of sense.

  7. how old do i have to be to get the basic firearms certification and apply for my license? thanks (video helped a lot been looking for a while and this is like the only thing i found that actually helped).

  8. Check out my "firearm license types" video to see for sure. I think you can be 18 with parental consent, but there are many different stipulations for different situations if I remember correctly.

  9. Holy Crap. In Indiana, you just send in a form to the StatePolice, $60 for a lifetime carry permit. Open or concealed carry is accepted. Plus, it's accepted in ALOT of states. Looking at getting a new job and moving to Boston, but that's not going to happen after seeing this. Jeez!!!!

  10. Yes I said shells. Not sure what "AMO" is, haven't heard that one before. Oh you meant Ammo? At 01:30 into the video I was speaking about where I like to keep the empty casings after i'm done shooting 30-06. There's a nice little pouch where I keep those empty shell casings. Why exactly do you have a problem with this term? I'm really curious. Please educate me.

  11. since ive seen this video i got my f.i.d. card. but i have been looking and cant find a straight answer. can i get a semi auto rifle like a ar15 or something that holds a low cap mag? please let me know if you know the answer asap thanks (live in Boston Ma)

  12. Hey BigNate84. I do not have a FID card. But want to hunt in Western Mass with a black powder gun. I have bought a CVA wolf .50 gun. What can I buy without an FID card. I heard I cannot buy gun powder or the White Hots you use. How about the bullets and so on. Just want to know what i need to hunt. Getting all different answers from a few gun shop owners. Which I think of as kind of weird I figured I would at least get the same answers. Hope you can help. Thanks mrbuckey100

  13. Would I be denied if I have done time in jail for driving without a license/failure to stop for a police officer.Incarcerated for 6 months, let out after 3 months and this was 15 years ago.

  14. I used to have a f I d card,i let it expire. when I got mine I didn't take a firearms course. is the course mandatory,or just a suggestion?

  15. Hey, I live in Framingham and I'm 22. I've never had a problem with the law in any way. I was thinking of getting a rifle, hunting rifle you know. Just for shooting targets, I have no actual interest in hunting. How easy would it be to get a license and what type of permit do I need?

  16. these are good, factual points to live by in MA. I support this message, only for a few weeks. the state is in the process of crapping on it…

  17. i am 17 now and was diagnosed with bi polar disorder at 13…. will this effect the outcome of obtaining my license to carry and or FID card when of age?

  18. Hey im from chelsea ma and im wondering if I could get a guns license I have no criminal record and i dont plan on liein on my application so can I have license?

  19. Hey im from chelsea ma and im wondering if I could get a guns license I have no criminal record and i dont plan on liein on my application so can I have license?

  20. Isn't Mass., one of those states that abandoned the US Constitution back in the
    1960's? Isn't that the state that hired blind and wheel chair  law enforcement officers to improve diversity and improve the self esteem of violent criminals?

  21. Might be a stupid question. What if I don't live in Mass. Can I still qualify to get my license for the state of Mass? I live in the State of Rhode Island. But want to take some classes regardless. Any info,please?

  22. what about new bedford   ma   don't have a car  any class there, anyone know??  want to get back to work after surgery  thinking security for brink  say i need a firearm  only 9mm or 45  

  23. Great video, in Europe it is little bit harder to get a firearms (at least in Lithuania) , but pretty much the same procedure.

  24. I would never own a gun in Massachusetts. If you ever had to use it to protect yourself, no matter how justified you are, you will be in very big trouble and probably go bankrupt defending your actions

  25. Any idea how the process is affected if you are out-of-state? Say if I'm from new hampshire and want to carry across the boarded without getting screwed.

  26. I am confused I live in Boston, And 18. Massachusetts says  Federal law prohibits, with certain exceptions*, the possession of a handgun or handgun ammunition by any person under the age of 18.But then Dealers may not sell or deliver a handgun or ammunition for a handgun to any person the dealer has reasonable cause to believe is under age 21. So does that mean I can obtain a license just not purchase one. What if I am given one am I allowed to posses it ?

    Link http://smartgunlaws.org/minimum-age-to-purchase-possess-firearms-policy-summary/

  27. Great video it was very helpful. I just had one question does the license normally take 40 to 50 days or does it vary?

  28. What could make you get denied? I've never been convicted of any crime but what else could get you denied? I've never been in a mental health facility overnight. What about a detox from previous prescription opiate use from a car accident where it was legal medication?

  29. this is very simular to our firearm ceritcates in the UK ! except we dont have to do saftey course ! we can appeal to the crown court if the police refuese to issue or take one away
    they are called certficates and not licenses because licenses would be illegal for something that is a consitutional right ! which is a load of bullshit for obvious reasons !
    self defence is not considered a good reason to have a certicate alhough you can use your firearm for home defence if you can justify it !

    can massachuetts police take your license away if you are arrested or convicted of certain crimes ? if that happens are you then banned in all states ?

  30. I watched the vid, (thanks, good job), because my daughter is moving to MA, to go to school (Cambridge), and because there is no conceal carry reciprocity between KY and MA. So her KY conceal carry is not valid in MA (KY permits not honored in NY, Washington DC, NJ, CA, CT, MA, OR – I think I see a trend here, LOL).
    MA conceal carry laws suck. Too many laws, too much paperwork, too expensive. You should move south of the Mason-Dixon line 🙂

  31. We hold classes every Tuesday at 6:30PM and every Saturday at 9AM at MA Gun Safety in Woburn. Classes also available in Braintree by appointment. Call and leave a voicemail or text John at 857-258-9888.

  32. WOW…. H0oly shit this is about as strict as Canada. Holy shit…. Like… I thought Massachusetts was in America. So much for second amendment. If they allow this in one state what's stopping them from doing it in all states?

  33. my niece is a top-notch trap shooter in MA….she's 20…she just beat the #3 person in the state, and she placed #2 in maine, her team placed #1. the cops in haverhill are making it impossible for her to get an FID so she can actually have her own shotgun. they want her to take a 40+ hour course, put on by the chief of police, that runs a few thousand dollars. if you don't take his course, you don't get an FID.

    I told her to move to NH where we don't get treated like criminals because we want a gun.

  34. @BIGNATE84 i have a question if you have been arrested but the case was dropped and not found guilty ..will that be a problem on recieving my gun licens??

  35. If you live in the wonderful city of Lowell you will not receive a class A permit, sporting only. Neither the NRA nor will any local lawyer even challenge it

  36. Oddly enough as a person that thinks it's too easy for the common civilian in a heavily populated area to acquire a gun. I am definitely interested in getting a nice sidearm for hiking in the wilds. Mentally it's impossible to ever get back to that innocent childish mind where you'd just go out and hike and walk through the woods. Coyotes have been hard pressed lately and fox/deer appearing where they have never appeared before. Means more predators are pushing inward and don't fear us humans.

    Thanks for the video! Heavily appreciated as someone that appreciates the gun invention but knows the majority of people shouldn't own one in the simple city life.

  37. Do I need to provide a photo for my license in The US??. In Canada, if you are Muslim and wear a Nicab, you don't. It's insane!!!!

  38. I've completed by hunter safety course and it's been over a year since I completed it. Can I still get my FID or no? Please answer

  39. that is correct unless you live in lowell ma where they want you to write an essay and spend over a thousand dollars on a training course….so you can get a LTC

  40. how long is the safety course and many do you have to take? i have a FDI i got there when i was 15. but i want to upgrade to a LCT. so how many class do i have to take to get that?

  41. Do I still have to take the firearms safety course if I’m active duty military and a qualified shooter?

    Edit: I’m from California but currently stationed In Mass.

  42. What in my past criminal history could keep me from LTC in MA?
    I’ve never convicted for a felony. No one has restraining order against me.

  43. bro these laws only apply if you are black, latino, white and can't afford to bribe anyone… I had to pay $240.00 in bribes to just put in my application. waiting to find out what other bribes I need to pay.

  44. It seems like MA really doesn’t want the law abiding citizen to carry. I’m moving from VA to Boston in April 2019, and I currently carry under LEOSA (retired). VA makes the annual certification very easy, and it’s free for VA residents at the NRA Range. In MA, to meet the retired LEOSA eligibility requirements is very difficult and burdensome. It’s like they don’t want retired LEOs to carry either.

  45. I just signed up for my firearms safety class for the 21st, I'm so excited. I've been wanting a gun and to go hunting since I was a kid.

  46. I was told in Boston that you needed to have a reason to submit an application for a firearm license. What would be a good reason that would pass? I understand going hunting, or protecting my property and family, but would that pass? Any suggestions would be highly appreciated.

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