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How To Fusion Rifle in Destiny 2

Fusion rifles. Probably the most space-magicky
class of weapon in a game that’s not lacking in space-magicky weapons. They’re the most
misunderstood class of weapon in the game, with the majority of PvP players not using
them or dismissing them entirely. And yet, for those that are in the know, Fusion
Rifles have no equal, and cannot be countered easily if used by someone who truly knows
how to use them. So why are so many people sleeping on them? The answer is simple – they’re not intuitive,
and everyone’s too lazy to find out why. Luckily, I did the work for you, and after this video
I think you’re going to be tempted to give it another try. Hi, my name is Ascendant Nomad, fusions are
vapes, and I’m YOUR Crucible Doctor. Before we begin, there’s one fundamental truth
that you have to know and acknowledge about Fusions that is so vitally important to the
video moving forward. Fusion rifles are RNG. Every Fusion Rifle fires 7 bolts. That’s right,
even the exotic ones. The way the bolts spreadout can be tailored, but the placement of each individual bolt is always and 100% random. So if you have a wayward shot, or you’re just
out of range, that randomness turns into inconsistency devastatingly quick. So if you can’t control the exact placement
of the bolts, all you CAN control is the spread of the bolts and how hard they hit. And luckily,
there’s not too much rocket science involved, and the mechanics of this have only slightly
changed from Destiny 1. Fusion Rifles are, fundamentally, an exercise
in recoil control, shot timing and minimizing the effect of RNG on your gun. And we can
do this in three ways – Impact, Range and Perks. Now this is going to be a longer video than
most as you’ve probably seen, so here’s some hand-dandy timecodes on the screen now to
show you when each section is, and for how long. You can skip ahead if you so choose,
but I highly recommend you watch the full whack if this is your first time here. It’s
all filled with good information that interlinks with one another, plus I need the watch time
minutes in order to feel the effects properly for when I get demonetized like a real YouTuber.
It’s a necessary rite of passage at this point. I hope you understand. #1 – Impact is the most important stat of
a fusion rifle. The reason I say this is because damage per
bolt is tied to impact. Specifically, *high impact frames* are the best option and it’s
not even close. According to Mercules904’s spreadsheet, High Impacts do 46-49 damage
per bolt, requiring no more than 4 out of the 7 bolts to hit in order to kill in optimal
circumstances. Precision Frames are the next best because they hit consistently for 39
or 40 damage per bolt in their optimal range, requiring on average 5 bolts out of 7. Not
bad, but definitely not as good High Impacts. For reference, Adaptive frames hit for 36-39,
and Rapid Fires hit for 33-36 in their respective optimal ranges. Both frames require at least
6 out of your 7 bolts to hit, and with their respective ranges it’s easy to see why that’s
probably not the way to go outside of PvE. With High Impacts, you don’t need to rely
on RNG to be perfect to secure a kill. What you do need is an understanding of the way
your gun fires so you can learn to recoil control as and when the time comes. And that
is affected by the cone of fire of your weapon, or in terms of real-world Destiny stats: Range. #2 – Range affects Cone of Fire If you don’t know what cone of fire is, here’s
a visual representation. The cone of fire represents the ranges of
height and width of the placement of your bullets relative to the distance at which
you initially fired the gun. The closer the target is to the gun, the less likely the
bullets will deviate from the initial direction of aim. The further the target is, the more
likely the deviation occurs. This is generally true for all weapons in real life. In Destiny, this mostly affects automatic
weapons like Machine Guns, Autos and SMGs, but it also affects Fusion Rifles. All guns
are affected by this to a degree, but you don’t need to worry about this for single-shot
weapons and lower-RPM weapons because you can easily correct for deviations in aim between
shots. Plus, the game generally doesn’t mimic real life, but you sort of knew that already
considering you’re a magical space zombie killing other magical space zombies in a simulated
environment with a coked-up Morgan from The Walking Dead egging you on every 30 seconds
because he’s sexually frustrated. Anyways. Now for fusions, what range does is it effectively
tightens the cone of fire, making the bolts more concentrated in their spread. Have a
look at this footage. In this first clip we have a crappily rolled
Erentil with a range value of 61. We’re shooting the wall from a distance of about 20 meters,
and you can see that the bolts are randomly placed every time, but the overall spread
isn’t too bad. Now compare that with this second clip, from the same distance and the same gun, but now spec’d at 78 range. Already, you can see the tighter cone has affected
the spread of the bolts which, again are randomly placed every time. BUT, if they’re all jostling for position
within the same, tight radius, then the effects of RNG of the bolt placement are pretty much
mitigated. The only requirement now for this fusion rifle to do some serious
damage is for it to be aimed true towards a target. But wait, it gets even better. #3 – Perks that enhance the fusion experience Whilst range is by far and away the best stat
you want to focus on with a fusion rifle, there are certain perks that definitely do
their bit to make the fusion experience more solid. Initially I had this whole draft written which
was a play-by-play of all the different perks you could find on a fusion and it initially
bloated this video’s length to an ungodly amount of time. Instead, what I’m gonna do
is just tell you what I believe to be the perks you want to use, and the perks you should
absolutely avoid. 1) Let’s start with Tap The Trigger, which
is typically a last-column perk. Tap The Trigger increases accuracy on every trigger pull,
which on a fusion means it’s proc’ing every single time you use the gun. What this translates
to is a tighter overall bolt spread for your fusion rifles, though by how much is impossible
to say. That said, it’s an RNG-reducing perk, so it gets my vote for sure. Under Pressure is a more passive perk that essentially does the same thing, though it’s typically found in column 3. 2) Quickdraw. Another last-column perk. Typically
High Impact and Precision Frames have handling values under 40, so quickdraw can be the boost
that’s badly needed for fusions to feel viable in the eyes of many. Many people dislike their
slow draw speed, and having the handling maxed out makes the guns ready in the minimum amount
of time, and chargeable near-instantaneously. Anything that helps get that shot away faster
is an absolute win in my books. Speaking of which: 3) Backup plan. Reduces charge time by a significant
amount of time and turns any well-spec’d fusion rifle into a legitimate anti-shotgun option.
I would exercise caution with backup plan, as its main perk can be actively detrimental
to improving your overall fusion technique. Far too many people willingly head into bad
situations knowing they can crutch on backup plan as a sort of get-out-of-jail-free card,
which defeats the main strength of this perk – the option to be completely unpredictable
offensively rather than defensively. 4) Rangefinder – more range, less problems.
No-brainer. 5) Auto-loading holster – this one is an under-rated
third column perk because it gives you peace of mind by reloading your weapon for you when
stowed. This one is definitely a playstyle preference type of perk, but one that can
have a real impact as you engage with multiple targets. Getting caught with your pants down
because you forgot to reload is never a fun time. 6) Rampage – kill one, get more damage. More
damage, less bolts needed to get your next kill. More kills… Phil: THAT’S A LOT OF DAMAGE! JonTron: That’s a LOTTA DAMAGE Definitely give it a go. For bolt perks, the absolute best one is Projection
Fuse which boosts your range by 10. Liquid Coils is a great shout as well as it boosts
Impact by 10 at the expense of Charge Time, but not by much. Under no circumstance do
you want to use Accelerated Coils, as it lowers your impact in favour of charge time. Charge
time can be mitigated by the Masterwork and certain perks, but you do not want to make
your gun worse from a neutral state. Lowering impact lowers the base damage per bolt. As for last-column perks you should avoid: Kill Clip. With double fusion scavengers,
you’re gonna pick up 3 ammo per kill so you would need a minimum of two kills with a 5-mag
fusion rifle in order to just make use of this perk. Compared to all other perks in
the perk pool which either passively or actively affect the gun’s operation or readiness immediately
upon spawning into the Crucible, Kill Clip is by far and away the worst perk you could
pick in comparison. That’s really the only perk I recommend you
don’t use of the last two columns. The rest of the perks are on various points of the
good-to-bad spectrum, with some being worse than others but I really don’t think any of
the perks aside from Kill Clip aren’t viable or make a roll instantly trash. Kill Clip on a fusion
to me makes absolutely zero sense outside of an enemy-rich environment like Reckoning
or Blind Well, but even then you’d be using Recluse or something with Dragonfly to help
deal with the mobs. As for sights and barrels, use anything that
boosts range. Don’t even bother with the short-zoom scopes unless you’re already made up with
how much range you have already. As a general rule, shoot for 75 range. You can check the
range stats in detail using third-party apps like Ishtar Commander or Destiny Item Manager. When it comes to Masterworks, personally I
will always prefer range but for a lot of people Charge Time is the de-facto meta. Like
I’ve already said, anything that gets the shot off quicker is a win in my book, EXCEPT
for Accelerated Coils. Don’t be THAT person. So that’s just how the guns work mechanically.
What about actually using them? Let’s talk about aim – aim for the body, preferably
start just above the knees in the general dick/female dick area. Yes, everyone has dicks
of some sort, thats why being a dick isn’t just a guy thing anymore. It’s 2019, get woke. The reason you want to aim there is because
those damage numbers we talked about earlier? They’re general body shot numbers. You don’t
need to aim for the head with fusions because you need to get as many bolts on target, plus
in general fusion rifles recoil upwards with a small variation left and right if they’re
spec’d correctly. Aiming for the body gives you a better chance of landing a majority
of your bolts and pulling off the kill. Assuming your aim is good, there’s another
part to getting a kill. Fusion rifles have one central mechanic that cannot be circumvented
under any circumstance, and that’s it’s charge time. You need to account for charge time
in the way you use this gun. Even backup plan has a small charge time that can’t be circumvented. In order to use fusion rifles effectively,
you must minimise the amount of time you’re putting yourself at risk to opponents when
you’re charging up. This is reliant on a number of factors, chiefly whether or not they are
looking at you and actively firing at you. For players who are firing at you, you want
to charge up behind cover and then peek to get that shot off. They won’t have enough
time to react to it and counter, and if your aim is true and you’re in the right range,
they’re toast. For guardians who are sort of just all over the place, shooting at other
people or just blissfully unaware of your presence, you don’t have to be as cautious. For the confident, there are other creative
ways of circumventing the charge time. Charge-sliding out of cover can be absolutely deadly.
To do this, initiate a slide, then start charging immediately and pre-aim in the general direction
you think the enemy is, based off the radar and context clues. Once the enemy is in frame,
make your adjustment. By the time the slide ends, there will be a small amount of time,
maybe less than half a second, until your shot goes off. Use that time to get your aim
true and watch them vaporise harder than Johnny after school by the 7/11 parking lot. You could also jump into a lane using the
same methodology, timing your landing to coincide with the shot going off. I don’t recommend
you double jump into this lane or fall from a fall-damage potential height because your
character’s viewscreen will be shifted downwards as a result. More than anything, keep practicing. Fusions
are unlike any other gun in the game and have their own learning curve. Use them religiously,
even if you’re frustrated. If you get good with fusions, you won’t want to stop using
them. I think I got everything. Did I get everything?
Shit I better have gotten everything. If I didnt, please let me know in the comments
section below or in our discord server, The Tribe. We’re dedicated to self improvement
there and we’re actually in the middle of a server-wide petition for Bungie to reclassify
fusion rifles as vapes in-game. If you’d like to add your name to that list, or just generally
hang out and get gud whilst playing scrims with us, I’ll leave a link below that like
button for you to join. Before we wrap up, a quick word from this
channel’s sponsor, Bountey. Bountey is the game changing platform that
allows fans to support their favourite creators by helping pay for content that they want
to see. Submit ideas to your favorite creator, and
vote for the best ideas from their community with your wallet. The creator chooses the
idea they likes best, makes the content and gets paid for it. Content for the fans, by the fans. To learn
more, click the link in the video description below. Well, we did it. We got to the wrap up. Sorry for the very long video, but I didn’t
feel right not doing this in one go. Fusion rifles are some of my favourite archetypes
of weapons to use, even if I’m so terrible with them that I asked members of The Tribe
to submit the gameplay used underneath my voice over. I wanted to use this wrap up to make a small
statement about off-meta weapon archetypes. Sometimes, there’s a legitimate and objective
reason why you shouldn’t be using a certain archetype of weapon. 110 hand cannons are
way too slow to kill, auto rifles are Tickle Me Elmo simulators and Scout Rifles are about
as effective as a cat flap in an elephant’s house. When the hard data says not to use
it, then generally you’re best served not to use it. Most of the time though, it’s because your
favourite YouTuber, streamer or other content creator is just generally not using it. They’ll
go for sexier options, like a god-rolled Beloved or that perfect Last Man Standing. And then
they create content around that weapon that’s so good, it makes you want to use it. Fusion rifles have almost always traditionally
been out of fashion, the weird scene kid on the block that never really fit in, and yet
for those in the know fusions are life. The hard data doesn’t support the conclusion to not use them, because they’re unlike every other weapon
in the game, so the data cannot be compared or contrasted. As I’ve hopefully demonstrated today, just
because it’s not popular doesn’t mean it’s not good. I encourage you highly to start
farming for that perfect Erentil in Menagerie and seeing what kind of damage you can do with it in the Crucible. Will it require adjustment? Yes. Will it require recalibrating your instincts? Absolutely. Is it worth being an edge-case user in the vast plethora of empirical and measurable
datum points that we use to gauge a deterministic model of the PvP meta to elicit an unsolicited,
highly emotional personal response? You bet your f***ing arse it is. Thank you so much for watching. If you liked
this video, you know what to do. I’m Ascendant Nomad, and I’m YOUR Crucible Doctor. See you in the next one. Cheers.

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